Wrestlemania 18 doesn’t get enough hate. Hogan vs. Rock and that’s it.

Wrestlemania 19 on the other hand doesn’t get enough love.


Wrestlemania 18

Hardcore Holly (Slow Death) by Zack Tempest

Billy Gunn (I’ve Got It All) by James A. Johnston

Simon Dean (Simon System) by James A. Johnston

Brian Kendrick (Man With The Plan) by Chris Goulstone

Wrestlemania 19

Break Down The Walls (Chris Jericho) by James A. Johnston

I couldn’t find a better quality copy of the Sunday Night Heat before Wrestlemania 19, sorry.

  • King Kong Bundy

    Fuckin’ 18. X8. Nothing like seeing the undisputed champion that played second fiddle to a bitch leading up to main eventing. Oh, and the dog took a lot of Jericho’s spotlight as well.

  • Clove45

    Is Dailymotion loading like shit for anyone else?

  • waltkovacs

    It’s a good thing RVD let Regal know he was going throw a shit dropkick.

  • TrenWolfman

    I find it sorta amusing that almost all the Wrestlemania X8 matches consist of mostly WWE guys vs. old WCW guys, yet they never really advertised that.

    Also, I recommend watching Wrestlemania X8 solely for Scott Hall’s amazing selling of the Stone Cold Stunner.

  • ColeYote

    Never been able to figure out how wrestlers don’t immediately realize their mics aren’t working.

  • John_Basil

    Gawd damnit, it’s already removed 🙁

  • Francisco Cabezas

    this botched very quick we must say

  • Codster9

    Maffew Presents… BLOCKAMANIA!!!

  • White Devil

    somebody provide me mirrors to wrestlemaniamania 2, 4 and 6. thank you

  • Doc

    And, it’s gone.

  • alex

    Can you re upload?

  • Krazy k

    Content rejected sad face

  • Alex Volkov

    maffew, you can create a profile on vk.com and upload your videos without copyright problems) sup from russia)

  • Robert

    aaannnndddd it’s gone

  • George

    Crippler Crossface to the video and it’s blocked!

  • Jason Gumshoe McDermott

    That got taken down pretty damn fast ;-;

  • MaffewOfBotchamania

    It’s back on Vimeo Plus now!

  • Joe Crogan

    The tie gimmick is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen

  • Chronologo

    GOLDUST RAPED MY DAD… I miss signs like those nowadays

  • Carlos Oliveira

    I gotta say Triple H reply to that “nosejob” chant was really good

  • Aaron Wood

    Drowning Pool were doing the right lyrics for THEIR version of HHH’s theme they wrote.. It wasn’t a straight cover of Motorhead’s theme. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osCFpk7MZO4

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      The lyrics I typed IN THE VIDEO YOU JUST WATCHED were the lyrics to the Drowning Pool version.

  • Guest

    After seeing Lita botching so much during the triple threat match I have to ask….why isn’t that a Lita edition of Botchamania.

  • BPerala

    oh my god Drowning Pool is the worst. And not just because of this


    This was hilarious.

  • jade

    video’s up now 🙂

  • Stephen

    I was there live, and the building was a lot more 50 / 50 during Rock / Hogan than it came across on TV. What apparently happened is that a TON of lapsed Hogan fans (Toronto was probably his biggest market in the 80s) bought up all the lower-bowl seats at insane scalped prices (we came within $20 or so from selling ours while walking in and heading home, since a giant snowstorm was about to hit and it was blatantly obvious that the idiotic TTC wasn’t running any extra service for, oh, THE BIGGEST FUCKING CROWD IN SKYDOME HISTORY).

    The upper bowl was much more solidly pro-Rock, and we were all in AWE of the reaction the Hulk Up got from the lower bowl.

    Also, that match gave me the excuse to give the Hogan CAW the swinging chokeslam in No Mercy.

  • Stephen

    And didn’t Benoit kick out of the Angle Slam twice in that match? That one, then the spot following Angle doing the powerbomb into the buckles?

    (Unless that’s the same one, but I recall the reaction to the second kickout being a lot louder).

    Never mind that half the world had kicked out of it by that point anyway.

  • Jolundus Croy