Worn out like John Cena’s elbow and Kurt Angle’s liver, it’s Botchamania 236: Bray Wylatt Wars!

Thanks to…

The Fabulous New Intro by Tri.Moon

Rory McAllister for the intro

TJ Light and Lewis Vaughan for the song requests

Ravencyarm for the ending


Hill Top Zone by Masato Nakamura (Sonic the Hedgehog 2)

African Mines by Hiroshige Tonomura (DuckTales)

No Easy Way Out by Bullet For My Valentine

The Weasel Chase by Terry S. Taylor (The Neverhood)

Virtual Boy by FantomenK

I had to remove the colossal Aj/Black Ref botch from Raw as well as the TNA 10 Year Reunion segment. They’re both on the Dailymotion version though.

I think the previous intro was good for what it was, considering the intro was based on was incredibly timid. Here’s the video by itself, as well as Tri.Moon’s channel.

If anybody is reading this years later, the constant crisp (potato chips to you non-Brits) references were parodying Summerslam’s revolutionary Dorito-vision, with Doritos being talked about and featured every few seconds. Always amusing to see on a show featuring physically-fit performers who are clearly downing pints of the stuff before their matches.


TNA’s 10 Year Reunion isn’t worth a watch, unless you love Taz as much as I do. Featuring Roode/Storm and Angle/Joe is all well and good, but trying to convey why these feuds were so amazing without context and including the matches in their own little bubble just diluted their value.

Summerslam had two great matches and I’ve already forgotten the rest.


  • Karl Raut

    WTF!?!? British humour whatever but “Arbeit macht frei”!? Really?

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      It’s more of a reference to WWE changing the name of Elimination Chamber PPV in Germany to No Way Out than ”lol holocaust.”

      However, I did put that specific reference in to see if anybody would get it. And if not, they’d hopefully Google it and learn.

      • Karl Raut

        I almost thought that it was a reference to this issue. No hard feelings, but we tend to be a little sensitive with these issues.
        By the way, the Elimination Chamber itself is referred by the German WWE commentators as “Ausscheidungskammer” which is incredibly funny as the German word “ausscheiden” not only means “to be eliminated” but also “to excrete”. You get the point. ^^

      • MPT

        You can explain it to them.

  • Codster9

    Those CRISPS must be finger-licking good. Too bad Sin Cara can’t enjoy them.

    • Franke Sisto

      Poor taste… but I laughed more than I should’ve…

  • Lord Twattington the Third

    Fast motion yes chants are yes

  • Ryan S.

    Just an FYI, Sin Cara was injured from Del Rio kicking his hand in the very first strike of the match, not the dive.

    • po

      Mmmmm, fascinating.

  • AdyShearer

    The fast forward Raw was epic.

  • Matthew Aaron Taylor

    fuck you dailymotion ad breaks!

    • Amsterdam_Adam_Curry

      Ever hear of AdBlock?

      • MPT

        Too lazy to download it. They need to download it for themselves

  • The Man Called Megz

    Did anyone also catch the “talk to much moment” in the Bryan/Cena match where after Bryan kicks out of the AA Trips says something to Cena and he replies something like “Just as well I like the kid” or something like that. I’m dying to know what Trips said..

    • Abusoru007

      I went back to the match to look, but I couldn’t really hear it well. Then again, the video of the match that I found was pretty bad quality. I could definitely hear Cena say what he did though.

  • davidbonzaisaldanamontgomery

    Took 236 videos to get to Hill Top Zone. Worth the wait.

    That ref still recovered faster than Giant at Hog Wild ’96.

  • mike

    BOTTOM!!!! Ade Edmondson is the man.

    Loved the intro.

  • Loving the new intro.

    And watching this, I sometimes wonder if I should watch TNA for the commentary… unless all the best bits are here anyway.

  • Rollo

    Thank you for all your work with these videos!

  • Amsterdam_Adam_Curry

    Fucking love the new intro.

  • Hauptnerr

    What about the AJ Lee/Natalya Sharpshooter botch. So bad, so bad….

  • Mighty Monarch

    [Insipid Taz commentary intensifies]