The video series that listens to it’s fans almost as much as WWE does, it’s Botchamania 242: Meng In Tights!

Note: YouTube insta-blocked it due to Royal Rumble footage, so seeing as this video is nothing but RR footage…I’m afraid I’ve got some baaaaad news.


Escape! by Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy V)

STAGE SELECT 2 by Capcom Sound Team (Mega Man X)

Talking with Ghosts by Kazumi Totaka/Shinobu Tanaka (Luigi’s Mansion)

Thanks To…

All 17,000 people who sent me the Bootista ending suggestion. Everybody above the age of 20 sent me that as an idea, which just shows the influence and impact The Simpsons once had.

So aye, Royal Rumble 2014. One great match, one non-match, one awful match, one great crowd and a bottom-tier Rumble.

A PPV so bad it made CM Punk quit. They should have just called it WWE Great American Bash 1991 and been done with it.

  • Mark

    the ppv was so bad it made maffew do the whole botchamania consisting just of it xD

    • DrLetzShake

      hey should rename it the ‘Royal Botch-le’

  • DrLetzShake

    you didnt put in el toritos entrance?
    where they were asking which matador it was even though it clearly said ‘El Torito’ above the titantron where they displayed the name of every entrant as they came out

    • MaffewOfBotchamania


  • Andrew

    Isn’t “You can do whatever you want before the bell rings without being disqualified” the basis of half the HHH vs. Undertaker match from WM X-7?

    • The Marvin

      I believe that was the longest ref bump in history

  • MPT

    Simpsons still have an impact

    • Brian D. Olofson

      Maybe among the 40 or so people that still watch it…

      • MPT


  • Michael micah Miguel

    I used to thought that there will be light years ahead to a bad Wrestlemania PPV than a bad royal rumble match. Great storylines, rivalries and turns will happened in a single match. Surprises and the crowd atmospheres will be delightful to watch. A DESERVED WINNER will be crowned and poured with crowd cheers, for he is the winner of that year. That title will never changes hand, and it is special.

    I was wrong. So wrong. I am so sad. I anticipated RR more than any PPV in the WWE. I don’t feel that anticipation for the next one anymore.

  • King Crash

    The fans chanted “WE WANT REFUNDS!!!” During Borton/Cenanuff match to.

    • King Crash

      HHH’s booking created worst PPV in WWE history. HHH proved Bret Harts opinion of him right.

      • King Crash

        Exception Wyatt Vs Bryan match of course.

  • That was… the worst Royal Rumble… ever. W/ the exception of the Bryan-Wyatt match. I want my 2 1/2 hours back.

  • davidbonzaisaldanamontgomery

    That was the worst Royal Rumble since the Dreamcast arcade port.

  • Tyler Farnsworth

    This would have also made for a good ending….

  • Rafael

    I was watching nxt then the miz botched a reversal, so I came to check if a new one was out.

  • ColeYote

    Trying to pass off “you both suck!” “booooring!” and “end this match!” chants as fans trying to distract Orton, insulting the intelligence of everyone watching. Classic Jerry.

  • TheBaconLovinMuslim

    no nash botch?

    • Brian D. Olofson

      That’s littereally the first thing I said when I got done with the video. Nash’s bumbling in this years RR was classic!

  • Panda

    I felt bad for Rey, it wasn’t his fault. And Sheamus, he looked like he was dead inside and knew there was nothing he could do. On the other hand, fuck Batista

  • BM2

      Maybe next time

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      …I literally just made the exact same ending without watching this.

      Fucking hivemind.

  • lkjjlkklj

    which was the great match? lol i guess cena orton, cuzz sure as fuck wasn’t that snoozefest bryan/wyatt

    • dennett316

      You have taste….pity it’s all bad.

    • Brian D. Olofson

      Lol trolls will be trolls

  • Chris Hansen

    Doing anything you want to your opponent before the bell rings is allowed? Isn’t that the TNA rule?

  • Chris Hansen

    Oh, you cut out the part where the crowd popped when Mysterio was eliminated. Mysterio, the career face, got shit on.

    • Brian D. Olofson

      I thought it was halarious how happy the fans we’re when he got thrown out. The fans made that show worth while to me. Still, shittiest rumble in like a decade and a half!

  • Darkflame173

    As to the ending of the RR, the crowd was willing to accept Roman Reigns right at the end, he obviously wasn’t the preferred person, but the crowd did start chanting his name for a brief moment. Anyone, ANYONE but Batista.

