Botchamania wins Best TV/YouTube Show two times in a row, with the good men of OSWreview coming a close second!

Thanks to everyone who voted, the RSPW writers don’t seem happy for the second year in a row. It’s one thing to win an internet award-thing, but it’s quite another to win an internet award-thing knowing it’s annoying people.

  • Spoot

    Oh damn, WWE just dropped a bomb on like every OSW vid on YouTube.

  • Ryan fish

    WWE mass spontaneously deleting OSW Video’s from “Youtube” could-

    1. be from the network launching this Monday.
    2. They are aware, upset that OSW got second and are massively bitter.

    I’d like to believe 2 whether true or not. Put them back up guys! The heat will die down after the network launch. Also, congrats to both Botchamania and OSW review!

    • Lie Maid

      Or maybe they hired Tommy Wiseau as a copyright consultant.

  • The_Stig

    *looks at the other winners* Ok, can we just call these the Smark Awards? Seriously.

  • davidbonzaisaldanamontgomery


  • oswreview

    Congrats Maff! We were pretty blown away by our support. Thanks Nick J Mancuso, who wrote a really lovely OSW Review review. Starkly contrasting was Christopher Bird’s almost begrudging acknowledgement of us & Maffew. That’s hilarious. Surprised at that since about 70% of their voters are Botchamania/OSW guys!

    If you voted for us make sure to put your name down on our FB post at so we can thank you on the next show 🙂