Crowd booed, chanted for refunds and hurled bottles into the ring. Alleged ”FUCK THIS COMPANY” chants broke-out.

ROH World Title Match: Kevin Steen © vs. Jay lethal went to a no contest at about 35-minutes.

”For as many Steen shirts I saw throughout the night, Jay Lethal had the crowd 85-15 in favor of him. This match was incredible and got a ton of time. Crowd was alive for the whole match which is expected. Lethal hit the Lethal Injection on Steen, but Steen kicked out and then would later hit the Lethal Injection, but Steen rolled out of the ring. This is where it all went wrong. After Steen rolls out of the ring, he goes into one of the corner barricades where Jay Lethal’s parents are sitting. He starts talking a bit of trash and then Lethal’s mom throws her soda in his face. Steen spits on her and that’s when Lethal went chaotic. Jay starts pounding on Steen as Cornette (who was at ringside for this match), Corino & Jacobs, ring crew, and others start to break things up. Of course there were pull-away, someone escapes and attacks the other moments. Steen goes up the ramp and starts tearing down the curtain and then exits with the rest of Scum. Lethal throws one of the ring crew guys and referees, chairs; he just goes ballistic. He yells at Cornette (couldn’t make out what he was saying) and then escorts his parents out of the building. He comes back to ringside and nothing’s happening. EXTREMELY loud “Bulls***” chants as Lethal proceeds up the ramp. No one knows what’s going on until Bobby Cruise goes on the microphone and announces that the match is ruled a No Contest, apologizes for the language exchanged by Steen and Lethal, and reminds the fans that tickets are on sale for Final Battle in New York City.

That’s when the crowd starts rebelling. More “Bulls***” chants and a ton of bottles and trash start getting thrown into the ring. People start chanting “REFUND! REFUND!” as Cornette and company exit. I saw a few people trying to throw chairs into the ringside area as well. I overheard fans saying “F this company”, “I’m done” as well as other expletive filled rants. NO ONE was happy with this ending and honestly, I was too. How does Ring of Honor think that having a No Contest result with the hometown boy in the World Title match will be good business? Everyone left with a negative attitude and ROH’s “build” to a possible Steen/Lethal rematch at Final Battle has completely backfired.

Overall, although I enjoyed the show, I and everyone in attendance were left with a VERY bad taste in our mouths. I really just don’t understand the logic of doing that finish in Jay Lethal’s backyard. I honestly can’t imagine ROH running this market for awhile after the finish (or lack thereof) of the main event.”

Show sounds good. ROH Fans seem a bit odd with their expectations and reactions to things.

  • Still better than CZW *Troll face*

    But seriously, is there video out there, ’cause I gotta fucking see this.

    • I NO SOLD


  • motherfunker

    Honestly, this sounds like fans being a bunch of babies.  Everyone always asks for more “realism” in wrestling and this seemed like a decent way to get more heat on Steen and escalate his feud with Lethal.

    I’m seriously tired of crybaby fans who bitch and complain that wrestling isn’t as good as it used to be but can’t deal with a no contest or dq finish.

    Even business speaking it makes perfect sense not to have a title change at what is basically a house show.  The New York audience is bigger (easily double of what fits in Rahway) and it will be on ippv (for whatever that is worth).

    Granted this is probably a work but it’s not the same old bs you see every night. 

    • But people aren’t angry at the lack of a title change. They’re angry at the lack of a proper finish and relying on a worked shoot ending. If they’d had a time limit draw, or a double DQ, or something that actually resembled a regular contest ending, people would be unsatisfied but the response would be nowhere near what it has been. The fact that ROH decided to actually rob the fans of a proper finish in order to push this ‘real’ thing that everyone is painfully aware is scripted is why fans are upset. Frankly, it’s you who comes across as a baby for attacking the fans without even considering what their motivations would be.

      I have no real opinion on it, I’ve seen a lot worse and it doesn’t matter to me one way or the other. But I can’t abide people targeting straw man constructs.

      • noloveforhate

        ROH’s problem is everyone in the crowd fancies themselves a backseat booker. They couldn’t accept this finish (which goes with Lethals current story arch) because it’s not how they would’ve booked it. 

