Right, taking note of a motivational statement I saw recently about ‘Plan For Years But Live In Days’, so I’m making plans for Botchamania 275.

If the following aren’t in place by then, it’s proof I’m not cut out for making this a success and I’ll either downsize, stop trying or just end 275 with the Super Shotgun (from Doom 2) to the face mid-way through and have six minutes of black screen and no noise.

So how am I going to do this?

Via the website Patreon.

Asking for pledges isn’t intended as an insult to the fans by any means, but something has to give at this point. If it’s me, then fine.

If I fail, at least I tried and it’ll fail for the right reasons (not enough people give a fuck).

(Edit: Shite, as people have pointed out the original paragraph basically said ”Gimme $3000 or I’m leaving.” That’s not my point and I apologise for the confusion via tired typing.)

So there it is. I’m open to all forms of criticism so do your worst.

  • Social Correction

    >pay for free youtube videos


    • belovedwarlord

      You pay for youtube videos by watching them because you view adverts. Maffew can’t make money on them since it just gets funneled to WWE.

      • Social Correction

        except I havent watched a youtube ad in years, thanks to adblockers that I constantly update.

        • Asterios Kokkinos

          glad you’re so proud of keeping the tiny amount of money creators earn away from them

          • you’re just miffed he’s not seen you dressed as Genghis khan.

          • Asterios Kokkinos

            I’m miffed EVERYBODY hasn’t seen me as Genghis Khan.

        • Vince

          You are a special type of idiot, right?

    • Mark Bradshaw

      Don’t be a jackass, these videos would not be around if Maffew didn’t spend time and effort and love in each one. The dude deserves our money.

    • dennett316

      >Expects quality content without paying a dime.


  • The Fuj

    I got you Maffew for one USD…

    • Asterios Kokkinos

      I’m in for $2! More than worth it for how much fun I’ve had with these.

  • Mike Panszczyk

    Maff deserves some USDs just for hitting 250

  • Jamalc

    RIP Botchamania. It was a good run, Maff!

  • Hank

    Maffew obviously deserves something for all his years of watching WCW for our entertainment but I have to say, $3000 per video seems excessive. Why not have a monthly donation target to adhere to and if it’s not where you would expect it to be in the period of time it takes you to get to 275 THEN go ahead with downsizing or (worse) ending in a Tim Westwood shotgun noise.

    • Orly

      He deserves a handshake for his service and a slap to his face for expecting pay for a hobby

      • Jamalc

        classic example of getting too big for one’s britches.

        • Orly

          ikr, same as these youtubers out there who think they deserve more pay and a fucking medal for doing their videos WHEN NO ONE TOLD THEM TO START IN THE FIRST PLACE!

          • DRWiley

            Because that’s how all art and media should be made. By ‘someone’ asking for it to be made first.

          • dennett316

            The offence that you’re managing to create out of thin air really speaks poorly of you as a person…jealousy is a terrible thing.

      • chainsawhandz

        How is he “expecting” pay? He doesn’t have time to work on videos anymore and wants to see if a donation model will work as an incentive. He’s not exactly holding you up for money here.

    • Nukleon

      3000 per video? Who taught you how to read?

      • Hank

        Who taught you? Patreon is about donating money for EACH VIDEO.


        See on the left. Per video.

        • Nukleon

          Usually Patreon is monthly, I have never seen anyone use it “per video” before.

          Even so if it’s just 1500 people paying 2 bucks each then who gives a shit.

          • Hank

            Fair enough, I’ve never actually seen Patreon before this.

            I just think $3000 for a Botchamania is a tad excessive if Maffew is going to put 2 or 3 out per month. That said he’s updated his statement since he originally made it that that is the pipe-dream and not the requirement.

            Fair play if he can reach that of course!

          • dennett316

            There is no requirement on Patreon, no total to hit. If only three people chipped in, that’s what he’d get.

