Because you er, demanded it. Special thanks to Richard Kick for the Respect clips.


The Sewers Loader by Matt Gray (The Last Ninja 2)

Woctor Dialy by Armcannon

The Combat Droid by Richard Joseph (Rise of the Robots)

Mission Briefing 2 by Rob Hubbard (Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf)

Battle Canyon by Yasunori Mitsuda (Mario Party)

Call Gemini Man (Real Robot Roll Call) by MixerProductions

Even A Miracle Needs A Hand by South Park

Stage Theme 3 by N.Hara/N.Kodaka/S.Seya (Journey to Silius)

There was plenty to enjoy in 2003, even if BOTB III decided to be all URGHH STRONG-STYLE and the IWA-MS feud was a dud.

COD V was awesome, the Hatred/Gage feud was great, Rebel hit Ruckus with a watermelon, Aftermath was another awesome show, HI-V was fun, Mondo/Zandig died and Dutt was Dutt (even if he only hit the Phoenix Splash once in every four shows).

CZW Follies 2003!

February 8, 2003 – Uncivilized

The show began with a large brawl beneath a balcony between the Hi-V, the H8 Club, Nick Mondo and CZW security, ending with Ric Blade diving off of said balcony and somehow missing his intended target of 10 to 15 people.

May 10, 2003 – Then and Now

The event was promoted as the 10th year anniversary of wrestling in the CZW Arena. Zandig stated that he had invited Tod Gordon and Paul Heyman to appear, noting that Gordon didn’t want to show so “he didn’t care” and that Heyman didn’t return his calls so “he doesn’t give a fuck about this place anymore.” Zandig also said that he called Tommy Dreamer to make an appearance, Dreamer was unable to due to WWE commitments, but was honored he was asked. CZW did not invite anyone to attend the show until the last week prior.

For the Fans Bring The Weapons main event between Messiah and Nate Hatred, three diehard CZW fans made weapons for a show for the first time. Only one gets brought out to the ring – a wooden cross with nails in it and “Messiah” written on it. Early in the match, with the cross propped in a corner, Messiah looks at the cross in disbelief as the three fans who made it stand on their chairs, popping that their weapon may actually be used. Messiah picks it up and promptly throws it out of the ring, never to be seen again. (edit: uh, whoever wrote this: Messiah was a heel. Just saying.)

June 14, 2003 – Truth or Consequences

A near riot occurred when IWA-MS wrestlers, Ian Rotten, Corporal Robinson and JC Bailey entered the ring. This resulted initially in trash bring thrown, which quickly progressed into steel chairs being used as projectiles. Luckily, one managed to hit Frank Talent in the head. Unluckily, he was not injured in the accident. After the riot, one of the police officers that took part in the riot angle got on the mic to announce that the police were looking for a fan who had a warrant for failing to make child support payments.

Sept. 13, 2003 – Redefined

In September of 2003 (in what was ultimately a counter-productive attempt to increase attendance at live events), the John Zandig/Messiah Heavyweight Title Match was billed as a LIVE-ONLY MAIN EVENT that “you HAVE to be there to see” since (for the first time in pro wrestling history) a CZW Main Event would NOT be taped for any type of home video release. They then slapped those same ticket-buying fans directly in the face by not even having an actual match, instead running what would lead to be an incredibly controversial angle that saw Zandig attacked/suspended high above the ring via metal hooks legitimately hooked through the skin of his back (no work, for real). This was not only awkward and weird to see in person, but also pour salt directly into the wounds of those that bought a ticket specifically to see this fucking massively hyped match (that was pretty much the Necro/Joe of the time). Dick-slapping those same fans in the face even further, the footage was then (of course) included on the DVD contrary to what the company had promoted. Many leading CZW history pundits point to this as a pivoting points in terms of overall fan sentiment and trust in the company.

  • AdyShearer

    I thought I was watching Sabotchamania at the beginning, but it Duttamania instead.

  • Van Hammerstein Ballroom

    The intergender match was probably the worst thing i’ve ever seen.  Worse than that “sells like death” lady.  Thank you!

    • PlanBFromOuterSpace

       I liked the bit where the one girl’s coming out doing the “Come on people, I’m the face, so get up and cheer!” thing, but they no-sell it with their “No, it’s OK, we’re fine where we’re at, but thanks for asking” reaction.

  • Codster9

    MR. BITCH… don’t recall seeing him on “The Mr. Men Show”.

  • Dat first song. Amiga?

  • PlanBFromOuterSpace

    By “once every four shows”, do you mean Dutt only tried it every for shows, or (in typical CZW fashion) does that mean that he attempted about 48 of them in that time with him connecting with it once every couple of months or so?

  • PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Zandig just sounds like a cunt.  He talks like I did when I thought I was sounding cool when I was 14, only I had an excuse, because I was 14.

    Also, I know it goes against the whole “blame everyone but yourself/kill the messenger” philosophy of CZW, but does anyone think that Zandig will make a deathbed confession that maybe it WASN’T the sound guy’s fault all those times, that maybe, just maybe he was somewhat responsible (CZW…responsible? *giggle*) for getting shitty equipment?  Maybe if he didn’t spend all his money on Punisher shirts…

  • Being afraid of heights I don’t blame ian for being scared.  Now that is even if it’s true.  That was a spot if zandig screws up ian hurt really bad.  Second metal hook angle I never like.  I mean never like either since they were disgusting.  It was overkill after the angle was done at cage of death not even year before.  CZW vs other companies fueds being a dud?  What a shock!

  • Nick Gurz

    Messiah getting Lizzy Borden’d @ 11:10 & 11:22.  Irony.

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  • So, in my comments for the first video, I thought that maybe they should have invested in cheaper tables to avoid table botches. Apparently they did, and got a different kind of table botch. I guess tables hate CZW.

    • PlanBFromOuterSpace

      CZW is responsible for the evolution of the table botch!  The tables are learning, getting smarter, finding new and different ways to NOT break.  It’s like Terminator…but with tables.

      • Shay Wilkerson

        They’re evolving Into Japanese tables! *Sorry your post was so great, I had to give it a BUMP!

  • BrandonLonehart

    The shittiest ‘wrestling’ company of all time. All of the ‘wrestlers’ are either skinny meth addicts in Hot Topic pants or fat guys who ate the last round of skinny meth addicts in Hot Topic pants.

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    Who’s Billy Five?

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      Top Five (uknown person) moments

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    Don’t get the Cena part