The Ecstacy of Gold by Metallica

Mega Man 2 Title Screen by Project X

Maffew’s Notes 2013

Well, up this point all the songs I’d been listening to on my iPod on a daily basis had worked really well. So naturally I thought The Ecstasy Of Gold would work really well because it’s an amazing song and kinda-sorta has break points. Did it work? No. Is it a good song? Yes, but so is Jingle Bells.

I found The Project X song on YTMND before I’d ever played a Mega Man game. I didn’t realise it was an intro song, so having it as the last theme was ever-so-slightly backwards.

Oh, the Wrestlecrap favourite Heroes Of Wrestling shows up here back when making fun of Jake Roberts’ addictions was acceptable. The whole show would later show up on Botchamania 50 and kill a section of the fanbase who had no idea what the show even was. If you’re an insomniac, the whole show is viewable here.

Still no idea why British Bulldog was quoting OMC. But it gave us this belter from Art0Donnell:

  • MPT

    Jingle Bells has nothing to do with this

  • Catherine Bouey

    Late to the party but, Heroes Of Wrestling had space in Botchamania 60 not 50.