The collected Tweets from last night’s three-hour long car crash.

  • ”Everybody download an app with your iPhone” Fuck off, I’m poor.

  • MOST SHOCKING MOMENT SLAMMY 2012: Abraham Washington’s Kobe moment.

  • And the Slammy goes to a BOOGEYMAN RUN-IN

  • New Age Outlaws present the COMEBACK OF THE YEAR. Which means Dogg isn’t winning it 🙁

  • -Footage of a man suffering a heart attack and nearly dying to get reactions/ratings- YUP, IT’S WRESTLING

  • Jerry Lawler wins, which isn’t fair. Billy Gunn’s died way more times on TV than he has.

  • HEY KIDS, REMEMBER THE ATTITUDE ERA IT WAS AWESOME apart from albert ignore that shut up.

  • So does everybody America have a Smartphone or something? My phone has Snake on it and the Battletoads pause theme for a ring-tone.

  • THE AJ AWARD FOR BEING AJ is next. Tune in after the break to see who wins!

  • AJ The Carpenter’s Dream: Flat as a board and easy to screw.

  • Ziggler x AJ just happened. Ziggler took a back-bump from AJ’s tonsils.

  • Lord ZigglerHeart: ”She’s got a tongue like an electric eel, and she likes the taste of a man’s tonsils!” #WOOF

  • ”Lets give Khali credit, he’s a former World Champion” Michael Cole after three minutes of laughing at Khali.

  • When I used to live with people who didn’t like wrestling, they’d ask me to tell them when he was on TNA so they could watch.

  • John Cena wins the Slammy for Superstar of the Year. CASH IT IN ZIGGLER, CASH IT IN.

  • Shane Douglas just got kicked out of the audience again if he was in attendance. -timexiled

  • Hey look, two guys that got divorced in 2012. Fun year -thehistoryofwwe

  • CM Punk has never been more justified.

  • Instant Anti-Drug PSA: screenshot CM Punk next to Ric Flair.

  • One-legged CM Punk takes on Ric Flair. Which one’s the broomstick?

  • That Rolox line wasn’t a mistake – it’s all he can get his hands on these days -necrobucther187

  • Camera catches a I JUST MIZZED MY PANTS sign next to The Shield.

  • Flair’s reaction to seeing The Shield: “what I do this time, officers?”. -thrill

  • Looks slightly silly having all three members of The Shield looking to take out Flair…and Flair’s all SMILING AND PROFILING

  • John Cena Superstar of the Year and a big Flair fan…stays in the back while Flair is triple-teamed.

  • The Shield vs. Team AJ booked for the Rumble. Shield adds a dozen more members to even the field.

  • Seth Rollins realised it was Christmas so he decided to Die Hard.

  • After the Mayan Apocalypse, Ron Simmons will be there to say ”Damn” to a cameraman only he can see.

  • Lord Tensai attempts to shrug off being reminded of his previous gimmicks by turning into The Shockmaster.

  • WWE obviously wants to cash in that lucrative Botchamania market.

  • They show Orton humiliating Ricardo a day after he turns face. I’m getting mixed-signals.

  • You know you’re watching the longest running sports entertainment episodic show when the adverts are longer than the matches.

  • Looks like Flair’s last divorce got his hair – Bundy

  • Rock wins award. He’s not here. WWE!

  • Production fucks up, right after Albert falls on his face. Sin Cara is in vicinity. Shit, he’s contagious!

  • Jerry Lawler: I’ve seen better hair in a shower drain!

  • Cody wins with the AMMA REVERSE DDT MYSELF move.

  • HERE COMES RYDER…and there goes his pop. Uh-Oh.

  • I hope this Smartphone guy debuts at Rumble, WWE is pushing the hell out of him.

  • I’m watching Raw to find out who wins an award for tweeting. Nathan Barley was right.

  • Remember every time you vote for Jericho, Hogan gets five more votes.

  • Big Show’s giant chair gives La Parka an erection.