  • Orly

    R.I.P. f aggot, if you don’t do it someone else will. Greedy son of a b itch you aren’t getting one dime from me you lazy mother f ucker. Go get a real job if you want some cash you pathetic piece of s hit. Holding botchamania hostage as if someone couldn’t do it better. LMFAO! WHAT A FUCKING LOSER!!! #FuckMaffew

    • Hank

      He’s got a real job. I don’t blame him for wanting to actually have some free time again rather than go to work, watch wrestling, go to bed.

      • Orly

        Trust me, if he got 3k a video he would quit his real job. He is trying to find a way out of doing what he has to do for pay by using something he does for free and demanding pay.

        • Hank

          Of course he would. We all would! And if he got 3k per video then he would have the free time back that he wants. Again, I personally think that figure is somewhat excessive.

          It’s up to him what he does/tries to do with his creation, success or failure.

        • Shut Up You Mong

          Hey Orly, you’ve just won the ‘Stupidest Fuckwit On The Internet Of The Day’ award. If people who create the stuff you enjoy/consume/masturbate over get paid for what they do, they’re inclined to do more. Not only that, but they’re also in the position to actually employ people to create even more than that. Fucking twat.

        • Nukleon

          Where do you read 3000 dollars per video?

          Also if you are good at something, don’t do it for free.

        • dennett316

          He’s not demanding pay. People are free to not donate. Since you seem to hate his content, his ‘ultimatum’ doesn’t affect you in the least…so why are you, and the other complainers, apparently so bothered about this? I’m pretty sure I know the real reason (jealousy) but I’d really like to hear your half-baked excuses.

    • Lol

      L ol. I m ake s paces w hen I s wear a t p eople.

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      What’s with the s pacing?

    • your mort corn

      This is actually very complimentary! RIP F (f is a good friend of ours” Aggot ( meaning, the rest of this sentance is not true)

      Greedy son of a B (politics!)

      Itch, you aren’t getting one one dime… (He’s talking about not caving in to the walgreens itch medication complex!!!)

    • Rayquaza

      lol at lazy.. he’s made 250+ videos in 7 years wtf have you done with your life, you loser.

    • dennett316

      The fact that 4 people upvoted this post when you called someone a f*ggot, as well as all your other juvenile insults, is shameful. Also, I look forward to seeing YOUR better version of Botchamania…put your money where your mouth is.

    • Fata_Morgana_Pseudonym

      Hey, Orly, stop being a douchenozzle in the comments here and get back to your life’s work of trying to prove Obama is Kenyan.

    • Lex Luger

      What kind of disgusting, disp-dispicable… lack of respect does that O-whatshisname show, demanding Maffew to make free videos for Botmania? Botchmania? I don’t even know what it’s called, WHAT IS IT CALLED? Botchamania? Can you afford to pay him to make videos Orly? I DON’T KNOOOOOW! He’s one of the biggest legends, stars ever in this… GAAAH!!! AND YOUR VIDEOS ARE TOO EXPENSIVE TOO MAFFEW!!! AND YOU START A FEUD WITH YOU AGAINST MAFFEW? HE WILL RIP YOU APART! I’M PISSED NOW!

    • Anon

      “if you don’t do it someone else will.”

      “Holding botchamania hostage as if someone couldn’t do it better.”

      I thought Botchamania started precisely because nobody else could do it better.

  • Simon

    “To clarify, this doesn’t mean ”If I don’t hit $3,000 then I’m quitting,
    bye-bye”, that goal is the pipe dream. By 275, I’ll see where I’m at.
    Sorry for any confusion, nobody owes me a living.”

    • Orly

      Exactly. So by 275 you will be done. Admit it.

