We could all do with a cheer up after the streak ending, the Ultimate Warrior passing away and TNA putting the belt on Eric Young, so here’s Botchamania 249: Pac-Meng Fever!

Thanks To…

Richie Lumley for the Colt Cabana intro.

Peter Duong for the Cornette Face at Wrestlemania


Hyrule Castle by Koji Kondo (The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past)

This one is all just Wrestlemania/Hall of Fame/Raw clips, which should please everybody.

I made the ending a week before Wrestlemania. I didn’t realise how accurate it would end up being.

  • So much symbolism in Brock’s late Pyro.

    • CM Punk Leader of Virgins

      its claw buring time

    • Gustavo

      Why? Can you explain me please? 🙂

  • Bonesaw McGraw

    LET’S. DO. THIS?!


      No,no,,,no… Its lets…Do….. th..*his roid voice kicks in* ISSS!!!! lol!

  • belovedwarlord

    :/ The Undertaker match still tastes bitter.


    Taker also completely whiffed on a punch when Brock went to a corner IIRC.

  • Guest

    Look at Maffew in the intro looking all unassuming.

  • mike

    Brock’s voice was like that part of Day of the Dead where the guys head gets ripped off, and his shriek raises in pitch because his vocal chords are being stretched out.

  • Alan Hughes

    My wife – 1:41 🙂

  • The Kingslayer

    lol Carlito checking out the booty at the HOF.

    Please make Hulk Hogan’s Dengerzone/Superdome/Silverdome skit a regular feature.

  • UMO Grunt

    – Knew Orton landing on the monitor was going to be included.
    – LOL at The Superdome getting no love.
    – Stephanie embarrassing Batista.
    – How do you sidestep when you don’t move?
    – Funny how Brock gets late Pyro but Batista doesn’t get jack.
    – Missed Ambrose’s fakish looking punches during the WM30 match.
    – Damn Mr T. wanted his mother to know every damn thing.

  • MPT

    Eric Young’s a great TNA World Heavyweight Champion!

    • Guest

      Yeah only if you somehow manage to erase the history of his character which apparently Maffew cannot and will not do. It’s like if WWE put the title on Santino or Johnny Curtis.

      • fackinbullshit

        stone cold did not have a glorious early start either the ringmaster? johnny curtis became fandango, plus early stone cold was real rough to watch. doesn’t invalidate his reigns or standing in the eyes of the fans so same deal with eric. also eric said in his promo he took every stupid idea they gave him and made it work regardless of how ridiculous .

        • Guest

          Stone Cold was the ringmaster but as far as I can tell at no point in time during his WWE run had went through the zany,crazy,stupid gimmicks that Eric Young has gone through for a good chunk of his TNA run.
          Last I remember seeing Eric Young he was teaming up with ODB and feuding with Gail Kim & Angelina Love (or whoever) going from all that to suddenly TNA Heavyweight World Champion just seems hella ridiculous.
          But this is TNA Logic is meaningless and Everything No Matter How Batshit Insane is Permitted.

          • Rocksault

            TNA’s unpredictability keeps WWE on their toes… WWE doesn’t know what TNA will do next!

          • Guest

            By that same extension neither do their fans.

          • Stephen

            Sure they do. All they have to do is think of the dumbest possible thing to have happen, and TNA does it! Easy.

          • Guest

            By that same extension neither do their fans.

        • Stephen

          Stone Cold had the Bret Hart feud to basically erase everything that came before – and that basically took up a whole year. With Young, it felt like a two week turnaround.

          • Rocksault

            Eric Young isn’t just the TNA World Champ, he’s also a Mad Scientist! Just ask Abyss…

  • MPT

    Mr T deserves better

    • Ryan Cooney


  • Emmett Moran

    The ‘Cornette face’ placement was amazing.

  • Codster9

    Everyone in that audience owes Jim Cornette money for using his trademarked face.

  • Saddlebags

    Im one of the few people that really enjoyed mt T’s speech i thought him telling everyone he loved his mother egen on specific days then going on to list them. I thought it was better then t coming out to tell us about mania 1&2 that would have been pretty predictable and not as enjoyable in my opinion.
    I liked jakes speech very much, that man still has the ability to grab you and make you pay attention to every damn word he has to say until he’s finished. Im glad hes still around today because he does genuinely seem remorseful about his back-sliding ways. The warriors spee……..awe shit corporate kane is telling me im cut off

  • Angel Camacho

    I was there when RAW was in Brooklyn! Funny stuff. It was even funnier when Batista ripped his pants when he picked up the title belts. #FullMoonInBrooklyn XD

  • Wrong Number

    Now we need Cain Velasquez to fight Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 31!

  • Man, that was great. Another superb episode of BotchaMania brothers!!!!

  • BM2
  • Ryan Cooney

    Where is Taker telling Brock to put him in the F5? Also is it a botch when it only happened because someone has a concussion?

