”1994” doesn’t refer to the year, it’s how many times McMahon says the line in this video.

  • square

    worst announcer ever

  • Codster9

    Vince McMahon: “What a maneuver!”
    Michael Cole: “Trending worldwide!”

    • MrCthulhu0 .

      Tony Schiavone: “This is the most important post in the history of our sport!”

    • Vince

      What a maneuver!

  • Turd Ferguson

    I approve of how much Kwang is in this video

  • Steve Cunningham

    There’s a Chief Jay Strongbow meme in there somewhere

  • rob z

    Makes me miss the days of the weasel even more

  • Miles

    wwe just did an article on the 50 coolest moves in wwe history
    and one of the lines was “50 holds, strikes and dives that would have made mr mcmahon say WHAT a maneuver”