Episode 3 of ‘The New Generation Project Podcast’ sees the team tackle the 1993 edition of the ‘Survivor Series’ Featuring ‘The Matching Man’ Randy Savage, 4 Doinks, Bruce Harts Clothesline From Hell, Bastion Boogers teabagging and hear the answer to the question ‘If a Fireman does a Firemans Carry – what does a Schoolteacher do?’

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  • TheTruthDay

    These are so worthless unless you upload a video for visual. I can only take 2 seconds of that accent.

    • Paco T.

      accents aside, i must concur. in order to enjoy this, i would either have to watch the ppv – in which case, why would i need to hear some random people talk about it? or, i would need to have a photographic memory of a ppv that happened 20 years ago. i assume there are people out there that don’t feel that way. but to me, listening to this and the other podcasts that have popped up would be like watching Talking Dead without watching Walking Dead. i just don’t see the point

      • TheTruthDay

        agree. the accent was a joke. Its much better with the video

  • killdeer

    I understand that you can’t wont or arent able to attach video to these in the same way OSWReview does. But how about having screenshots of every outfit entrance and such so I can scroll through the page and see some visuals as I go?