Youtube and Dailymotion both removed it but you can view it on Veoh.

Doing for wrestling what God did to Milton Keynes, it’s Botchamania 220: Armstrong Curse of Monkey Island!

Thanks to…

ENRIQUE DE LA RIVA for the Briscoes intro

Massive Q for the advertising moolah

Everybody on Twitter for telling me about the Super Dragon fan

Peppy Sinclair for doing the Super Dragon segment so I didn’t need to.

Some Guy for the Mega Man segment.

HoganvsFlair for No Jesus in CZW


Boxer Stage by A_Rival (Street Fighter X Mega Man)

The Winner! by Jun Chikuma (Super Bomberman 5)

Dr. Wily Stage Boss by Manami Matsumae, Yoshihiro Sakaguchi (Mega Man)

Chrome Gadget by Howard Drossin (Sonic 3)

-KICKSTARTER SONG- Regulate by Warren G and Nate Dogg

Duel Zone by Hirokazu Ando (Super Smash Bros.)

John Zandig ft. Chris Rock – No Jesus in CZW

The Kickstarter thanks go to…

James Coyne, Mark Connolly, morgan izzard, Matthew Rootes, Nick, Steve O’Grady, Wrist Clutch Express, Brian Kordosky, Matt Morris, Ethan Kelly, Bryan Koppelmann, Carlos Nelson Sandoval, Andrew MacDonald, Frank McCormick, Alex Aponte, Brian Stritmater, ian tomkins, Chris, Joseph Dix, Dave Browning, Mitchell Montgomery, Cody Rochel, Tommy To, James Robertson, Rob “Tha Friggin Captain” Sellers, Matthew Corbett, Daniel A. Williams, Paul Matthew Smith, Reyan Ali, Kane987245, BObby, Adam Hong, Nicholas Corradini, Greg Miller, Nicholas Spencer, Thrill Murray, Callum ‘Ness’ Turnbull, Ben Smith, Lewis Vaughan, Peter Molina, Alex Bill, Ari Rockefeller of, Esequiel Mark Gonzales, David Coates, Andrew Siller, CJ, Mark Hooper, Rob Popiel, Tomasz Popiel, Tim D., Tyler Light, Richard Kirkland, wiL Morgan, James Watkins, Blake McMillan, newlegacyINC, Kevin Gill, J.T. Murphy, Mathew Sforcina, Ryan Genno and Ian Gregg!

I can’t thank you people enough for what is genuinely one of the highlights of the year for me. Now it means no begging until 2016, bollocks.

There’s loads of footage ‘saved up’ so expect Botchamania 221 soon! Sorry this one took so long but you know…life happens.

  • Maochael

    No Jesus in CZW was really trippy and weird. I like how you’re trying new things.

  • Syxpac_12

    Fantastic vid. Great use of the yellow devil from mega man and chrome gadget music.

  • Guest

    So, “Jesus” isn’t acceptable for Wrestlecrap, but “we’re comin’ for you, nigga” is? Fuck this company!

  • Choke_er_face

    Wow, they got it pulled in an hour. Holy shit

  • Yellow Cornette Devil…Amazing!
    Is this the first time that the Dailymotion video gets put down before the Youtube one??

  • sqwak

    Are the Briscoes ok?

    • Behemoth2013

       there the ROH tag champs

      • sqwak

        I didn’t mean “ok” in that way.

  • I am in tears from the czw bit.  thank you for making my day agian

  • tony

    “To er[sic] is human” = intentional, or a hilarious mistake?

  • Sinister

    Briscoes worked in TNA?

  • Harakiristk

    WONDERFUL use of the Rock monster cornette face, and hella good soundtrack Maffew! Awesome as always!

  • The Big Wiggle

    Briscoe Brothers..awesome
    aj wearing jeans..awesome
    super dragon..awesome
    zandag montage..awesome
    Awesomemania 220

  • Bomb Eh

    Great vid, and welcome back. I’d like to submit a request that we officially name TNA’s new ‘couple’ (a failed on-air wrestling marriage? Get out!) as Bully and the Beast. G’day.

  • Faninthebox

    The lack of “Restroom Break” sign being held up on camera for a good 5 secs during the divas match is disappointing. 

  • cavalier 24601

    The whole video was great.  The CZW bit was brilliant.

    I hope that, with you on WrestleCrap, you’re getting an even bigger audience.

  • Best CZW segment in a long time.

