It got blocked on YouTube. I apologise for nothing in the video.

Thanks to…

Codster9 for the ending

Kevin Ford for some hints and nudges


Toadman Stage by Ojalin, Yasuaki Fujita (Mega Man 4)

  • Ryan’s Drunk

    OK then TV’s Andy Levy.

  • Jim Rival

    1-2-3 Kid and Marty vs Young Bucks? I am sold. 

  • Krugerkid1984


  • haha just finished watching that PWG DVD… “Micheal Cole” i laughed my ass off. I never thought Maffew would of had enof time to see it. It made my day ^_^

  • Boy Fem

    Who is the blond woman in the Chikara clip? I didn’t know they had any other women wrestlers besides Saturine. After years of sitting through your adverts I’ll finally take the chance and shell out for the Chikara IPPV.

    • J Ralley

      That was Ace Haven who was actually a dude. I didn’t believe it myself either :/

      • Boy Fem

        Ha oops. Gender is a social construct anyway.

      • Boy Fem

         Either way that individual is very pretty.



  • Meekrob

    How could you leave out Brodus charging into the corner long after Tensai moved out of the way?

    And what was the botch with Eddie Guerrero?

    • Tensei’s donut baker

      Either that Eddie died and Chavo didn’t, or Eddie saying “chokeslam” way too loud. Not quite sure myself.

  • Props on the Streets of Rage music. I loved those games…

  • Hitmonchan
  • Megaman X5 Start screen font.

  • Where was that Colt Cabana footage from?  Loved it.

    I bought my ticket to Under the Hood quite a while ago, but a great job pitching it to those not in the know.

    • 1 2

      I know Colt put it on his twitter in longer form, called something like “slayer of Giants, Slayer of Chairs”. It’s just a fan filming it I’m pretty certain, but I’ve no idea what event it’s from.

      • Chucklefuck

        It was a show here in Australia. He did a tour last month. I don’t remember exactly but I think it was in Perth

        • Samuel Pooley

           he went into it in detial on the pawdcaast

          • 1 2

            Oh really? Hadn’t caught it for a week or two. Always worth a listen, cheers for the heads up.

  • Sdoyle7798

    So, wait…

    Does that description mean you apologize for teh nothing title, or that you do not apologize for any reason?


  • MattOriginal

    I WAS ON BOTCHAMANIA (the Chikara Deep Freeze clips.)

  • 1 2

    Aaah, that was awesome. Loved the Bridge on the River Kwai bit.

  • tmacman

    There was a subtle plug for a ppv at the beginning there, didn’t quite catch it though…Was it TLC?

  • PlanBFromOuterSpace

    The New Rockers: Punishment for Marty Jannetty?  Or was Vince finally letting him be the sexy one?  Jaysus, Marty Jannetty is to Al Snow what Shawn Michaels is to Marty Jannetty.

    How did the dog shit thing make TV in a day when all the Fed’s programming was TAPED?  The literal dog shit I mean, not the New Rockers.

    Did someone say “You get so few chances to be WWE Champion” in a match where John Cena was the challenger?

    I’d be much more psyched for the upcoming Sheamus/Big Show bout if it was an EXPLODING chair match.

    Speaking of which, I never realized until now that Ben Kenobi was such a pioneer of gimmick matches.  The River Kwai Death Match needs to make a comeback.  Oh yeah, it needs to come back like a motherfucker…

    • Al Snow and dog shit somehow keep ending up in the same matches …

      • PlanBFromOuterSpace

         You’re so right.  Believe it or not, Kennel In A Cell didn’t even cross my mind during this.

  • PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Maffew, we hear you get mentioned in a lot of clips, so I have a couple of questions: How many clips do you see that include Botchamania references that you DON’T include?  Are there cases where people try too hard or maybe don’t try hard enough?  I mean, we’ve seen a lot of stuff get included that clearly deserves mention, but I’m sure you see your fair share of botched arm drags or sell jobs that are unspectacular in every way where the commentator says “Oh man, this totally belongs on Botchamania!  Derp!”.  Does such obvious pandering get you nowhere, or does it get you EVERYwhere?

  • Love_synthesizer

    Flavor Flavs ex girlfriend was hot back then, lawls!

  • Ian Hamilton

    Only thing that outro was missing… was a disappointed Ric Flair.

    • PlanBFromOuterSpace

       I’m still waiting for “Disapproving Paul Heyman” to become a regular thing.

  • What’s the movie clip, at 8:00?

  • Adam Curry

    You should cheer for ACH because he’s awesome.

    Also, love the Bright Man music during the SS clips. 

  • Codster9

    Being Maffew means never having to say you’re sorry.

  • Cecceon

    What was that song that plays at 7:40?

  • i can’t see the video on dayly motion xxxxx

  • I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!  Way better than just watching raw every week.

  • Broylesa

    Michael Cole with the fallaway slam.

  • Under the Hood poster looks so familiar.

  • Lee Dellbridge

    boy am i late to the party on this one.
    just like in wwe (if its not on tv, it never happened) for me with botchamania (if its not on youtube it doesnt exist). so im 6 weeks behind. bit late to catch the ippv huh?

  • Moss Icon

    Hey, just a heads up about the Table of Japan pic on the top-left. At the moment the Japanese reads “Japan of Table.” There are currently two が particles when there should really be just one を particle. At the moment it reads “Japan of Table cannot knock down.” The best way to say it would be: 

    日本のテーブルを倒せない (“None can topple/knock down the Table of Japan.”)


    日本のテーブルが倒れない (“The Table of Japan cannot be toppled/knocked down.”)

    Thanks for Botchamania!