      • Will Ryan

        You’re an absolute pile of shit. A man wants to make money doing what he loves instead of just some job and you want to hate him for it. Why don’t you take out your pathetic lack of self-respect on someone else, you entitled asshole? Should TV shows be made for free? Do you somehow consider illegal movie downloads a right because those studios who put HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS on the line to entertain you are somehow assholes too and deserve to die? I make internet videos too. And I spend thousands of dollars a year doing it. Do I somehow inherently not deserve to make that money back? Should I go die in a ditch? Should I quit doing it because I don’t have a magic perpetual money machine to infinitely fuel my budget so that you can sit at home and act like anyone who expects to be paid for entertainment is worthless? The point is a legitimate one: Maffew has to pay money to keep this website up. He has to spend hours upon hours watching wrestling and HOURS UPON HOURS MORE editing these videos. Something you would probably know nothing about. But there’s a breaking point where if this show is going to continuously run a deficit, then in THE REAL WORLD, it’s not sustainable. And because reality is encroaching on your fantasy world of infinite free entertainment (which doesn’t exist at all), you’re cheering on the man’s destruction. I’m going to ask you nicely to please retreat back into the rectum of the Internet now so that we don’t have to suffer your existence a second longer. You ungrateful, perspectiveless, ignorant pile of garbage.

        • Matt Soileau

          *high five* Seriously, fuck that Orly guy.

        • SlayerofBodom

          I was going to post something, but this comment summed it all up so much more eloquently and succinctly. Well done.

  • GeoffBRO

    Would donate if I could afford to, but atm I need every dollar I have right now, but best of luck on achieving your goals, enjoy watching them.

  • Mark

    Comedians charge you for making you laugh – what’s the difference? Seven years of free entertainment is better than you’ll get from your cable or satellite TV company, so I won’t fault Maffew for trying to make his hobby his job – we’d all do the same if we could. Screaming insults just shows ignorance: you want something for nothing. Musicians, artists and actors all start out for the love of it, but their aim is to make a success of it. You might want to think about that next time you’re listening to your favourite band.

  • JR89

    The goal of anyone doing entertainment performing etc is to get paid you start doing it free then there comes a point where money is needed to progress(Like I have managed now after years of working gigs for free its how performance is done on the first steps) It’s not arrogance its neccessary I support you and those that don’t get why money is needed are people who can’t see the big picture. If everyone on here got paid to do a dream job would they do it….yeah they would. I did

  • Jesse James

    How can I support Botchamania?

  • Alex Levy

    Maffew, I’d be more than willing to pay for these videos that have given me entertainment for years now, but I can’t help but to feel like you shouldn’t be expecting to make money off of other people’s owned footage and music. Kind of seems illegal. A lot.

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      You let me worry about the illegalness.

      • TheTruthDay

        aka. We will give him money with our E-Mail attached, and because were “friends” he just decided to send us a video. You immigrant Mathew. I will buy one, and just air them on my site for free!

        • SlayerofBodom

          You thumbsed up your own stupid comment?

          • TheTruthDay

            and yours. I don’t hate.

    • Asterios Kokkinos

      You should donate regardless. If this whole thing comes crashing to a halt, you’ll be out, what, two bucks? That’s less than a bottle of water at 7-11.

    • Alladdinn

      Yeah, and honestly…the videos are pretty dumb. It’s nice that you can nit pick and attempt to be humorous, but it falls flat. You do use a lot of licensed footage and paying you to continue would be just as illegal as your use of the footage. I have enjoyed some of the videos, but they aren’t worth money. I can watch botches on a weekly basis just by paying attention. A compilation isn’t exactly vital to my week. Sorry dude.

      • Adrian Wood

        No, but honestly Maffew… the videos are pretty great. It’s nice that you can botch watch and manage to be humorous, and have indies post vids back. You do use a lot of licensed footage and paying you to continue would be exactly what I did back in 2010 for botchamania.net. I have enjoyed your videos, and they’ve been more than worth the money. I can watch botches on a weekly basis, just by watching your vids. Your compilations are the highlight of my week. Thanks dude.

  • Sam Uel

    If I was a wrestling company (and I’m not) and you used my material in your botchamania videos, personally, I wouldn’t care a whole lot since you would be

    a) promoting my product, or at least awareness
    b) not using it for personal gain

    But with your plan in place to start making money on these I think I’d care a lot more and I suspect the other wrestling companies might feel the same way.