        • Privacc

          ^ This..though not every crowd.

    • I NO SOLD

      Sounds alright to me also. Just like i would be ok with a match ending in a DQ, It just adds more fire to the story line.

    • Eric Griffith

      Yeah, sounds like the fans are being a little crazy. Of course it’s going to be a no contest with the iPPV upcoming. What did they expect? And working Lethal’s parents into the angle when it’s in his hometown seems like a great way to get some extra heat on Steen. WWF did it with the Hart family all the effing time. I see no problem with RoH booking, in this case.

    • guest

      The problem is this was ROH’s return to NJ in a long time after, during the Pearce administration, had pretty much told NJ to f off. RoH came back to NJ after years of ignoring what was their biggest drawing area next to NYC, and after shows where they had told the venue they were getting B-Shows. What did they think would happen when giving a total no contest? This was a repeat of how things had previously gone on in NJ with RoH. 

  • Codster9

    Ring Of Honor?  Looks like Ring Of Garbage.

  • Kid Glory

    Vitrolic ROH fans seem far too a plenty, and I fear will be it’s downfall.

    Here’s to another good thing ruined by people.

    • Sanderesphillip41

      i agree, but probably i bet roh is going to show this online and on tv and put it in to a storyline saying they rioted in outrage for what steen did to lethals mom and not for in their opinion the bad ending.

  • motherfunker, you go right ahead and accuse fans of being “a bunch of babies” for not being happy with a shitty outcome to an otherwise amazing match up.  Keep eating shit sandwiches and spreading your ass wide open for sub-par wrestling matches all for the sake of not looking like a “crybaby.”  

    Nobody goes to a Ring of Honor show to see two guys not wrestle.  Period.  

    • I love everything about this post.

      • In hindsight, I think I made too many feces references.  I think I’m obsessed with poo.

        •  John Cena, is that you?

          • DD2

             if it is he’s not being very pg!

        • InverseTwo

          Angry Video Game Nerd, is that you?

    • nickmarsico

      That doesn’t make any sense. Two guys DID wrestle. The match ended in a schmozz, as it were. But before that there was what is being called a great 35-minute match. The fans chanted bullshit and wanted a refund? Why? Because something cool happened that will lead their hometown boy to another title shot? Lethal wasn’t winning the belt last night. Period. Would they have behaved like idiots if Lethal took the 5-Cinq and ate a clean pin?

      ROH has been lackluster at best for a while now, but don’t make excuses for the idiots. They had no reason and no right to behave the way they did.

      • InverseTwo

         “Because something cool happened that will lead their hometown boy to another title shot?”

        ….and you’re calling OTHER people idiots? After describing an unbelievably bad finish as “Something cool”?

        Go sit in the corner, kid. You’re not allowed to have an opinion, anymore.

        • nickmarsico

          Please explain how that’s an “unbelievably bad” finish. Because I can’t see the logic behind calling it as such. Is it because Lethal didn’t win in his home town? Is it because instead of a clean pinfall or a lame “cheat to win” victory something that got people talking happened? I don’t understand how people are calling this bad.

        • Bobak24

           “You’re not allowed to have an opinion, anymore”

          Class act. I’m glad people like you exist.

          It seems like Lethal/Steen put on a dynamite match. Could it have been a time-limit draw, having this schmozz follow after? Sure. Still, I see no real problem in how this was booked as it sets up the rematch.

          Chanting “we want refunds” after an athletic, intense 35 minute match is insane. I’d be embarrassed if I were there.

  • MarkyMark_MARK

    if this is a Work .. i hope this is what ROH was going for or at the very least i hope they can smoothly take this reaction add it the story

  • I hate to bring up the dreaded “entitlement” word into this discussion, but this has got me genuinely curious. What has changed from the old days of wrestling, where someone could wrestle to a time limit draw, a double countout or a no content and people wouldn’t riot? What’s changed here?

    • Difference is ROH presents itself as wrestling and not Sports Entertainment…..  

      • How is that relevant? Did the other older companies not brand themselves as “wrestling”? I’m not comparing ROH to WWE; I’m comparing ROH to the companies that it’s trying to market itself as similar to.

