I finally got around to playing Wrestlemania Mode last night and had to stop playing so I could laugh when I got to Wrestlemania 16.

For those that haven’t played: You have to go through every Wrestlemania, winning key matches (basically every main event that they could get the rights to, so the Mr. T tag match from Wrestlemania I isn’t there, so the Andre vs. Studd match represents the show instead). But to make things more interesting than just ”pin the other guy”, you’re given key moments from the matches to re-enact so you can unlock more stuff for the single player. Good times, huh?

Then we get to Wrestlemania 16 and the only match represented is the main event of Head Cheese vs. T & A The Rock vs. Big Show vs. Triple H vs. Mick Foley.

The match, like the show, was anticlimactic (Backlash the month afterwards blew this show out of the water) so I joked to my friend that the only key moment people remember from the show was Foley’s Flop:

Then after eliminating Big Show, the game asked me to put Rock near the announce table, aaaaaaaaaaand…

”Captain Ahab had more spring in his step than me that night” – Foley himself.

And just when I thought that couldn’t be topped, Wrestlemania XX shows up.

”Right, this one’s going to be tough…we can’t do the Stevie Richards main event and we can’t get Angle either…, so let’s do Cena vs. Big Show instead.”

”Nah, that match was the opener and it would look way too obvious that we’re ignoring the main events. Let’s include another match…something so ridiculous it would distract people from the lack of Stevie.”

”You can’t mean…”

”Aye. Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar. With the ”You Sold Out” chants included and a mini-match where you stunner both men with Steve Austin.”

”And let’s be sure to give Lesnar the Rock-using-his-arms-to-throw-himself-backwards sell on the stunner.”

I like this game. And making GIFs.

What are other your thoughts on the game?

  • swan4568 .

    WM Mode was okay. then they completely stopped giving a shit once it got to 26, I.E. wrong attires, Jericho having all of his tattoos at 26, Punk being bald at 28, wrong attires, etc.

    • davidbonzaisaldanamontgomery

      To be fair, a lot of us had stopped giving a shit by then.

    • UMO Grunt

      Yuke’s stopped giving shits ages ago.

      • SpaceTruckin92

        The issue isn’t with Yuke’s. Remember this game was still largely under THQ’s supervision. And I’ve heard stories of how strained THQ and Yuke’s relationship was at the end. It was to the point where Cory Ledesma would go to Japan once a year and stayed for 30 minute meetings where Cory would ask pretty much nothing from Yuke’s for the next game. 2k15 seems to be the last Yuke’s developed game in the series, so we’ll really see if Yuke’s was the problem or not.

        • dude

          dude, THQ its been out of business for some time now

          • SpaceTruckin92

            If you knew anything about game development you’d know that THQ didn’t go out of business till well after the development process for 2k14 started.

          • Catherine Bouey

            Under THQ’s supervision, developed entirely by Yuke’s.

  • lawgiver

    I hadn’t played any of the other games for a couple of years but I really liked the moments for each match. The Hogan vs Sgt. Slaughter match not having any reminded me what an awful main event that was wrestling-wise.

  • Captain Obvious

    WWE 2K14, that funny game which prefers the Goldberg-Lesnar more than the Taker-Kane from WMXX

  • MPT

    Benoit was in the main event. That match was the highlight of Wrestlemania XX

    • jd

      the only way that benoit will ever be in another wwe game is if wwe explains the murders with a mgs3-type-ending or if he comes back to life, says he did it for the rock and turns face 5 months later.

      • MaffewOfBotchamania


      • George

        Funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. Seriously.

  • I’m sorry to spoil anything for you, Maffew (if I am), but I found it particularly hilarious how at the very end that The Rock and John Cena were given infinite finishers. It sort of hits you out of no where and, really, you can’t help but laugh.

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      I’m not that far yet, but that is hilarious.

      Sums up the match pretty well.

      • It probably wasn’t worth it.

        The biggest joke is the final reward you get for completing WM mode, you’ve played through all of the matches, recreating the key moments perfectly and you final reward for all of this, your big payoff….5 different shirts for Cena.

        • Guest

          You’re rewards for beating Undertaker in Streak mode is no better

          • Joseph Collins

            That mode was SO HARD TO BEAT but I was bored one day and just wanted to see taker do some cool moves so I picked Batista… WTF? I beat Taker without trying. WTF?

          • johnny

            deal with it.

  • I’m sorry to spoil anything for you, Maffew (if I am), but I found it particularly hilarious how at the very end that The Rock and John Cena were given infinite finishers. It sort of hits you out of no where and, really, you can’t help but laugh.

  • Val Venis

    ” Rock-using-his-arms-to-throw-himself-backwards sell on the stunner.”

    Maffew is my spirit animal

  • Christopher Young

    So why has Big Stevie Cool in particular been chosen to replace HE-WHO-SHALL-NOT-BE-NAMED in the main event of WMXX?

    • lawman

      The idea behind the joke is that in N64 game No Mercy, the Big Show was taken out of it as punishment for something. They represented the WM 16 main event mentioned here, but with no Big Show to use they needed a replacement. I’m sure the entire wrestling community would agree that Steven Richards was a fine choice, though I was rooting for Mae Young myself.

      • Stephen

        Close – Steve was swapped in for Big Show completely, not just in the WM16 match.

        The best / worst part is that the game gets MUCH harder as a result. Show – just like all the superheavyweights in No Mercy – was supposed to be something of a pushover. Instead, Stevie being in there makes the title chase WAAAAY harder.

        Luckilly, since No Mercy is awesome, you can just swap Big Show back in there. Sure, he still does cartwheels and superkicks, but at least the difficulty curve isn’t FUBARed.

  • Codster9

    And yet, Mick Foley still made it to DisneyLand the next day.

  • anystrom0

    Pretty much what swan4568 said. The WM mode was a lot of fun for the first 18 or so, but by the time 21 came around, they started getting a lot of stuff wrong and it seemed like they were in a rush to wrap it up; that’s entirely possible given the year-round production and the transition from THQ to 2K.

    • swan4568 .

      Orton having a beard in 2008 as one of the many fuck-ups, I’ll just blame THQ’s business troubles for rushing all of that.

      • Guest

        THQ wasn’t in financial trouble when they were publishing SVR2008 any or all screw-ups are mostly on Yuke’s end.

  • Paul S

    WMXX needs the Hogan cosplayer working the crowd.

  • What’s the moment for WMXIX…oh, I hope it’s Lesnar missing his SSP on Angle.

    (Was there to see it in person–knew it was coming and you could feel the botch even from my nosebleed seats.)

    • ChrisDV

      Angle’s not in the game.

      • So what’s the WMXIX moment?

        • ChrisDV

          Michaels/Jericho & Rock/Austin.

  • legrandxav

    Something disapoint me: (Warning Spoiler) In Wrestlemania 29, Punk VS Undertaker, everybody remember the big elbow of Punk on Undertaker outside the ring (on the announce table) and, when WWE show pictures of this match, it show this big jump. Guess what, it’s actually NOT in the game!

    However, still very a good game.

  • mikemcbrine

    Anyone else think beating savage at 3 was difficult?