Super Mario Bros. 2 by The Minibosses

Maffew’s Notes 2013…

Oh I loved making this one. I’d just discovered The Minibosses and thought they were the greatest thing ever. I then found the Sandman interview and realised there were the same amount of ‘breaks’ in the same song and a little light-bulb went off over my head.

I still think this video works really well. I spent the next few years trying to recapture the same magic and usually came up short but hey at least I got it right once.

The ‘backyard bit to end the video’ didn’t last long as backyarders ended up sending me clips of themselves fucking up and I didn’t want to be responsible for ‘Stupid Kid Breaks Neck Trying To Make It Onto YouTube Show’ headlines.

That Shane Douglas vs. Raven match was an absolute trainwreck. Douglas puked in-ring due to his lack of cardio and then Raven got scalped by James Mitchell who had the razors the wrong way around. TNA put this on one of their Best Of Hardcore DVDs, which is slightly worrying.