        • It’s relevant.

          Either way, I think it’s just passionate fans.  We chanted “refund” but nobody actually went to the ticket guy and asked for a refund.  It’s marks working marks working marks working marks.

          Personally, I dislike seeing an angle like this and the crowd looks like a sea of dead fish heads. Crowd reaction is good. They’re selling tickets to the next show…. successfully.

          • Work-ception?

          • I’m going deeper.

          • noloveforhate

            You’re like smark personified man.

          • El Lardio

            So you watched an amazing match that ended in similar fashion to Shane Douglas’ attack on Gary Wolfe so that they can build-up the match (and Steen’s heat) for the next big PPV when the title changes hands and you’re howling like a bitch on heat about it?

            If this was 1996 you douchebags would’ve left the show all riled up, hating Steen’s guts waiting for the re-match and ROH would be boming as a company! If anything, it’s “Fans” like yourself that can’t take the gritty shit at all and are making it hard as fuck for wrestlers to get any form of heat or work a crowd because whenever a booker tries to build heat on a guy you asshole fans call it “Sports Entertainment” and get butthurt…

            What would make you dicks happy? A federation full of deaf mutes with the wrestling skill of Chris Benoit?

          • ….again, I refuse to answer for the entire crowd.  

            However, I’ll just say it’s their job to work the crowd… not the crowd’s job to react properly.

          • El Lardio

            If you didn’t want an edgy ending and a straight wrestling match with honor and no ties to the tale then go watch Greco-Roman or Freestyle Olympic Wrestling instead.

            Professional wrestling is a show, an over-the-top, cartoonized elaboration of the real deal. If you want real wrestling without the drama or injustices then don’t watch WWE, TNA, ROH, CZW, JCW, CMLL, NJPW, AJP, NOAH, CHIKARA, PWG or any other Indy promotion…

            You said it yourself, you and the other fans who were there were saying thank you  to the ticket guys and saying how awesome the show was and how you couldn’t wait for the next. In a weeks time the whole incident will be forgotten about and everyone will be at the next house show, cheering on your favorite wrestler.

            Quit being a moaning wannabe booker snob and get over it! Sometimes shows don’t end the way I like, I don’t instantly jump on the internet and start ranting about how ROH is going all soft and soap opera-like. That’s the definition of profesional wrestling!

            GET USED TO IT.

          • So, ranting on the internet about the ending of a show bad. Ranting on the internet about someone ranting on the internet about the ending of a show ok. Good to have that clarified.

          • I NO SOLD

            haha nice.

        • Eric Griffith

          Exactly. I’m pretty sure no contests and extracurricular angles being used to promote future matches has been used in every promotion ever.

      • Oh yeah, remember all of those “sports entertainment” Broadways between Flair and Steamboat or Harley Race or Dusty Rhodes? You don’t know shit. These fans are idiots.

        • It’s not 1970 anymore.

          • noloveforhate

            Your a decade off, in 1970 it’d been Dory Funk Jr dry humping the local champion for 2/3 falls. Learn your history.

          • Point is: that was before WWE made “sports entertainment.”  I like WWE and what they’ve done/are doing… but when I go to indie shows, I expect conclusions, not selling next week’s episode.  Especially since “next week’s episode” is in December in another city.

            A lot of stuff they got away with back then, but it’s like… are you taking the wrestling seriously, or are you doing the soap opera thing?  If you’re going to blend the two, fine… but expect the fans to get into it and not always give you the reaction you wanted.

          • nickmarsico

            Dude… that ending is… uh… wrestling. That’s how it works. ROH has done things like that all the time for the past 12 years. Your logic is completely off base. Amazingly. Shockingly, in fact.

          • I NO SOLD

            Well i thought he was saying something good but the more he talks the more he gets lost.

    •  This did happen though. Oh and this wasn’t a riot. Trash thrown at the ring and ‘bad heat’ chants have existed since long before I was born.

