More ‘Mania for your ‘money.


Wrestlemania 16

Steve Blackman (Groundshaker) by Malcolm Nichols from Focus Music.

Wrestlemania 17

Slick (Jive Soul Bro) by David Wolff, Vernie “Butch” Taylor, and Jeff Batte.

Signature #6 by Jim Johnston.

Just two ‘Manias in this edition due to the sheer amount of botches that occurred during Wrestlemania 17. It’s still the greatest Wrestlemania of all time though…as long as you ignore the first half of the card.

The Hardcore Holly footage comes from the fabulous Kayfabe Commentaries YouShoot, the Raven stuff is from RF Video’s shoot interview Vol. 2 and Edge’s DDT is from The True Story of Wrestlemania.

I would have used Foley talking about the Wrestlemania botch but I couldn’t find my copy of Hard Knocks and Cheap Pops. Maybe for Wrestlemaniamania Remakeamania.

  • Nick Shaw

    Most excellent once again, I hope Motorhead sounds better when I go see them in may

  • Codster9

    Ironically enough, not a single botch was from the Gimmick Battle Royal (besides “Tony”).

  • Simon

    If I recall correctly, Bobby Hennan has stated that he did the “Tony” bit intentionally, a joke between him and Gene about how it would be impossible to confuse Mene Gene Oakerlund and Tony Schiavone when it comes to commentary quality.

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      Shit, really? When/where did you read that?

      • Simon

        I think there was reference to it in Heenan’s autobiography.

        • MaffewOfBotchamania

          Much appreciated Simon!

        • Hitmonchan

          At least he was in a good mood that day. Otherwise he’d call Okerlund “Gorilla”.

      • Simon

        I think there was reference to it in Heenan’s autobiography.

        EDIT: Just checked, yes, in the first chapter “A Triumphant Return”:

        ‘When I sat down with Okerlund, I started calling him Tony (as in Schiavone). It wasn’t a mistake. It was on purpose. But thinking about it, I should have known better than to confuse the two. Gene has talent and a job.’

  • Jimi Forsman

    To me the biggest disappointment about Wrestlemania 17 was when Volkoff came out to Ludvig Borga’s music. And the fact that a Russian is coming out to the Finnish anthem is another thing.

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      I wasn’t aware of this until now, I’ve re-edited the video now.

    • Hitmonchan

      Nikolai’s not even Soviet/Russian. It’s like having Dolph Lundgren (a Swede) portray the Soviet pugilist powerhouse Drago in Rocky 4.

      • King Kong Bundy

        No love for Lundgren playing the Soviet protagonist in Red Scorpion?

        “Are you out of your mind?!” “No. Out of bullets.”

  • TrenWolfman

    I can’t get enough of Tazz stumbling towards the ropes and somehow manage to rebound backwards into a double clothesline.

    • Codster9

      It’s one of my all-time favorite botches.

      • MaffewOfBotchamania

        Tazz: ”Weeeeeeeeee!”

  • Zanon23

    Wow the WCW wrestlers there. They look like kids when they’re grounded and not allowed to play outside :V

  • lawgiver00

    Wow. 2 hours was too late to see it. They’re getting right on that now.

  • MPT

    Finally! Here’s the Wrestlemaniamania 6!

  • Christ J

    Wrestlemaniamania Remakeamania is now my favourite phrase.

  • ILikeDicksArfArfCocks

    Its kind of a known fact the Lemmy hates playing “The Game” (no double meaning intended) I remember going to a Motorhead concert and the whole thing was a blast, however, someone requested they play “The Game” (again no double meaning) and the look on his face just said it all he just mushed the lyrics wanting to get the damn thing over with.

  • MPT

    Lemmy needs to remove those moles now

  • Jon Paijo Konstantinous

    Time to Botch THE GAME!!!!

  • Benjamin Raven

    Wrestlemania 2000 was made up entirely of bowling shoe tendencies. A bit of me dies on the inside every time I see the Mickster fall three feet short on his leap

  • Benjamin Raven

    I love how much Holly loves that he called Cole a shithead.

  • Ross

    I remember Motörhead being just as botchy at Wrestlemania 21 too.

  • Sam

    best FAAACKIN BULLSHIT ever!

  • ColeYote

    Gotta love Mick Foley. Dude’s entire attitude can be summarized as “yeah, I screwed up my body. But I had fun doing it!”

  • Hitmonchan

    I uhhh don’t like your red hat-uhhhh I will bury it uhhhh

    • King Kong Bundy

      The “3” count didn’t make a sound because there wasn’t one. Tim White stopped the count and acted as if Crash had gotten the shoulder up.

  • Rocksault

    Hardcore Holly… should already be in the WWE Hall of Fame.

  • K.

    I know I’m a year late. But what about Linda making sign to Vince to spread his legs more so she can kick him in the nuts ?