    I’m not saying that you don’t add anything by creating the videos, obviously you do, but I just can’t imagine making this work for profit without paying royalties to use the content

  • Benjamin Raven


  • Roberto

    I bet if you made a humorous (huge morris) video with your request you would get a better reaction from the fan base. We all have job’s and while I have personally offered to sponsor videos in the past and you knocked me back (furniture) this comes across a little as botchamania hasn’t made me rich or able to quit my job yet, but your kick starers have funded your travels. I think you should re think your pitch here because although you don’t intend it, it comes across a little like you are having a tantrum.

    I recently backed this kickstarter project which raised over £50k https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/moderntoss/modern-toss-a-decade-in-the-shithouse/posts

    they made me laugh too. I gave them £25.

    • Asterios Kokkinos

      Every single Botchamania makes me laugh. If 251 hilarious episodes aren’t good enough pitch, maybe you weren’t gonna donate in the first place.

  • Holtron 3000

    I hope you achieve your goal Maffew. Botchamania has entertained me for years. You can have wan dorrar from me good sir…

  • thobgood

    Done and done. Love your work. For the haters: fokkin bullshit.

  • Steve Crapname

    Maffew, I can see your point of view about why you can no longer do this for free, but given that you don’t own the rights to any of the footage or music used in the videos I think you are opening yourself up to some potentially serious legal issues by attempting to make money from Botchamania. WWE for one will most likely not take kindly to you profiting from
    their intellectual property.

    • Ryan fish

      For legal purposes it’s resting at a donation as far as i can tell. You can’t sue anyone for collecting donations. May want to tighten up the wording, but he’s fine.

  • Anthony L.

    If RF and Vinny Ru can make money off the wrestling business for doing barely anything, then godammit, why not Maffew? For that amount of money, tho, every video should have alternate commentary starring Sheiky-baby.

  • CruelConnectionNumber2
  • MaffewOfBotchamania

    Edited the original post. Realised I’d essentially typed ”GIMME A THREE GRAND OR I LEAVE” so I’ve edited it.

    My mistake.

    • Hellavator Jones

      Just one question how offend do you plan on releasing botchamania? I honestly have no problem paying for your hard work I just need an idea of how much I would be paying.

      • your mort corn

        You can choose to cap your monthly amount on the site so that way if he releases like 10 videos, you only have to pay..say the max of $5 or whatever

  • swing kinker

    one bison dollar

    • Hank

      For Maffew it was a Tuesday.

    • polishmissile

      Holy shit this made my day 😀

    • So, we’ve got you down for five British pounds… check.

      Wait, did that whole thing with the Queen go through? I forget.

  • socpens

    Sorry man but really, how long does it take to edit together a 15-minute compilation of viewer submitted clips and sync them to copyrighted music? I’d understand if you had to create all the content and music yourself, but all of Botchamania’s content is already made. It really shouldn’t take long at all.

    • Ryan fish

      Nothing about any editing process is easy you moron. It’s more time consuming that anything hence why he’s nicely asking for money.

      He wants to be payed for his work? How about that…..

      • rand

        I do editing work all the time and content such as Botchamania can be done in an hour. Plop the clips into a timeline, sync them up to some music. You know all those dumb anime music videos on YouTube? No different. Editing is an extremely simple task, anybody could do it. The part that is time consuming is CREATING the content to edit. People can sugarcoat Botchamania all they want; at the end of the day it’s a compilation of clips set to music. Nothing “time consuming” about that. Maffew has mentioned he does watch a lot of wrestling in search of botches. Now THAT is time consuming. But don’t be so obtuse as to believe the editing process of a fifteen minute highlight reel is such hard work.

        • Asterios Kokkinos

          I’m also a professional video editor, and while the editing on Botchamania may seem simple, it’s the research, writing and video capture time that probably take hours upon hours.