      My view of this isn’t much different to Great American Bash ’91. Keep pushing away talent the fans want to see, keep booking frustrating matches, keep shitting on your paying customers (when was the last ROH iPPV to go off without a hitch?) and eventually they’ll give up caring. It didn’t matter if it was a good show, for months ROH has been waiting for one bad decision to set off fans – the tipping point if you will. In ’91 it all added up (esp Flair leaving) but shit really hit the fans with Luger being turned heel.

      Also I named one of the shittiest shows in history but think back to Extreme Rules. One of the best shows of the year ruined by Cena’s improbable win, promo saying he was leaving and then staying to fued with Johnny Ace and Big Show from the next night onwards. Fan JOY from those couple months (about as consistently high as it had been in years imo) flatlined. Kids and their mums are the WWEs main audience participators though, so you didn’t see a reaction like King of the Ring ’95 at some of their dire shows this summer.

      Was this the right time to let off? Maybe not. Do paying wrestling fans feel entitled? Well… I fucking hope so. If you buy a plate of food regularly from somewhere known for their great taste and all they do is shit in yr onions, you gonna sit idly by and eat it, thinking ‘oh well to say something would be rude – they did still go to the lengths of cooking me a shit taco.’?

    • InverseTwo

      I’ll tell you what’s changed. Wrestling sucks now. Times have changed. And in all of the ways for the worse. This isn’t the 1970’s anymore, in case you were wondering. This is supposed to be 2012.

      And in 2012, ROH should strive to have better PPV endings than some WWE or TNA hack writing a piss-poor Raw or Impact ending thrown together in less than a minute that destroys an otherwise decent night of wrestling. What’s changed? Bookers can’t book for shit anymore and wrestling is at it’s lowest point in history. When even ROH can’t book better than a bad episode of Raw, there’s something seriously, undeniably wrong, and don’t try to fucking pretend that there isn’t.

      ROH fucked up, and they’ve been fucking up a lot. It’s not entitlement, it’s simply bad business and bad booking by people that should know better.

  • Wrsisyphus2

    I think a match ending in an NC after 35 minutes is a little ridiculous. If you’re going to invest that much time in it, it needs to have a finish, even if it isn’t clean. An NC is just stupid. Not stupid enough to trash the ring though. If the fans actually thought they were going to get a clean finish at a house show they were sorely mistaken.

  • thorbjoern

    You get 35 Minutes of wrestling, an incredible match and fans want refunds?

    By the gods, wrestling fans suck so bad…

    • I’m only saying this one more time, then I’m going to just stop trying to talk to folks here….

      People CHANTED refund.  On the way out the door, we walked past the ticket guys, shook their hands, and said, “Great show, see ya in December.”  Nothing was done to the ring that can’t be fixed with a push broom.  Steen destroyed the set, the fans did not.

      This is CROWD REACTION.  It’s a good thing in wrestling, despite the fact that you never see it anymore.  Hope that cleared things up.

      • johntcole

        Too bad ROH is guaranteed to fuck up the iPPV feed.  You can have the best product in the world but if there isn’t a reliable way to watch it your fucked.  I’m never buying an ROH iPPV again after DbD this year.

    • Again, deliberately missing the point. It’s the very reason that the match was so great that fans are pissed off that it didn’t have a proper ending. The ending is ALWAYS the most important part of ANY story. If you fuck it up, your story sucks, regardless of how good the build-up was. Wrestling fans are justified to feel cheated when the match they’ve spent over half an hour investing into, involving a home-town favourite, is used as nothing more than build for future television.

      • thorbjoern

        A fuck finish is not necessarily a bad finish. Wrestling fans, especially those of products like RoH, mostly are (think-they-)know-it-alls who tend to claim something was bad as long as it doesn´t meet their expectations. Normal reaction SHOULD be people being madly pissed at Steen and wanting Jay Lethal the more to win it / get another shot. If most come back like Hunter said, then it´s all good and I don´t get why the original post makes a fuzz about it (seems in a totally different light).

        The original post says nothing about anyone complimenting the show, but mentions people chanting refunds. So my natural reaction was that RoH-fans in that particular venue seemed like idiots for acting like that.

