Hey, three good-to-great Wrestlemanias in one video!


Wrestlemania 20

Taka Michinoku (Kai En Tai) by James A. Johnston

Wrestlemania 21

bWo Theme by Swamp Candles

Eugene (Child’s Play) by James A. Johnston

Wrestlemania 22

The Undertaker (Lord of Darkness) by James A. Johnston

All these PPVs have at least some great matches on them. 20 has Angle vs. Guerrero, Evolution vs. Rock ‘n’ Sock, Christian vs. Jericho and the Triple Threat Main Event, 21 has MITB I, Angle vs. Michaels and Orton vs. Undertaker and 22 had MITB II, Edge vs. Foley and HBK vs. McMahon.

  • Guest

    The biggest Wrestlemania 22 botch, the poster:

  • MightyMonarch

    Maffew, any chance you’ll repost WMM 2 and 4 somewhere?

  • Guest

  • belovedwarlord

    I miss that version of Undertaker’s theme.

  • Codster9

    Referee Tim White injured his shoulder during the three-count of Jericho vs. Christian. He never reffed again.

  • Alex

    There was another pretty funny botch from Mania 21, in the pre-show Battle Royal, where Cole announces at the end of it, “What a way to kick off SmackDown!” before laughing about it with Tazz. Figured it was worth mentioning.

  • Franke Sisto

    I think some of the botches were a little nitpicky (“Shoulder Slam” and the Michaels Announce Table Spot the biggest examples), but I laughed nonetheless.

    The mask adjustments were incredible. Good eye as always maffew!

  • Butch

    Botchawesome! Love hearing Taka’s theme again, very underrated.

  • Guest

    – Undertaker fucking up the last ride (again)
    – Lawler not even bothering to look at Shawn Micheals trying to put Angle through the adjacent table
    – Jericho deliberately causing the ladder to fall.
    – The “Sell The Boy” sign during the Eddie-Rey match.
    – Rey botching the 619 (or whatever the hell that was)
    – The Booker T-Batista joke.
    – Jr forgetting how to pronounce “Micheals”
    And got Earthquake vs Yokozuna in a sumo match that just screams terrible.

  • Boogieboy669

    Uhh Maffew Taka’s theme is Yomato Suite No.4

    • Guest

      It’s also his Michinoku Pro original theme song. No way Jim Johnston gets a credit.

  • Paul S

    Has there ever been a time where Cole said “this is the first time” or some variation thereof where he was actually right for a change?

  • Marc Aralius

    Austin took that can to the face like a champ.

  • cultstatus

    Is that Kennedy in the Druid get up?