Wrestlers must think all wrestling fans are like the guy doing the interview.

‘PWG is like a girlfriend.”

  • Philip ‘Cwej’ Walchester

    Ryan comes out well from this, the interviewers amateur, sure, but he treats him with respect. Kendrick& London i’m not keen on.

  • Jim

    Kendrick and London just lost all my respect, even if you are tired and think hes a joke… Don’t do the interview then to make fun of him. Washed up talent.

  • AEPodcast

    What I learned from this video: Joey Ryan is the nicest man in PWG

  • Steve McGuinness

    Ryan comes off great here, knowledgeable, respectful, hard working and knows how to shill a product without sounding like a douche. London & Kendrick come off like massive douches.

  • ZC3

    Joey Ryan is such a nice bro. The Bad Religion shirt is just a bonus.

    Fuck Kendrick and London. Overrated douche bags.

  • J

    “How are the restrooms in tna?” That shit had me rolling. But thats what happens when you let the marks into the locker room to do interviews.

  • trololololololol

    The way he keeps patting them on the arm/shoulder is so fucking awkward.

  • Kevin Kittridge

    The “cheese souffle” tag brought me here. Who are these people?

    • Kevin Kittridge

      Man, I can’t do all 13 minutes. Good on Joey to take the interview seriously while Spanky and London are clearly over it.

  • bob

    London and Kendrick are baked.

    • Jsol

      What else is new?

  • Moronface McDumbutt

    Good thing London and Kendrix weren’t there for “PWG is like a girlfriend”. I don’t think I’d be able to take this lad for more than 5 minutes either.

  • TLO

    Did anybody else catch Kendrick handing the kid the bowl and then him sticking his finger in there and licking it?

    Is that the new stealing a lock of hair?

  • Laro

    I think I’m beginning to understand why Paul London isn’t in the WWE or TNA…what a dork!

  • kd

    what the Zeus is this
    there is no way that voice is real

  • kd

    Show some personality fat ass and stop doing the
    Feinstein dull void questions

  • Porkchop Sandwiches

    His boobies have boobies.

  • CHUD

    Yeah, this is just bad/sad on both sides. The kid’s questions, shake weighting, eating kendrick’s leftovers that were handed to him after kendrick just straight bails and asking Joey Ryan why he hasn’t accepted his Facebook friend request. Is just so painfully fucking awkward. Kendrick and London come off looking like stoned bozos, goofing on the guy just a bit too hard. But god damn I really liked Joey Ryan a lot more after this. Class Act.