          If someone handed me every single Botchamania clip, the music, and the script – yeah I could probably do it in a few hours. Creating something really, really funny takes time.

          There’s a reason those dumb Anime YouTube videos take no time at all – they’re not good, and they’re not funny. Botchamania is.

          • Sandy Cervix

            holy shit, you are the biggest fucking white knight mark i have ever seen on the internet. i’m convinced that you have one of those stalker picture shrines of maffew, complete with the lit candle in the center. i can almost guarantee that you have sent him emails with the phrase “i know we would be best friends, if you’d only give me a chance.” you are fucking creepy

          • Asterios Kokkinos

            hey, relax buddy! clearly, i’ve really upset you, i’m so so sorry. can i get you a juice box or something little guy, you wanna go have a nap?

          • Sandy Cervix

            responding to me in 4 minutes does nothing but reaffirm my point, buffalo bill. deflection is the stinky cologne of a failed argument. are you calling me a child because i can’t understand the love you have for maffew? is it just that i am blind to the fact that you were made for each other? at least you have the impenetrable armor of internet humor to cast aside all criticisms. lucky you

          • Asterios Kokkinos

            hey…seriously, bro to bro, are you ok? you seem really, really upset. i feel terrible that i’ve done this to you.

            hopefully this picture of two cats hugging makes you feel better. take it easy, buddy. hope you feel better soon.


          • Sandy Cervix

            well shit, you’ve done it now. killing 2 innocent cats and using them as hand puppets while you simulate meeting maffew for the first time after endless friend requests and the erotic fan fiction “crotchamania” that you’ve sent him. my only hope is that you continue responding with your cries for help. it’s not hard to see that when you say “you mad bro?”, you really mean “I’m sad bro ;_;”

          • optinion

            Ohhhh, it took me a minute but youuu. Alright, color me a mark lol

          • Ryan fish

            Go outside.

          • Fata_Morgana_Pseudonym

            Sandy Cervix? Based on the above comments from you, that’s a singularly appropriate username.

          • Sandy Cervix

            keen observation, mirage fake name. who knew that an internet moniker could foretell the tone and content of the comments posted.

          • Perediam

            What’s wrong man? do you have sand in your….fuck me I just got the name
            I am an ultimate tool

    • dennett316

      Did you somehow miss the fact that you don’t HAVE to send him anything? No gun to your head, nothing. Contribute or don’t…no-one will judge you either way.

  • Ryan fish

    I’d rather make some sort of one time payment, though I understand we all want that bread. I’ll send you a couple dollars of month. Take it easy mang

  • Ross

    Will definitely be contributing once I start work in August. You deserve it man.

  • Codster9

    Is the Botchamania stock plummeting too???

    • Gust


  • Esequiel Mark Gonzales

    I’ll see about scrounging up some funds for this. I’ve been watching since the very beginning ever since botchamania 1 which was set to Dream On and Let’s Get Retarded (the one you didn’t make), so yeah.

  • In the interview you did with the Irish dudes, you said that you don’t spend a long time doing the videos, you do it in your spare time when your not out socialising or going out etc, and you said you use simple programs to edit and you said week wise wrestlings only an hour worth of your entire week. & That you hardly think about it until your edit your video. I don’t understand, unless your gonna be making 2 botchmania’s a day (which obvz there wont be enough content) I don’t see how you not only need but how you deserve the money, you even admitted you didn’t start botchmania you continued it from botchmania 4, from someone else that you didnt even know. So your angry about having to copy, copied material from an orignally copied idea? I don’t understand

  • Rayquaza

    Questions; What’s your goal per video? Will you be making videos more frequently depending on the support?

  • Codster9

    Maffew’s pulling a CM Punk. Get the money he needs, and then he’ll never be seen again.

    • Guest

      More like a Scott Hall get paid show up late.

  • Mr Flibble

    I can understand people pledging money to online shows that have to pay for props and the like, but Botchamania… I’m not so sure. Vince can’t even get peeps to pay for the Network, so don’t feel like your work has gone unappreciated if people don’t pledge. Wrestling fans are just cheap.