  • Nolo King

    I found this edition to be a little too mainstream for my liking, lawls!

  • Behemoth2013

    Cena did a FRAN-CAN’T-STEINER

  • I loved the “No Jeeezus in CZW.”  I literally laughed out loud the whole segment.

  • Sharpe Puppy

    That CZW Chris Rock mashup was genius!

  • stubby

    Hate to do this again. but what was the name of the PWG show where Claudio slips over outside.

    Many Thanks, for who answers it

  • Adam Curry

    Love the Action 52 music while shilling for Sforcina. Most subtle “Fuck You” ever.

  • Thunderdimples

    Was not the Super Dragon guy, was the clap clap clap guy at Raw. That was the HL of the night that didnt have anything to do with my daughter’s markout moments.

  • PlanBFromOuterSpace

    The thing with the hay reminded me, there was a hardcore battle royal at Unforgiven 2000 I think where Test got hit with a PIZZA BOX and sold it like he’d been shot.  I mean, sure, it seemed ridiculous and we all had a laugh, but the man died before his time, and I have to wonder if taking too many unprotected pizza box shots to the head played any part in his demise…

  • Not Jerry McDeviant

    Re: you tube sad face, Where else is the video uploaded? 

  • Bigvantater

    Video not working, blocked by WWE/ UMG…


  • Matt

    Any chance of a dailymotion upload? I’m getting the usual “this UMG music content is not available in your region” bollocks. Thanks! 🙂

  • WWE/UMG Blocked the video.

    Can you upload it on Dailymotion?

  • It’s already been taking down.  Any other link?

  • Chris

    Hi Maffew,

    is it possible to upload the vid to another source because youtube blocks this one in Germany due to GEMA (an institution distributing money from revenue to their songowners and they don’t have an agreement with youtube so no music allowed on german youtube …yaaay..)

    thanks in advance!

    kind regards
    a loyal german watcher aka Chris 😉

  • 2517

    Cannot watch

  • Ross the Boss


  • xCMPunk


  • looks like 221 already got blocked on youtube. even though it was uploaded only five minutes ago



  • Richardl4209887

    I waited this whole time, and when I finally check I’m relieved…and, so I press play…nothing…Fokin Bulllshiet man!

  • fattylikescake

    Vince blocked it… It was me Maffew! It was me all along!

  • Faz

    is there anywhere I can view this

  • Need to reupload =(

  • gnark1ll

    I want to see. FakKin Bullsheet…

  • Djmankiewicz2010

    Anyway to get this video uploaded to dailymotion?

  • LoveYouMaffew

    Noooo what happened!!!! It’s gone Maffew!



  • Reiseleiter

    Please upload iton daily Motion. Vince fears maff

    • zanadude

      He did.  It even got deleted from Daily Motion!

  • gnark1ll

    WWE should stop being twats to be honest. I actually only got back into wrestling after a good decade away because of Botchamania, so they should fucking think on…Maffew might make a bit of coin out of his site, but its not like hes robbing HHHs children of food is it….FAAAAAAAAAKin BULLSheeeet

    ps Im going to DL Royal Rumble because of this, when I was going to buy it.

  • Nate

    You would think that Youtube would be quicker with the whole copyright claims BUT PARODY AND REVIEW ARE A-OK bullshit, and leave Botchamania alone, since it can fall under both categories VERY easily.

  • Sanshiro Stunner

    Of course, this was really taken down because of those two untalented clowns in the intro…

  • It’s not just WWE here, There’s ROH, there’s UMG, BMG and Warner. I think the music Companies would be quick to cut this as well.

  • Mickyw33

    I hear that Dotcom fella has a new service up called Mega… 

  • Anon

    Reip 220 please

  • Kooloaid_FATTY

    It’s not working anymore

  • taranaich

    Youtube AND Dailymotion no-selling Maffew? What else is out there – Vimeo? Veoh? Metacafe? Yfrog? God almighty, are we reduced to Flickr?

  • zanadude

    Isn’t there anyone out there who saved the video that can upload it elsewhere?

  • gnark1ll

    Well 220 was worth the wait, a triumph Maffew, and long may you reign, the Terror of copyright enforcers everywhere.

  • Greg

    that was AWESOME. easily top 3 BM

  • MPT

    Who’s Milton Keynes?

  • MPT

    How was the ref hay spot a botch?

  • MPT

    How is Big E five?