A lot of Botchamania-related activity has been occurring online so here’s a rundown!

  • I appeared on the SML Podcast with MAGFest favourite Joe Cam, which is nice if you want to hear what I’m like after work (basically Cranky Kong). Some games were discussed, Danimal Cannon was fawned over and British things were said.

  • Some guy used Botchamania as part of a strangely put together example of games that are supposed to be bad, describing the videos as ”sometimes completely full of shit” despite following me on Twitter. I can see his point of view, but I’m trying to remember the last time I featured stuff like that in a video. Answers if you know them in the comments ifyouweeeel.

  • I did an AMA on Reddit, which went rather well. Over five hundred questions were sent and I did my best to respond to all of them Ringo Starr style. DJ Hyde did one the day beforehand, with the highest rated question being about me. Incredibly flattering, but be warned: them Reddit people love their ”What is your favourite X and why is it Y?” question-jokes.

  • This happened on Raw:

  • The very good interviewer Solomonster also gave me a good seeing too, amazing me by actually doing research beforehand! Listen to me on a show with a guy who is going places. Botchamania-only related questions in this one.

  • Botchamania’s bed-buddies OSWReview also interviewed me yesterday, but the interview isn’t published yet. I’m posting about it now because it’s the only one I’ve done drunk and I wanted to give fair warning.

  • I attended the Tidal Wrestling event at Darlington and enjoyed the hell out of it. Sadly one of the heel wrestlers became a face by coming out to The VengaBus, causing plenty of Fandango-esque dancing and singing. All in good fun though, and I got intros from Johnny Gargano and Rich Swann so huzzah.

  • This ‘Maffew Stole My Botch’ sign happened during one of the many TNA UK Tapings:

I will also be appearing at the fabulous A & G Ohio convention on April 4th to-6th. They are definitely my favourite nerdy get-together that isn’t MAGFest. No Mercy will be played, but there’s great prizes this time. I’m in the process of converting my wrestling collection to ISOs, so lots of wrestling is up for grabs. And here’s the official poster:

  • The Bling Man

    You changed man….now your all Hollywood…..

    • Shaun Painter

      I smell a heel turn

      • The Bling Man

        Heel Maffew would be epic, but it wont happen because of merch sales.

        • Shaun Painter


          • The Bling Man

            You know it BROTHER!!!!

  • MPT

    Too lazy to go on Google; tell us where it is.

  • Cunt Hogan


  • ghost8b8

    The guy who mentioned you is the Rageaholic, who is actually pretty good and is a huge wrestling fan. He also has a habit of taking potshots at people but not really meaning any ill will