    Oh, and fuck you you money grabbing scumbucket… Sorry, I just wanted to join in the hate… It seemed like fun.

  • Punch Rockgroin

    I thoroughly enjoy the videos produced by you, I’d be more than willing to fork over my hard-earned cash in exchange for fits of girlish giggles.

    I mean. uh, it’s still real to me, dammit!

  • Shannon Spangler

    Maffew , I think you should word your request a little better , if people truly understand the point you are trying to get across they are more likely to donate .

  • Ripplin

    Is today April 1st? :p

  • raze_agenda

    Erm… I love Botchamania and Maffew has a talent for what he does, but if WWE finds he is making money out of this couldn’t that land in him some sought of legal troubles? I don’t want to see the man get hurt.

  • Tad Huggin

    If you would’ve just said “I have a life and I have no time to make botchamania anymore.” I would’ve thanked you for all the entertainment you’ve given me, and wished you good luck in your future. But this I have a problem with. If you want to mention that you have a paypal donation link on your website, I’m fine with that. But I’m one of the many people who paid 20 pounds(my keyboard doesn’t have the pound key) to help send you to Magfest, and the video from the botchamania panel was never uploaded as promised. As shady as that was I really didn’t mind because I looked at it as you’ve given me countless hours of entertainment for 20 pounds. But now you’re asking to be paid by the video. As I’m writing this you’re up to $500 a video, at botchamaina 275 that will be $12,000 for making videos that you say you like making, whose content you don’t own the rights to. Thank you for all the entertainment you’ve given me, but I think botchamania should’ve ended before it came to this.

  • John_Basil

    Hey, Maffew! I really wanna help out with a couple of bucks, but Patreon makes it so Paypal requests a credit card, I don’t want to use my credit card, so do you have an email where I can send my small contribution?
    Also, I support you 100% on doing this. I’m trying to get a donation drive going on my youtube channel, but it’s not being that successful… But you’ve more than earned our support!

  • Free Fousend US Dorra

    Sorry maffew I’m saving my money this month for the Willow golf umbrella, available only at shoptna.com

  • Butch

    I just donated $250.00 for the 250 videos I’ve watched over the years. I appreciate all you do in terms of hard work, and for watching shitty wrestling in an effort to make it entertaining. Plus introducing me to the Wildhearts, that band is great.

    It’s one thing for people to say that they will or they won’ pay for a rightful causet. For all those reason I listed and more, I thank you with my donation.

    • Bobbo

      This isn’t kickstarter – you just pledged 250 per video for 21 videos. That’s 5250.

      • Butch

        Nope, I’m well aware of how this operates. I donated $250.00 for the 250 videos that I watched previously. The remaining 21 videos breaks down to about $12.00 per video. But thanks for giving your opinion.

        • Dr Frink

          haha so you specifically donated $11.90476… for each vid in order to get $250?

          • Creme Dalune

            why the haterade? i gave 4 bucks. its for a good cause, besides its his $ let him do what he wants with it. how much money did you donate?

  • Cicholas_Nage

    I think this will finally Kill Botchamania. I know maffew is going to cut and run with some cash before it all gets @#$# in the ass.

  • James Lando Deltoro

    If you’re gonna quit,quit. Don’t be a wishy wash and take a year of belly aching before you finally give up. Either you do this or you don’t. You aren’t the first you tube channel people like and I promise you , you won’t be the last. Sorry to be harsh, but seriously man up.

  • C Sizzle

    i love botchamania and maffew seems like a really cool guy, but this is one of my least favorite internet tactics. i have no problem with somebody saying, “hey! i want to do a thousand more of (X), but it’s impossible if i don’t get a little help.”
    but when somebody says, “i don’t feel like doing (X) anymore, so help me out and maybe i’ll change my mind” it just seems like a poor business proposition. there’s no real guarantee that the person will actually continue with their project, and the complete lack of enthusiasm isn’t exactly an incentive to donate.
    maffew definitely isn’t the only person to do this and i don’t fault him for it, but anytime i see it happen, it does kind of irk me.

