Edit: A better view of the third guy hitting Punk.

Better view of it here, embedding is disabled so you have to watch it on YouTube.

Punk runs into the crowd to stare angrily at Vince McMahon in the ring. One fan pushes him and another accidentally bumps him. A third fan pushes so Punk has enough and strikes the guy behind him a few times so people can get the hint. I don’t blame Punk for his actions but it’s a shame the guy who was doing it accidentally became the recipient and not the other guy.

  • It was a kid pushing him originally wasn’t it? In a Lesnar shirt? But from the other video it looks like the guy with the sun glasses slaps Punks head

    • Ahh it’s a guy with a white shirt that smacks punks head, not the guy with glasses (combination of both)

      • Fret not. The lack of security surrounding Punk points out the kayfabeness of this scene.

        • Dexdude_316

          The security messed up and were not where they were supposed to be. This is NOT part of a story as WWE has already made a statement where they mention that Punk is playing a bad guy and security should have followed him. Punk also said sorry. This is not a story for three obvious reasons. First off ‘bad guy’ Punk would not say sorry he would say something like they deserved it. Second WWE does not really acknowledge wrestlers playing a role unless it’s a real situation. Third they would NEVER run this kind of angle (especially when the guy who got punched claimed to a news lady he was pressing charges) and make it seem real when Linda in running for congress and they are already using ‘violent’ footage against her.. this would just fuel that fire even more. So the reality is I watched a few videos and this is 100% real and I agree that the fans were out of line but unfortunately the wrong dude got back handed. 

  • They really want to get Punk over as a heel, even if he has to come out and bitchslap each and everyone fan.

  • Hfkihgsd

    I think saying that it was accidental is wrong. The fan in grey behind the fan who gets slapped is pushing him on purpose. As he pulls his hand away Punk turns and sees the sunglasses guy with his hands up so assumes it was him.

    Moral of the story is douchebag grey shirt behind sunglasses mcgee is the root cause.

  • Kevin Steen beats up obvious plants and people start foaming at the mouth saying he should be fired, every time he does it. Punk legitimately elbows and punches a fan for inadvertently tapping him a couple of times, and he gets defended for it. Talk about selective targeting. Of course, it could turn out this was a plant as well, but I highly doubt it given the way it played out.

    • If people were wanting him fired, it sounds like the angle was working well for Steen. And you never put your hands on a wrestler, which is why people are defending Punk.

      • There you go. A pat on the back high five hey it’s CM Punk woo I’m on TV is one thing. Pushing the guy is another thing entirely. That’s the kind of stuff that twenty years ago would have got the fan’s ass beat back when you could do something like that and not have to worry about being sued. Fuck…

        •  Hey, anything to stop Linda getting elected. Her company beats up the general public! Bugger these fascists!

          • Hitmonchan

            Her company also has CM Punk as WWE champion. Fucking selective sods.

          •  You couldn’t tell I was joking? Although srs fuck Linda.

            This is security’s fault and if Punk wants to punch a dude in the face then fine. Piper did it. Others have. They used to say that in Puerto Rico you’d have to fight to get to the ring, literally. Stick your hands on a wrestler* and what do you expect? It’s like how wrestlers used to get fired if they didn’t win a bar brawl – we want to watch proven tough motherfuckers and not people who get pushed around by the general public.

            *I know it may not have been really been his fault.

  • Javier Carnell

    i was at this show tonight, and it was rowdy. i couldnt believe punk actually went into the crowd as crazy as we were.. but tbh i didnt even see him hit the fan cuz he was engulfed by other fans in a sea of people.. but yea let this be a lesson, dont touch the wrestlers!!! 

  • Stogebuyermike

    Do people expect Punk to stop everything and respond with “Pardon me ladies and gentlemen, would anyone be so kind as to inform me who might have hit me in the back of the head while i’m on stairs surrounded by strangers and on live TV trying to do my job and stay in character?” NO! Score some free tickets and that’s it. If someone hits you in the back of the head, you hit back. Accident or no accident. It’s a human instinct. Stop being a little whiny bitch and SHOW SOME RESPECT!

    • Hitmonchan

       So wouldn’t it be human instinct to hit Punk back?

      • Dexdude_316

        No because you shouldn’t be putting your hands on a wrestler in the first place. Punk might have hit the wrong person but watching the video you can clearly see that the pussy that actually slapped him duck behind that guy and hid, so it was Punk’s fault he slapped a dude.. it wasn’t really his fault it was the wrong dude.

  • OGMan

    Well, hope you enjoyed your 10 seconds of fame dood. You just annoyed and got slapped by the Punk.

  • He should have had security around him. I don’t care what it does for his image, that guy that got a spinning backfist (and it looked like shit) and a PUNCH not a slap in the face didn’t deserve that. If ECW could afford enough guards to separate the fans from the wrestlers than why the fuck was CM Punk in the crowd with absolutely no security in sight?

    • Dexdude_316

      Security didn’t do their got right and went too late. That’s not WWE’s fault that the buildings (NOT WWE’s personal security) can’t do what they are paid do.

  • If he was a charity worker, that means my prediction for this week was at least half right! Didn’t burn down an orphanage though. : (

  • Falcon PUNCH!

  • Yeah he didn’t really hit the right guy. He got shoved twice by some random heckler, then the sunglasses dude got pushed by the kid in the white shirt behind him and bumped Punk slightly by accident. Sucks to be both him and Punk at this point.

  • Dman second video shows beyond doubt, guy in white gives punk the finger, pushes punk in the head, punk spins round backfisting the guy using binoculars then punches him pretty hard in the face.

  • Dman

    and you cant defend punks actions because he lashed out violently at some guy who had done nothing. like you might understand he was under a pit of pressure, getting a little hassle, but at the end of the day he hit a man who had done nothing twice in the face. on video. the wwe are gonna be paying out some money at that guy. maybe even punk.

    • Dman

       wasnt a gentle tap either. he smacked the guys glasses into his eye then lamped him hard in the mouth.

      • I NO SOLD

        If you can read correctly you would no the guy who got hit is ok with it and even defended punk.

  • Codster9

    CM Punk Vader’d that fan big time.

    • Hitmonchan

       It’s Clobberin’ innocent fans time!

  • DD2

    all these cm punk apologists make me laugh, if it was cena or sheamus you’d call for his fucking head. keep sucking that dick

    • Hitmonchan

       The odd thing is that neither Cena nor Sheamus get hit or shoved despite being hated by the fans, yet Punk gets some starstruck shoves from fans that he misinterprets as aggression and responds back violently. Probably his indie blood boiling.

      • taranaich

        Because when I’m starstruck, the first thing I think of doing is try to push someone down the stairs from behind…

  • Ted

    Don’t touch the wrestlers, but that gray t-shirted guy is a twat.

  • grievousgeorge

    That idiot that hit Punk is on Twitter bragging about it. I have seen his handle

  • The idiot that slapped him in the back of his head is a punk.  Shame the wrong guy got the receipt, but I guarantee in addition to a great story that guy now has a free ride to Wrestlemania 

  • frrrank

    Awesome. I am all for it. Too bad it’s just Dudes being douchebags and not HEEL HEAT.

  • Dynamo11

    well real or not I imagine Punk will go more over as a heel as a consequence, which is good because he’s really coming into his own now.