  • Ryder didn’t win the Twitter award and didn’t get a pop. But people tell me Ryder is really popular…

  • I hope Big Show Chair’s theme music is American Made.

  • I love Show on the mic, he can make even the most tedious insults sound soul-destroying.

  • …Ziggler tried to cash in MITB but Cena attacked him so nothing happened. This show in a nut-shell.

  • Now I get why this show moves so fast despite being three hours long..if they let you pause for thought you’ll realise SHIT DON’T MAKE SENSE

  • FLAIR’S WRESTLING! No he isn’t. THE ROCK WINS! He’s not here. ZIGGLER’S CASHING IN! Sorry, no.

  • This show’s been such a cock-tease so far that AJ is getting envious.


  • Tommy Dreamer is as tanned as Alberto Del Rio.

  • Calm down CZW, the crowd is chanting ECW.

  • Nice to see those months of losing to legends has lead Heath Slater to…losing to legends.

  • Jerry Lawler: ”I was in a band called T-Mobile but we kept on breaking up.”

  • ”Hard camera!” someone in the ring as Jinder Mahal turns his rest-hold around to face the cameramen.

  • The Three Guys They Don’t Know What To Do With take on The Two Guys They Don’t Know What To Do With + Guest

  • ”When Andy Murray wins they call him British but when he loses they call him Scottish” JBL gets us.

  • They’re plugging a commercial-free SmackDown tomorrow night. If it’s anything like this show it’ll only be 10 minutes long.

  • I hope Brodus gets sad backstage again when he doesn’t win this Slammy.

  • The back of Dreamer’s t-shirt says “no politics, no bs, just wrestling”, which I find hysterical to see on WWE television – victoria

  • cesaro is the only actual newcomer.

  • ”You can’t argue with this guys!” WATCH US COLE

  • Watching Ryback quote Owen Hart was like watching that Husky that can say ”I Love You” on YouTube.

  • I’d have loved to have seen this match built up on PPV and delivered properly.


  • It’s 2012 and Mean Gene has finally aged.

  • Real Talk: Lesnar vs. Cena is my MOTY. Watching that with a room-full of people was insane.

  • THIS BUSINESS Slammy 2012 goes to Triple H.

  • I wonder how HHH feels about being the X-Pac of the HBK/Undertaker/HHH clique.

  • THIS BUSINESS count: 2

  • Gotta love Ricardo being fearless against gangs. He’s so used to being beat up by ADR he doesn’t care.

  • i hope sheamus comes out and pushes her off

  • Kevin Bacon doing the ‘Six degrees of Kevin Bacon’ thing. At her current rate, we’ll soon be able to play ‘Two degrees of AJ’.

  • 3 Hour Raws are like those supermarket Deluxe Pizzas: Seem like a really good idea but when you finish it you never want to do it again.

  • So is Vickie a face now? There’s been so many inexplicable turns tonight you’d think George Michael was driving again.

  • Tommy Dreamer comes out from the back, grabs Vickie & AJ and shouts ”I’LL TAKE ‘EM BOTH…I’M HARDCORE”


  • AJ goes to the back and brings back…some guy!


  • Everyone on Twitter is telling me the individual’s name is ”Ryblack.”

  • I’m guessing Generic Big Black Guy Whose Gimmick Is Being Big came free with The Shield’s Generic Heel Jim Johnston Theme?

  • People are saying ”Dude, it’s Big E. from NXT! Don’t you watch NXT?” FUCKING NO.

  • Vince McMahon’s secret emergency plans when ratings drop: 1. Turn AJ 2. Big Black Guy 3. Humiliate J.R. 4. Fire J.R. 5. Big White Guy

  • I should probably watch NXT, people are telling me it’s good but I just don’t have the time-WAIT I JUST WATCHED 3 HOURS OF RAW #Bed

  • NXT is actually good. Once you watch it you’ll understand why it’s completely buried, because that’s WWE logic.

    • johntcole

      Uh, how are they “burying” it?  Cole acted like he knew who Langston was, plus he did the same for the Shield.  Just because it’s not on cable doesn’t mean they ignore it completely, besides the whole brand is basically a HHH project now anyway.

