So far, it’s a success.

Oh, and you don’t need any proxies if you’re abroad. All you do is sign-up, say you live in USA on the form, use PayPal and that’s it. No VPN/Proxy trickery needed.

  • Jason Gumshoe McDermott

    Watching it on my PS3. Don’t know what to watch though…SO.MANY.PPV’S!

  • geoff

    wannna talk fuckin hilariouis. when i tried to get to this page it said 500 internal server error and i sat there for 10 minutes thinking it was a joke on how the network is having so many problems. im lovin it right now though

    • Dynamo11

      That is 100% what I thought too

  • Dom Coccaro

    I signed up, but it says “video not processing.” Come on! I want access to hours of footage I’ve already seen on YouTube and Dailymotion!

  • Dom Coccaro

    I signed up, but it says “video not processing.” Come on! I want access to hours of footage I’ve already seen on YouTube and Dailymotion!

  • Triple God

    Media Error: Video not available


  • Codster9

    Imagine if all Botchamanias suddenly became watchable on the WWE Network.

  • Mr. Machine

    What happened to the Attitude era on RAW. Only 1993, 1998, 2012, 2013 and 2014 on there 🙁 I want my money back…lol

    • Ya and only 2 episodes from 1998

    • Chronologo

      go to, they’ve got the attitude era from 97 to 2002, RAWs, SDs and PPVs

    • Shaun Becker

      That’s what I have been trying to find out………when they are going to add in more years. Even Hell in a Cell 1998 was missing at first and that was the first PPV I wanted to watch because thats where Foley goes off the cell.

  • bbats

    HAHA most satisfying video ive seen in a while.

  • What was the video?

    • Chronologo

      The famous Booker T promo sayin’ “We’re coming for you nigga!”

      • Was it uncensored?

        • Chronologo


          • Cool.
            But for how long? And was there a content advisory beforehand?

          • Chronologo

            Look on the video, it’s on dailymotion now. I don’t really know about what you say since I don’t have a suscription for the WWE network

  • Michael Porrazzo

    Great American Bash 1991 is not on the site…No P.N. News singing “On July 14th see the WCW Crew, it’s the Bash 91 on Pay Per View….I want my money back

  • IWantRealWrestling

    I’m Australian, I told them I lived in Texas. My account was approved, I paid my money and no videos load. Absolute Bullshit

    • DojoNaka

      Use a thing called unblock-us. Works for me fine now, I was having the same problem.

      • IWantRealWrestling

        Costs 4:99 a month, the last thing I need is more shit to pay for.
        MAffew said I could do it without VPn or proxies. I might look i into it otherwise I might just wait til it comes out here.

        Also does anyone know how to cancel the subscription? If its not working still I want to ancel it before my free weeek is up

        • waltkovacs

          Not sure how to cancel, but unlocator is free while it’s in beta, and worked to fix the video not loading problem. (Videos were working initially but stopped, not sure if it was a change, or just part of their overall problems)

          • IWantRealWrestling

            Well I got it working now,Watched Wresltemania X-Seven in its entirety last night, so great. As a kid who grew up in the Ruthless Aggression era i am glad I get the chance to see things I missed or even relive memories.

        • I’m pretty sure there are no refunds

  • Tim

    Video’s weren’t working for me so I chabged my DNS-server and now it works like a sweetheart

  • davidbonzaisaldanamontgomery


  • linkinstreet

    Need proxy now. Tested yesterday with a us address that I always used, but when I tried to play the video it says content unavailable for your location

  • Mr.Lynx

    What do I have to search to get this promo? I can’t find it after putting in Booker T, Hulk Hogan or Harlem Heat.

  • The Earplug


  • Kendra

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