    • I caught that call too when watching it live. It was the first inkling for me that The Streak was done. ‘SURELY Taker wouldn’t kick out of a third F-5?’ And he didn’t. Which led to the debut of my new fan signature move… The Jawdrop.

  • You made the ending a week before? Really? That is amazingly, eerily prophetic.

    Keep up the good work, Maffew. I eagerly look forward to every new Botchamania installment. The Dangerzone/Silverdome mash-up literally made me LOL.

  • Van Hammerstein Ballroom

    5:14 is that a spoiler on the back screen? 21-1? I didn’t see WrestleMania so I don’t know myself.

    • simonwhiteuk

      Oh that was after the match had ended.

    • Stephen

      That’s the part of the “only Vince and Taker knew” thing that kills the story. They had the graphic treatment ready to go. Unless Vince is paranoid enough that they draw up (x)-1 graphics every year, which, seeing as how this is Vince, is kinda / sorta possible….

  • Ovaltine Jenkins

    This isn’t that big of a deal, but during his entrance, after coming out dressed as Shao Kahn, Michael Cole refers to Triple H as “the 18 time Triple H.”

  • Evan Lygeros

    Cornette Face. That was all i needed lol

  • Rocksault

    That Dark Knight Returns/Brock VS Taker ending… pure genius.

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  • Zanon24

    That “Just Say Yes” guy’s expression is now a thing.

  • Sarcy

    Surprised didn’t add Mr T singing ‘Treat your momma right’ with way he was going on 😛

    WM was predictable but oddly better than thought would be, Taker losing was funny to me as he’s looked like shite for years – no disrespect to him but he’s a shadow of his former self

    Somewhat disappointed the post-WM Raw had nothing noteworthy, curious if/when ever see Sting again – tbh the thought of him v Taker at WM 31 makes me slightly ill
    Sure I appreciate putting the spectacle on at the biggest event BUT these guys are way past their best and if anything it would just look bad – imagine if WM XXX was Taker’s last match, be a sour taste to be left with after all the years he’s put into WWF/E

    • CM Punk Leader of Virgins

      I agree. Post RAW WM was nothing to get excited over.

  • davidbonzaisaldanamontgomery

    let’s do THIIIIIS?!!?!?

    Wanna do dd-TEEEEE?!

  • dan11235

    Oh god I lost my shit so hard at “The Cerebral Suhhsassin”

  • Philippe

    Greatest Botchamania since that one about a Victory Road PPV a few years ago.

  • Scott Steudler

    I’ve said this elsewhere. Seeing Randy Orton land on the monitor like that, that just instantly reminds me of when Shawn Michaels landed on the casket funny in his match with Undertaker back at Royal Rumble 1998. Just looking at that hurts like hell

    • raven

      or Rick Rude hitting his back on the ramp against Sting and ending his career.
      scary moment

      • Scott Steudler

        Forgot about the Rick Rude one. That was amazing how he continued with that match despite how he landed on his back on the edge of the ramp (whoever designed the ring area should have been shot for not thinking all the way through on that one)

        • Guest

          Hey it’s not like they thought let’s design this outside area so when a wrestler catches his opponent from an inside the ring dive he’ll fuck up his back and have his wrestling career end.

  • leo

    Fun fact undertaker has NEVER beat lesnar in one on one competition they failed to mention that in the build so it would seem like a bigger upset, and you have to remember if they gave it to any new guys there career is doomed to fail lesnar is the one guy that could crush everyone in the wwe at any time and can live his life being hated by wrestling fans and not care it was the perfect choice.

    • Rocksault

      Brock cannot crush the “entire” WWE. Cena beat Brock at Extreme Rulez 2012. Apparently, Lesnar can’t see him.

  • supermutant

    I will say I liked wrestlemania this year. Better then last years by a lot. I do have to say that powerbomb/neck breaker combo just reminded me of the move that DDP/Kanyon did that broke one of Villianos neck. Still another fun video. 🙂

  • Gustavo

    Lol at taker vs brock with the crowd reactions and the “NO ONE CARES, NO ONE CARES” chants

  • ShieldsCW

    So you guys STILL haven’t fixed the fact that there’s no way to get past page 1 on your article pages?

  • das

    5:03 he said “belly to belly”

  • I wish every awards ceremony had Corporate Kane cutting off speeches that went too long. The Oscars, the Emmys, the Grammys, they should all replace the “wrap it up” music with Kane.

  • Mr. Magnanimous

    The Cornette face was too much. XD

  • Barrren

    Whats the name of that song that plays from 4:24 to 4:36?

  • Barrren

    What’s the name of the song that starts at 4:24?

  • Ibro

    Randy Orton just trying not to laugh at Batista just makes it so hilarious.

  • Shake

    Today I learned that ‘gurn’ is a word