  • David Burnette

    Why does the link say 3000 per video 3 times on the left when I go to it :/

  • CM Bob


  • Josh Hobbs

    If you leave someone else will take your place. It’s not a hard job to do, if you’re busy, just get someone else to do it.

  • Faceless

    I feel funny you getting paid for using other people footage without their permission to create something that’s technically not legal.

    • chainsawhandz

      Do you feel funny watching it?

  • Zandig’s Revenge

    A lot of other people have brought this point up, but yeah. It’s one thing to make a funny video by putting clips and music together. That could be taken as ‘fair use’ under most copyright law. But PAYING you for it? Get your head out of your ass, you twat.

  • McWhoopin

    Damn you Maffew!

    How dare you think that the thousands upon thousands of people who watch these videos and enjoy them immensely would be willing to give you a dollar or two to keep on producing them!! How dare you think that putting dozens of hours into each video by watching hours of wrestling for botches, sorting and choosing the best ones, picking the right audio to make it just right, then spending even more hours editing it to the fun and concise manner that ends up in would actually be worth something to anyone!! In what world does the exchange of money for labour actually make sense? If it wasn’t for us people on the internet clicking on your videos, you would be a nobody. The fact that you are popular doesn’t have anything to with your videos being awesome, it is purely because us internet people decided so and you have no choice but to dance like the puppet you are!!

  • Ignoring the legal implications of what you are proposing, I find it ridiculous that you are wanting people to pay you for pasting together material and playing music on.

    While I respect what you do in terms of compiling it and entertaining us, the comedy comes from unintentionally funny moments that have happened over the years.

    If you worked on a budget that justified this estimation, staged these events and used some content LEGALLY, I would gladly give money, but I do not see anything you do to be something no other film school student with a network of people willing to give clips can do.

    You already tried pulling this crap a while back and don’t seem to learn. Congrats on the book, but theres no way that a glorified thief is getting a penny from me, lawls!

    • chainsawhandz

      Here’s the budget for legally using clips: 100k an episode.

      You ready to contribute now?

      • Yes, if its sold at a reasonable price.

        Movies cost millions of dollars to make, but with the right marketing, a bunch of people buying tickets to watch that movie will make that investment worth it. That’s how business now.

        Paying a pirate money as “incentive” to continue pirating is a form of business, but not as justifiable as a legitimate business that not only gives money for people that work hard, but adds to the economy, lawls!

        • chainsawhandz

          Fair enough, but I think you’re being more black and white about “pirating” than I am. There’s a big difference between someone sitting in a movie theater with a camera recording a blockbuster film sold to be sold on a DVD-R and Botchamania.

  • TheTruthDay

    aka. He will ask/make money, but say he just sent videos to his “friends”. Immigrants taking advantage again!

  • polishmissile

    As the OSW Review guys would say “The State of your Union Mate” 😉

  • Batthink

    Judging by a lot of the comments below, some are doing their worst…

    Anyway, one thing I want to ask is what you’ll be doing after Botchamania. Will you be taking the Botchamania-editing style to stuff like football or other sports (I know YTSoccermania did a few, then disappeared), or will you start focusing on more serious editing for media/ads/movies and stuff?

    It would be handy to know what ideas you’ve got planned beyond the wrestling game book that you’re sorting the interviews for. A few people below are just thinking ‘he’ll take the money and run’ because you didn’t exactly highlight what you’ll do when the donations run out.

  • I’m confused………Is WWE personally going after Botchamania and blocking the youtube videos?

    • Georgie Boy: Sabu

      Well this is a surprise, didn’t expect to see you here.

  • F

    Alright, Maffew, you are officially a poser. Poser, big time. If you want $3,000 per episode, create a product that is more than ‘At Times Kind of Funny;’ attract the attention of seriously wealthy people, not ask anusymously some Com-mentors for big bucks. Grow a pair or just quit while you’re ahead, and leave this vids up like a digital museum.

