In The Streets Of Fayettville by Digi Dis (Streets of Rage 2)

Final Stage: Dance Hall by Keroppi Inoue, Nobuyuki Akena (Gokujō Parodius! ~Kako no Eikō o Motomete~)

2 Player vs. by David Javelosa, Einosuke Nagao, Masanobu Tsukamoto (Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine)

Maffew’s Notes 2013

Another early video that got re-edited a lot in the future. The Sabu/RVD ladder match was originally set to the Boss theme from Adventure Island II but it became the first instance of people complaining about a song so I switched it a year later to the thrash music from DRMBM. If I got complaints in the comments (and I used to read ALL the YouTube comments which is probably why I made so many bad decisions to begin with) then I’d listen to them. Nowadays with Twitter, FaceBook, the Website etc. it’s hard to keep up with what everybody thinks about a video or a song so I’d probably see how many people thought the same. Then ignore it.

Eddy’s rant against Vicky was amazing because no-one else I was in contact with had seemed to notice it. ”GODAMMIT!”

The worst bit about Piper/Hall was that it was set up as the winner of Benoit vs. Hall against the winner of Piper vs. Hart on Nitro, so everyone thought ”oh great, Benoit/Hart on the PPV!” So naturally they swerved everyone for the sake of swerving everyone and 40-something Piper won the bloody U.S. title.

And this is another video where The OneUps were credited for years when it was actually Digi Dis. Cough.

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