  • Codster9

    The crowd was so loud, you actually had trouble hearing Cena call his spots.

  • Alex Casimir

    I’m happy that Roman Reigns still got some residual chanting even after that shitty Rumble. I think him breaking the record was the only semi-decent spot that came out of the match. But I think at this point WWE should really just consider pushing the new guys because it’s becoming unfair for the guys who wrestle every night and forced to work a crowd that doesn’t respond to them. Rey, Sheamus, and even Batista didn’t deserve the boos that night because they’re not the ones who decide who get’s put over.

  • rocksault

    I wonder if this won’t be a similar moment in time as the “Fingerpoke of Doom” – fans wanted a certain long-awaited result from the PPV (and Wrestlemania booking) and WWE boldly gave them the complete opposite of what they wanted.

  • Emmett Moran

    Am I the only one who would have been happy with a Reigns win?

    • Fat Pat

      Nope. Roman Reigns as the RR-winner could have been great!

    • The Kingslayer

      Wouldn’t of bothered me Reigns is talented.

    • Leo Grant

      What a difference a few years makes.

  • Ezenwa

    the Bad news Barrett lead-in was awesome! Hilarious!

  • Who-nico Cara?

    Is it just me, or when Orton throws his arms up and poses during the “We want divas” chant, does he say, “‘l’ll give you a diva!” ?

  • Franke Sisto

    The crowd gets a little excited before #30 comes out, but notice how most of the people in front of the camera (who were standing up before) were all sitting down. They knew who they WANTED #30 to be, but they had already done the math – they did the math back around when #22 came out – and they had a rough idea of who still had yet to enter. Of course, most of those sitting down had already realized that Bryan wasn’t going to be in the match, and that realization took the whole crowd right out of it.

    Damn shame that it had to be Rey. ANYONE would have gotten booed out of the building. The worst part is, most fans had already accepted that Batista was going to win going into the match. But for D-Bry to not even be IN the match? God… how insulting to the paying customers.

    I’m confident that management KNOWS what the fans want, and that they are just refusing to listen. And now Punk’s gone. Damn shame across the board.

  • Jdizzle4Shizzle

    there are only 2 ppv that I enjoy watching, 1 of them being the rumble. that list may shrink to one if they continue to be this bad.

  • belovedwarlord

    So what was with all the swearing during Brock/Big Show, was it not meant to be a chair-heavy match? Were they legit pissed at each other?

    • Dan

      Big show injured his hand the night before and the cussing was probably a result of pain.

  • Tippi Gordon

    Never before has the Sheik’s “Faaackin boooolshet!” closing been so appropriate.

  • Scott Steudler

    I figured 242 was going to be a bit Rumble heavy.

    As for the Rockers/Robocop clip… LOVED IT!!!!

  • Chaz

    Okay… How do you get past the first 5 articles on this website? Why can’t i browse through older videos? Am i the only one who sees this?

    • doghater

      Same thing with me. I’ve tried disabling and uninstalling both adblock and noscript. Even clicking through the Botchamania tag or using the side monthly archive bar only lets me see a few posts. I give up.

  • Chaz

    “We Want Divas”
    The ultimate insult

  • Chronologo

    One of the WORST PPV’s, alongside with past year’s Payback

  • John

    What is ‘Benoit’ about?

    • barryburton

      when a swear is censored

  • The Kingslayer

    I love how pissed Orton gets at fans hijacking his matches.

  • Lee

    How did i miss this? ah yes, because its not on youtube, just its very poor cousins. just a shame they dont make it easy to download videos like YT do.
    I liked the ppv – great opener, great angle and the rumble itself i enjoyed, until batista came out. i knew bryan wasnt booked for it, but clearly the crowd were not smart.

  • Moe Lester

    I just noticed the guy who had a “Crappy Match Punk” sign, lol. It took me this long to notice it.

  • Ben English

    I just don’t understand why they keep trying to push Cena and Orton when it’s obvious the fans hate them.

    • Guest

      I didn’t know the heel was supposed to be liked.

  • supermutant

    When the fans are chanting they rather watch the divas then your main event (well title match) then you got a problem. I think they might have been greatest thing I ever heard.

  • Matthew Johnson


    Dear 2014:
    HAHAHA! Man, you don’t know the half of it!