      Having said all that I don’t watch NXT either because I don’t have Hulu Plus.

      • no

        silence your super fan mentality is not wanted here

        • johntcole

          It’s a freaking developmental territory.  That’s why it’s not in the forefront of their mindset but that doesn’t mean it’s being “buried”.

      • Chaz

        Defends NXT.

        Doesn’t actually watch NXT.

  • Codster9

    Awards for wrestlers who aren’t there? It’s the Raw 10th Anniversary all over again.

    • Sejanoz

       Now with 500% more commercials!

  • Josh Hobbs

    Because Kassious Ohno as AJ’s secret boyfriend would of made too much sense. 

    • johntcole

      Eh, when/if Ohno makes his main roster debut he needs to be paired up with Cesaro.

  • 1 2

    I know I’ve said it before, but I love your commentaries on raw/ppv. I was actually out my seat in excitement over Ziggler cashing in… then Cena had to happen to him and I don’t think I’m ever allowed to like Cena again after that.

    • I don’t even know what the hell that was about? Was it revenge for Ziggler winning the match where only he had anything to lose? Revenge for getting it on with AJ? I can’t tell if they’re intentionally turning Cena heel or what, giving him matches he doesn’t deserve, shots at the MiTB that give him the opportunity he already gets frequently, and running in for no reason to stop Ziggler taking the belt.

      • 1 2

        I’m actually all for this kind of character depth in faces, giving us two rivaling personalities – Ziggler is a Heel getting cheers, Cena a much-booed babyface – but if we don’t get a “you took my girl, I’mma be a dick to you” type speech from Cena, it just makes him look a prick.

        • If there is a reason for it that’s ok, but as far as I was aware, he just ran out and stopped him getting the belt. There was no reason given for it, and considering the Boo’s he had already got, sending him out there to stop a title change was never going to help.

          If its for their match, AJ screwed him over not Ziggler, if its for kissing AJ, Cena has been trying to distance himself from her anyway. So I think he was just being a prick.

  • “The Shield vs. Team AJ booked for the Rumble. Shield adds a dozen more members to even the field” I loled too hard at this.
    Poor AJ, all they can think to do is have her blow every wrestler but it’s PG so they settle for kissing.

    “I hope this Smartphone guy debuts at Rumble, WWE is pushing the hell out of him.” that one too. I felt the second hand embarrassment of Layla coming out to give an award and having to shill the app at the same time.

  • I No Sold

    Ryback vs Ryblack WM29, i’m calling it now

  • Darwin

    NXT is alright, but that’s about as far as it goes.

  • tmacman

    A phone that has snake?! Damn you rich son, I got a tin and a piece of string.

  • Maddbusiness_07

    NXT is so far  pretty awesome compared to what it was when it started.  Lots of great talent and like usual WWE treats talent like Nintendo treats third party game developers.

  • Samwise

    Maffew, I wouldn’t watch NXT on sky, we are a month or six weeks behind. Three weeks ago the pink middle rope made its debut. So that  means we are watching late October stuff in mid-December. Roman Reigns made his debut the week before turning up in The Shield.
    BTW, Big E Langston can’t talk for shit. He had a promo on NXT that was worthy of your next video, he goes on about how much he loves the number 5 and manages to make me laugh uncontrollably.

    • dennett316

       No it’s not…the shows are recorded in one big block that covers six weeks worth of TV, but it’s shown in the States the same week as we get it over here.
      The December 12th show in the States was the one we got a day or so later – Seth Rollins taking on Jinder Mahal who has only now got his 3MB gear on in NXT due to how they record.
      They just showed the episode yesterday where Big Show shows up to take on Bo Dallas….that’s the one we’ll be getting this week.

  • Hitmonchan

    Ryblack? I thought he was Ahmed Lashley.

  • Joey R.

    Future Big E. Langston match commentary: “DOMINATION”.

  • Just when did ADR turn face?