    • Fata_Morgana_Pseudonym

      Man, why are people so buttmad over this? It’s not like you are being forced to give him a single penny. If you don’t like it, simply gtfo and don’t worry about it.

  • F

    You are more patheticer than Virgil at this point. I can just envision begging for cash in the NYC subways. Go rip a burrito fart under the covers.


  • Rocksault

    $2 I could go in for. And how long before the new investors demand ROH botches be included? Or more Divas?

  • Caleb

    So, you didn’t funnel any of the $450M that Vince McMahon lost?

  • TheTruthDay

    i did a line off maffew’s boooty hole in the UK last summer

  • Bobski the Polish Builder

    People that are crying and moaning if you don’t like it then as Batista would say “DEAL WITH IT”

  • Dick Slender

    You’ve already made a profit in the form of notoriety and influence and perhaps pocket change before Chikara lost its cookie budget. If time is the problem now, how does a few hundred bucks change that? Just admit it straight up if your mindset is “yeah I don’t want to do this but if you chumps pay me then I guess I’ll suffer through it some more”

  • Dennis

    If you focused on these full-time, would future videos branch out past general botch compilations and specific wrestler/ppv botches? I’d be interested to see what else you’d produce.

  • Cliff

    If I were you, Matthew, I would just stop now. You shouldn’t sacrifice your social life for wrestling unless you wrestle for WWE.
    I’m not donating money, but whatever happens in the end, I’d like to thank you for all of the videos. I’ve been watching since the beginning and like your sense of humor. I think my favorite episode is the one with No Way Out 2008 where you kept playing “No Easy Way Out” over the No Way Out title card in between clips of botches from that show.
    Good luck in your future endeavors.

  • Perediam

    I see a lot of my favourite video producers are going the patreon way. I hope it works out for ya man i know the hardship of video editing, that shit takes countless hours but when I do it Im just splicing footage I shoot with a single film. I can’t even imagine the kinda shit you gotta go through with watching the ungodly amount of wrestling content that you go through to search for botches to whack into your vids. I would pledge myself but A.) I’m a broke arse cunt and B.) I’m a massive hypocrite.
    but seriously you deserve it *clap clap clapclapclap*

  • Guest

    Turn Down For What?

    Apparently having to pay Maffew $3000.

  • NewMaffew252

    If this turd doesn’t continue, I already have new botchamanias made for 252 and 253(brand new stuff), free of charge. It’s honestly not that hard to make.

  • Kurt Martin

    Maybe WE Network will sign you. Oh, wait. They aren’t making any money either.

  • Kurt Martin


  • I look at this from multiple angles. As a fan of Botchamania, I’m willing to pay a few bucks a month for the videos. They have entertained me for years and I pay for shit that hasn’t entertained me nearly as much. As an editor, I’m jealous that you get to make money doing something you obviously love to do. Fuck you. As a realist, I hope you aren’t busted by WWE lawyers because technically, you’re charging money so you can make a video series which features WWE-owned footage. As a guy who has seen countless people famous for their Internet content start demanding money for their work, I hope you don’t tumble down the slippery slope. The Angry Video Game Nerd scammed a quarter of a million dollars out of people for a B-movie with bad acting, bad directing and bad editing that he foolishly thinks will be in multiple theaters. Since he did that, he’s released a dozen new AVGN videos, if that. Prior to getting $275,000? 90+ episodes. After getting the money? A couple episodes and a bunch of effortless filler content and “special edition” bullshit because he gets paid for each YouTube video he uploads. He also had a hand in trying to get more money with a bogus “Cheetahmen 2” cartridge scam. On the other hand, Dr. Ashen asked for money for a movie, much less than AVGN, and it was made and released on the Internet for free in no time. The amount of new content he released never suffered, either. It’s easy to go bad, is all I’m saying.