I put this together a year ago then realised it was crap and stored it away in my Botchamania attic. It’s good enough for government work and I like the jobber montage at the end so that’s something. Adamlemania (the whole point of getting this set in the first place) is due soon.


Still More Fighting by Armcannon (Final Fantasy VII)

Poo by Robin Beanland (Conker’s Bad Fur Day)

Here’s the post regarding Tommy Dreamer shitting himself (by the man himself)

”This, my friends, is a real shocker. When Mark Henry slammed me on the floor two weeks ago, as I rolled over to check on Colin Delaney, I asked him if he was OK … then I smelled a horrible smell. I asked Colin if he had farted because it was bad. He, in return, said, “I thought it was you.” Then as I was still on the floor, I began to think, was I so disrespected that I just got the World’s Strongest fart dropped on me? Does Mark Henry really hate me so much that he would slam me on the floor and poop on me? What about Tony Atlas? Did he drop a bomb on Colin and me? He does look like he still eats a lot of protein. I was really angry and went to the back to calm down. This took about 10 minutes or so, and I took a shower. However, when I went to put my clothes away, my underwear in particular, I thought I had sat on a brownie. It was I who had the **** knocked out of me both literally and figuratively. “The force of the slam knocked the **** out of you” is what the attending physician had said. I have had a lot of things happen to me in wrestling, but never this. Why the hell didn’t I know it was me? Now that, my friends, is an extreme mystery.”

  • Little Al

    I humbly bow to Master Maffew.


  • It wasn’t crap.

    Also, DAT LENNY LANE indeed.

  • tmxicon

     Despite all the botches, I still really do miss WWECW. Poor Yoshi Tatsu could have been so much more if it had lasted another year (instead of being a jobber to the stars, he could at least be winning opening matches now).

    • I’m still fucked off that they never gave Regal the title, but had Ezekiel Jackson as the final champion ever. Just…urgh.

      • PlanBFromOuterSpace

         Yeah, he won it on the LAST show, and then nothing came of it at all, right?  That’s got to be one of the most pointless title changes ever.  Well, one of the most pointless high-profile switches anyway

    •  I miss WWECW as well. Something about it just felt… pure amidst all the convoluted messes of Raw and Smackdown. Just a solid wrestling show I could see at midnight on Friday nights, for one little hour.

  • BRADEN WALKER *clap-clap clap-clap-clap*

  • Hitmonchan

    You know Punk put more effort on matches before his 2011 push when he botched.

    • Hitmonchan

       Because*, not when.

  • CleverTrousers

    aw braden walker

  • PlanBFromOuterSpace

    I didn’t realize until now that Kofi’s murder plot against the Miz has been going on for years…

  • Show some respect!!! Lenny Lane is a goddamn LEGEND.

  • wow CM Botch

  • HitmanR

    Oh man, the way Tony Chimel announced Super Crazy always put a smile on my face. I find it even funnier than Chimel’s “Rated-R Sooooooperstar”.

    • PlanBFromOuterSpace

      I think he needs a cigarette after every time he says “super”.

  • Mr Z

    Never saw the TNA clip with the “Knock knock…Who’s there?…Braden Walker” chant before. That’s pretty awesome.

  • Mr. McMahon

    This was funny, not crap.  Thanks for digging it out of the attic. And next time you’re up there, please bring down the Christmas tree.

  • GrammarSlammer

    Had to pause watching the video to correct you about something.  THat spot in the tag match with Henry/Hardy vs Miz/Morrison.  You said the ref screwed up and lost his job.  Not true.  THE MIZ screwed up.  He was supposed to come in and break up that pinfall attempt but instead he just stood there on the apron like a lummox.  The ref did the exact right thing and kept counting but he was made the scapegoat for Miz’s ineptitude.

    • Except that Morrison successfully covered for Miz’s mistake by getting the shoulder up, and the ref counted the three anyway. So even if he was expecting a specific finish, he screwed up the improvised change.

      • GrammarSlammer

        Watch it again, Ryan.  Morrison DID NOT get his shoulder up before the three.  He was expecting Miz to come in.  He reacted to the lack of Miz but a half a second too late.  The ref did his job.  He counted three.  Miz is the one who screwed up.

    • Ryberg

       The ref absolutely did the wrong thing. He knew that the match still had more time, and that this was not the right time for the finish. He knew that Mark Henry hadn’t tagged into the match yet, and so if Hardy got the pin, then he effectively beat 2 men on his own (as the commentators pointed out). You pretend Morrison got his shoulder up. Yes, you still end up on Botchamania, but 1) Morrison looks like the one who botched, and 2) you get to keep your job.

      As it turns out, Morrison did in fact kick out, so no one would even notice the botch if the ref had just stopped at 2.

      • Boy Fem

         You’re right. The ref made a fast count anyway. Someone needs to tell him that it’s a work and that you can actually slow your count down if the partner screws up to give the wrestler time to kick out.

        I for one don’t miss WWECW. It’s role of showcasing new talent is filled by Soooooooooperstars.

  • Htimonchan

    Check out the WWF logo when Maffew featured David Owen.


    lol  Braden Walker, least people remember you.

  • Phil1snug

    Rare 3 DVD set WWE Presents Brayden Walker

  • Dynamo11

    You do yourself a disservice maffew, I thought this was pretty good actually. 

  • Blah People

    BABYTISTA!!! (And Copyright Man)

  • Boy Fem

    Anyone know the context behind Chavo and his jellyfish?