The hole in the wrestling doughnut, it’s Botchamania 251: Meng On A Mission!

Thanks To…

Rich Swann for the lovely intro I got from him in Darlington.

Tri.Moon for the Booker Intro.

Lots of Twitter and BM FB people for the Goldeneye segment

George of Macomb for the Rotten debut.

Pat Lucey for the AIW footage

The New Weed Order for the ending


Following Stanley by The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra (Bits of Music from The Stanley Parable)

Runway by Graeme Norgate (Goldeneye 007)

Macro Zone by Kazumi Totaka (Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins)

-KICKSTARTER SONG- Robert Popiel paid good money for Jobless by Power Hall

Mabe Village by Minako Hamano, Kozuo Ishikawa, Kazumi Totaka (The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening)

Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus

Outlaws by Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy IX)

Jeopardy Think Music by Some Guy

Now, as some people who have been following Botchamania via The Official Botchamania FaceBook or Twitter may have noticed RF Video removed a video of Stevie Richards and Chris Masters discussing That One Match they had in 2005. After a few discussions and il-advised attempts at engaging the Windjammers personally, RF agreed that as long as I don’t take the piss (so no videos that are *just* RF interviews, which is fair enough), everything is good. It was a good mid-card feud and we shook hands at the end like in ROH.

  • CS 22


    • Christ J

      That was sublime. Angle looked fucking heartbroken!

  • Codster9

    Fat guy texting during the “burning” table spot.

  • belovedwarlord

    You’d think after so many screw ups WWE would learn to hire people who know how to operate machinery. Daniel Bryan did a better job moving that forklift than the guy operating that digger or the guy ushering Heyman to the HitC

    • Bhazor

      I do like that Lawler tries to keep stalling for time “He’s using the stemroller….oh my god….the scoop is already full of soil… .he’s using the steamroller… any second now”.

      Then Stone Cold just gives up and goes home,

  • MisterForth

    1. Love the Die Hard 3 reference. 2. Can’t hate Backlund.

  • Botch Cara

    That ref bump has to be the single worst botched spot I’ve ever seen. Ever.
    It gets even worse every time you see it….

    Can we get a dedicated TNA-mania sometime?

    • James Dean

      Only after WWE-mania.

      • Guest

        He made WWE exclusive Botchamania’s that don’t encompass only a specific WWE ppv.

  • Alex Finkelstein

    Unquestionably the greatest opening in Botchamania history!

  • Stephen

    The way it started, I was halfway expecting it to be ten minutes of the TNA ref selling.

    Which would have been fine.

  • AwelCruiz

    Wherever a young mother is ignorant of what to feed her baby, John Cena will be there. Wherever nacho penetration is less than total, John Cena will be there. Wherever a Bavarian is not quite full, John Cena will be there.

    • Guest

      What the hell is nacho penetration?

      • AwelCruiz

        Hell if I know. I was just posting the quote.

  • Matthew Johnson

    Did not expect a “DisaPPOINTED!”, nice touch!

  • notBowen

    Am I crazy or did I see this shit like a week ago?

    • Rollo

      You may have seen it on vimeo, its been up about a week or so there.

  • ColeYote

    Oh my god, that ref bump. I… series over! Never gonna top that!

    • Ryan fish

      If were grading phantom bumps though that’s a 10. The pretend staggering before the flop, priceless.

  • Wrestling_fan

    Hey, was the ref. supposed to act that way or it was a botch? Am asking since at a few places, I read that he was a biased ref, hence it was a heel tactic! I hardly follow TNA, so no clue myself.

    • polishmissile

      If you are being serious, It was obviously a botch, Referee Stifler hasn’t done anything but ref matches all year in TNA, no storylines that point to “heel” tactics. Sounds like people are either pulling your leg or trying to rationalize a terrible spot. Clearly the ref needed to be down for the match to continue & Bully to lose, no follow up with the ref in TNA on how he screwed Bully or anything after this. TNA will probably bury that footage of the ref bump next to the ET Atari games in a New Mexico desert.

      • Wrestling_fan

        Thanks! Thought it was a botch myself but some people trying to rationalise it in some way had me confused. For a second, I thought the ref was Christopher Daniels. 😛
        Nonetheless, this is low, even by TNA’s standard.

    • Jocknerd94

      No people were suggesting TNA make that a storyline in order to hide this horrific botch.

  • Jr.

    The return of the Simpsons endings!

  • I thought you said RF Video is off limits now. Did you come to an understanding?

    • polishmissile

      Read the bottom of the description at bottom of the video, Maffew explains the situation fairly well & quite humorously.

  • Gustavo

    NO! We need the old intro this one has too much booker t on it

    • Bhazor

      No. It doesn’t have enough Booker T.

    • Wait a minute!

      • Guest

        What da hell?

      • Gustavo

        I laughed so hard at this comment

      • Aston Crowe

        Anal bleeding.

    • polishmissile

      Tell me you did not just say that!

  • Paul S

    And we’ve hit a new low in ref bumps.

  • Tyrant

    If that Japanese dude’s neck wasn’t broken after that botched powerbomb, it’s nothing short of a miracle.

    • BollywoodBulkBogan

      *shudders* Makes my neck hurt just thinking about it.

    • Scott Steudler

      Agreed. No way he left that event on his own. If he did, he’s a fuckin’ cyborg

  • Chronologo

    That intro had me laughin’ hard

  • Guest

    Jesus that powerbomb from the top turnbuckle wasn’t right

  • Guest

    The Jeopardy think music was composed by Merv Griffin fyi.

    • Shawn Levasseur

      Merv Griffin!!!

      • Shawn Levasseur
  • Bighustle

    botched. That was Ian Rotten doing that finish.

    • supermutant

      Yeah hat was Ian Rotten and not axl rotten. He even does the same ddt he used for years in IWA Mid-South.

  • RPGxMadness

    could you consider this lever shot for one of the “JEEZUS” clips?


  • DanTheEnigma

    Proton Jon would be proud of that “DISAPPOINTED!”

  • simonwhiteuk

    The first and last botches were some of the funniest I have ever seen. Why have I never seen the buried alive one before? That’s hilarious!

  • Angel Camacho

    10 bucks tells me Bray Wyatt picked those children up in a windowless van… offering them candy… #StrangerDanger XD

  • James

    DAT TNA ref! Hilarious!!

  • ShadowWing

    Who knew that a referee can take a bump by fucking Air!

  • DarthEnderX

    Meffew, please keep updating your DailyMotion account. There’s where I like to watch your videos the most.

  • Christ J

    Loving the Miley/Shockmaster combo. Knew what to expect from the opening notes and STILL laughed at the money shot.
    Do WWE actually check to see whether people are actually capable of operating the machinery they are supposed to be operating? They seem to fuck things up rather often…

  • Yofiel Malachi Yacov

    haha, tri.moon makes some awesome intros. Great stuff

  • Akim Vasiliev

    Jesus, that burning table spot…