        “Refund!” is still the stupidiest chant if you liked a show you were at just for being mad at one finish. Stick to “bullshit”

        • Gotta be honest.  I was there, and I don’t remember “refund” catching on as much as “bullshit.”  People just intentionally got vulgar when they apologized for the obscene language.  

          On another cool note, I’ve been studying the screen cap, and I think that’s my bottle mid-air.  I’m wearing the purple shirt and was by the bleachers at the end of the show.  

          It was a great show, and all the fans appeared to genuinely be pleased.  I can’t speak for everyone there, obviously, but my “bullshit” chants were mostly because I thought that’s the reaction they expected with this ending.  

          Let the editors and writers figure it out now.  And yeah, I’ll be seeing them in December.

  • There was a ROH Show last night? 

  • “I really just don’t understand the logic of doing that finish in Jay Lethal’s backyard”
    – someone needs to watch WCW’s treatment of Flair in North Carolina

  • Again, deliberately missing the point. It’s the very reason that the match was so great that fans are pissed off that it didn’t have a proper ending. The ending is ALWAYS the most important part of ANY story. If you fuck it up, your story sucks, regardless of how good the build-up was. Wrestling fans are justified to feel cheated when the match they’ve spent over half an hour investing into, involving a home-town favourite, is used as nothing more than build for future television.

    • I can’t believe anyone believes ANYTHING in wrestling is a shoot.

  • just sounds like a shitty crowd. 

  • noloveforhate

    I’m not fan of the current ROH product but big deal. You mean a glorified house show match ended like a house show match ends? Everyone creams themselves over how great wrestling was well wtf do you guys think happened in all those broadways Flair put on; clean finishes?  ROH fans are the worst of the lot, they claim they want realism when they just want highspots. They want stiff no selling, no story matches and to chant “this is wrestling” and put themselves over. 

  • You know the only difference between fans of the old days and the “self-aware” fans of today?
    In the old days the Heel would act like a son of a bitch… and the fans would hate HIM for it.
    These days, the Heel acts like a son of a bitch.. and the fans hate on the promoters/writers for not giving us the finish we wanted.
    Why? Because we’re “smart”?

    In the end this kind of heat only makes some other “smart” fans assume a negative perception of the product.  As opposed to a negative perception of the Heel.

    • I do agree with this. Again, I wasn’t of the “refund” persuasion.  I was the “let-them-fight” and when Steen left the building, the “bull-shit” persuasion.  I can’t answer for the whole crowd, but the show will go on.

    • El Lardio

      If you (and the tiny minority of folks like yourself) were truly “smart” as you care to put it, then you would be watching Boxing, MMA or even the real deal and not throwing your toys out of the cot when you don’t get the finish that you so desperately desired. 

      95% of being a fan is legitimately believing and buying the angles, heat, works, emotions that a company/wrestler pushes whether you know they’re real or not. If you don’t and that is thrown out of the window then what’s the point in watching the art of professional wrestling at all? 

      Just sayin’.

  • Eric Griffith

    Cue discussion about whether X-Pac heat really exists…

    • El Lardio

      X-Pac could get heat?

  • 25:17

    ROH hasn’t been able to create legit heat among its fans since the war with CZW. I don’t see how a match in which neither the World Champion nor the Hometown Hero were defeated can be considered as ‘bad booking’ when it can give high expectations for an iPPV where the incomes for the promotion can be potentially higher.

    These fans are probably the same kind of fans that cheered for Steen when he brutalized El Genérico or said “Fuck ROH” in a daily basis. The expectations for Final Battle will finally be good as opposed to the days with Davey Richards or Tyler Black in the World Title scene.

  • I don’t know if I agree with you. What you described sounds awesome to me. I love that Steen is such an ass hole and over the top. I haven’t been watching ROH lately but hearing about this kind of makes me interested. I totally agree with motherfunker that “Honestly, this sounds like fans being a bunch of babies.  Everyone always asks for more “realism” in wrestling and this seemed like a decent way to get more heat on Steen and escalate his feud with Lethal.”

  • Lil Jimmy

    sounds awesome 

  • I’m going to go out on a limb (not having seen the match) and say that the presentation might have affected the reaction. It sounds like the match was going well, followed by a big schmozz, followed by confusion amongst the fans, followed by… the wrestlers leaving and the announcer telling the fans it’s over.

