Hawk and Asher are at Vengeance again, this time in 2002 for a show featuring General Manager shenanigans, a new Jeff Hardy gimmick idea, and All Year Angle.

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  • Ryan fish

    I mean no offense but with all the other Wrestling podcasts out there, I will simply listen to the one that appeals to me most. Yours and the Attitude era one do not ultimately include videos. That’s wonderful but if I’m going spend my time listening to strangers opinions on wrestling, I’m going to choose the one that’s the best. I’d have to say OSW review.

    I saw your snarky response to an individual that said something similar. You suggest listening before one passes judgement. Here’s the problem- I don’t care. The audio is fine but if I’m comparing you to the same genre (wrestling podcasts?) you must be at par with your competition. You shouldn’t get so defensive when someone states they care not for your opinions without a video.

    I’m sure your podcast is lovely *pats head* but if you aspire to broaden your audience, video is the way to go. ‘Course if you’re content and happy my opinion means little so disregard all I have said. Best wishes.

    • The Hutch 23

      In all fairness, I don’t subscribe to any podcasts that use video. Not everyone wants things the same way you do.

  • Shaun Couper

    Sorry, but this podcast is the drizzling shits (and that is as polite as I can say it).