WWA’s third PPV and the last ‘un to be uploaded on YouTube. Watch Sid, Scott Steiner, AJ Styles, Nathan Jones (the fuck?), Nova and Stevie Ray.


  • Oh my god, it’s a limo, who could it be………oh, it’s just Sid

  • Pmberrow

    God do i feel bad for Borash on this Disco is not suited to commentry at all

  • Gob4290

    41:25 Somebody call my momma, THERE’S A SHOT TO THE THROAT.

    The creation of Brodus Clay is one swoop movement.

  • Jhgfd

    Well Somebody Call My Mamma was ripped off from Ernest Miller anyway as I understand it.

    In other news, the caliber of bullet I have reserved for Disco Inferno just went up.

  • BobBacklund

    To be quite honest with you, I enjoy Midejah in an evening gown match.

  • Classic. I swear I saw this on The Wrestling Channel when that used to air on Sky.