    That’s poor storytelling, because it’s an incredible anticlimax. You don’t need to have a clean finish — you could even keep a No Contest — but you can’t have it presented in a confusing and anti-climactic manner. It’s like the Sabu/RVD vs. Eliminators match from Shit Match Sunday, where they went broadway, got five more minutes, then another five more minutes, *then* announced the triple threat match by which time the crowd was burnt out.

    Nobody goes to a wrestling event to see the ring announcer do his thing. Not even Gavin Loudspeaker.

  • Greg

    What a bunch of stupid baby nerds.

  • RybackRhinoRVD

    Pull the strings.

  • RybackRhinoRVD

    Pull the strings.

  • RybackRhinoRVD

    Pull the strings.

  • KR

    Those fans will be right back there next time there is a show. They have no conviction and no spine.

  • Wait… so these guys go out and have a 35 minute match, it ends in a pull-apart, and everyone’s complaining? No, not “fuck this company”. Fuck these “fans”. 

    There are three options for the ending of this match…

    Hometown boy wins. Umm… not going to happen with a PPV coming up and a title match planned for that. You’re fucking yourself over.

    Steen retains clean. Umm… not going to happen if you want to make your next match for the title mean a goddamn thing. Who the fuck is going to pay to see Steen beat Lethal when that happened two fucking weeks ago? Already saw it. Not paying for it.

    Or… get this… you do a DQ or a no contest. The fans get a good match. The wrestlers get to put each other over. You set up for a title match on a PPV where both guys go in looking strong so you really don’t know who’s coming out with the belt.


    What the fuck kind of finish do these people want? Lethal was NOT going to win. Putting Steen over Lethal clean is NOT going to sell PPV’s. What do you want? Time limit draw? Steen hit Lethal with a chair for the DQ? OR! Or, get this… you have Steen do something HEELISH (oh yes, Steen’s a heel you stupid fucking marks) like shit on Lethal’s family and be an asshole. Lethal jumps in ’cause fuck you for messing with my momma, the whole thing goes straight to hell, there’s a pull apart, they have to end it because there’s no way the match can continue…


    FUCK YOU, ROH FANS. A bunch of prickish fucking marks that think they know everything because CM Punk responded to you on Twitter back in ’02. Fuck this fanbase.

  • DD2

    well they got a passionate reaction so the angle they were going for came off and the crowd got worked. whether they knew it or not.

  • Darwin

    Everybody just chill out and buy tickets to the next show, okay? Alright.

  • johntcole

    This won’t keep me from watching ROH.  I already gave up on them when they BLAMED THE FANS for the DbD iPPV fucking up and only givng us a 24 hour window for refunds.

    And I don’t give a fuck if my 15 bucks gives me the show for a year, I EXPECT THE THING TO FUCKING WORK PROPERLY THE FIRST TIME.  Chikara does it right, DGUSA does it right, fucking CZW does it right.  Why can’t ROH?

  • those fans are morons. wrestling is a work, there doesnt have to be a winner or loser to be into it and enjoy a match. its not like the match was called a no contest after 5 minutes.

    spoilt roh fans never happy with anything

  • spectrebot

    okay, i was there, and the whole show was great including the ending. and guess what? me and my friends also booed and chanted complaints aswell. we were the guys sitting behind Lethal’s parents. all of us were fans of Steen, but the energy from Lethal’s parents made us root for Lethal. for once, crowd participation actually meant something. and the ending of the show was supposed to be complete pandemonium, so it felt like the crowd participated in the “riot” with trash and booing just for fun. maybe i’m wrong. maybe there were people legitimately pissed about the ending. but we just booed and chanted for fun. i personally thought the ending made Lethal look tough in his home state, and could lead to a bigger main event.

  • Image

    Wow… really?

    Sorry, this just sounds like a bunch of entitled IWC fans to me.  There’s a LOT of disrespect for the business, and its heritage in this kind of crowd reaction.  What they are essentially saying is “You didn’t tell your story exactly the way *I* wanted you to tell it, so fuck you”.  I’d say wrestling is the only business where this kind of thing flies but, well… Mass Effect 3.

    This is like booing at the end of Romeo and Juliet because you wanted them to live happily ever after.  Well, okay, not exactly like that.  This is ROH in 2012 we’re talking about here.  Comparing their writing and booking to Shakespeare is generous at best.  But they were telling a story with this feud, this match, and this ending.  And from what it sounds like, the story was a damn good one, as well as a classic: the Heel realizes he’s not going to win the match, but the Face’s family is at ringside, so he goes after them to piss him off and hopefully get him to do something that gets the match thrown out.  And that’s exactly what happens.  This is one of the all-time great feud builders in wrestling.  Some of the greatest Heels in the industry have built entire CAREERS off of angles like this.

    And these whiny smart marks have the nerve to demand a refund and throw garbage in the ring?  I thought ROH fans were supposed to be the kind of people that respected wrestling.

    • 1 2

       I love the Romeo and Juliet analogy… appropriate for wrestling in general, rather than this particular instance.

  • Tyler Blackkk

    As a ROH fan and a wrestling fan that sounds like a really hot angle to set up for a bigger rematch next time they come to town i dont understand why they would react like that its not even something stupid it makes perfect sense 

  • 1 2

    I tend to catch ROH sporadically, so I’m not really hugely involved, but that sounds like a pretty good finish to further their fued – as for the whole “realism” bit, it just sounds like good heel work, and something a bit different.

    I’d probably be pissed if I was there and invested, but the “right kind” of pissed. @Charlie Hunter seems to have the right idea…

  • Kenny_Chill

    I was at this show, sitting 2nd row next to the entrance. The report above is…exagerated at best, disingenuous at worst. There were two guys outside yelling “refund.” The ending was really well executed to appear like total anarchy. They wanted the boos, they wanted the crowd riled up. They were trying to get hear on Steen and make people care about Lethal. I was yelling “bullshit” and booing, but I felt like it was part of the show. It was a well executed angle and I’m looking forward to the follow-up. 

  • Kenny_Chill

    I was at this show, sitting 2nd row next to the entrance. The report above is…exagerated at best, disingenuous at worst. There were two guys outside yelling “refund.” The ending was really well executed to appear like total anarchy. They wanted the boos, they wanted the crowd riled up. They were trying to get hear on Steen and make people care about Lethal. I was yelling “bullshit” and booing, but I felt like it was part of the show. It was a well executed angle and I’m looking forward to the follow-up. 

    • Djseedyr

      i ll stay home next time and youtube nitro

  • ColeYote

    I have a strong feeling (just based on this description) that that wasn’t planned.

  • RickyStylesUVU

    So what’s the big deal? you get a 30 min main at a house show with a finish building up for a PPV main, I don’t see what the problem is here?  Don’t get me wrong I fucking hate ROH, it’s just generic indy wrestling for wrestling elitist who think they’re better than everyone, But yeah what a bunch of spoiled little fucktards, I could understand getting worked up if the main was like 5-10 mins, but 35??  NO FUCK THAT SHIT WE NEED AT LEAST 1 1/2 HOURS OF WAISTLOCKS AND ARMDRAGS!!! lol 

    ROH fans: Putting the MARK in Smart Mark since 2002

  • shut the fuck up, thats sounds awesome.. i was only reading it and it sounded great.. the .. the fact it was in his backyard makes it better.. idiot

  • I was there in attendance myself and I got to tell you embarrassed by the fans there.  Throwing trash was not the answer.  I didn’t like the ending to good show as anyone but that was wrong.  I didn’t see the trash being thrown in the ring as I left.  One thing I will mention about Jersey shows as someone who went to last shows here in 09 I can understand why they stopped.  Edison shows had dropped drastically in 08 and 09.  Crowds were getting smaller and wasn’t a great building either.  I just wish they had done something else with the finish and gotten same way.  I understood they were building to rematch but bad way to do it.

  • Zer0FiveSeven

    What a bunch of squares. It’s not as if this is the first time a match has ended in a no contest before, especially in ROH.