More of a letdown than that Sting advert (or rather ”more of a letdown when you people finally see him wrestle”), it’s Botchamania 254: AquaMeng!

Thanks To… for the delicious advert and money.

BBC’s own Grado for the lovely intro.

Codster9 for the REAL AMERICAN HEROES ending.


Control by Grant Kirkhope (Goldeneye 007)

Gruntilda’s Lair by Grant Kirkhope (Banjo-Kazooie)

If you’ve got the WWE Network, I recommend Unforgiven 1998 for the Inferno Match and Dude Love vs. Austin…and ignore the rest if you know what’s good for you.

Also ICW is amazing.

  • Codster9

    This site gets redesigned more than TNA.

    • dkinpa

      I want a 6 sided website!

      • Guest

        You didn’t have and it won’t get you too far.


      • Senor Pene

        ko hogen unliked your commentary

  • Rollo

    The new look of the site is great! And a whole lot of new episodes of BM!
    Thanks a lot Maffew!

  • Angel Camacho

    That Budwiser ending with Kurt Angle was freaking hilarious! XD

    • DrLetzShake

      budweiser did another one about jorts too… hint hint maffew

    • Trevor Thompson

      There’s quite a few Real Men of Genius ads that could lead to Botchamania endings. There’s actually one specifically about pro wrestling attire.

  • Best part… Sting disappoint the WWE people… AGAIN

  • MPT

    Kane’s missing an eye; never got the Mountain Dew part; what was the other time Ahmed stunk up the joint? Care to explain, Maffew

    • Zuckerkorn

      Have you ever actually seen Ahmed Johnson wrestle?

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      ONE EYED MONSTER. Google it.

      MTN DEW was just a joke about how often they plug it on Raw.

      Watch any Big T match.

      • MPT

        Too lazy to go on Google; Kane is a ONE GLASS EYED MONSTER per kayfabe and has been so for years (heck, I’ve watched wrestling for years and still remember Paul Bearer’s saying that he was missing an eye.) I don’t ever recall Ahmed shitting in his matches.

        • SlayerofBodom

          “Stunk up the joint” is an idiom for having a horrible match. Also, you were “too lazy” to find out what “one eyed monster” means in five seconds on Google, but spent more than that in writing out a response? Efficient.

          • MPT

            No one has the time for Google because it doesn’t deliver as much as someone immediately telling you what something means, such as “ONE EYED MONSTER.” That someone knows exactly more about it than Google will ever say, with its cluster of hits

      • Guest

        Or just watch any Ahmed Johnson pre-WCW match.

  • HyperMolecular

    Jeez- looks like Youtube isn’t cutting any slack these past couple of weeks. Kickass work of course… ‘You evil motherfucker!!!!!!!!!!’ ahhhhhh! ahhhhh!! 😉

  • Extreme0

    Shouldn’t it be ICW’s own Grado? in the “Thanks To” Description?

  • A wild CM Punk appeared! But, seriously, great work, Maffew.

  • JML91

    With that Sting promotion I was expecting “its me austin… awww son of a bitch”

  • Gustavo

    This new designs is a lot better! good job

  • Stephen Smith

    So sick of the WWE blocking these on Youtube. I’d be lost without this site, so thanks a lot Maffew!

  • MisterForth

    First, love how there was a small letdown about Sting only appearing in an ad. Second, the clearest Ahmed has ever sounded.

  • CM Queef

    More people need to visit this site lol

  • Christ J

    That Sting “promo” was pure gold, aside from being beautifully produced.
    “Hmm, who’s this?”
    “No way…”
    “Holy shit, they’ve only gone and fucking signed him!”
    “Two generations?! Er, what?”
    “Oh, for fuck’s sake…”

    • Geoff

      Well, he’s since appeared at a convention, so I don’t think it’s going to be long before he’s making appearances on TV. Realistically, WWE (or 2K) wouldn’t have spent that much on an advert and made it look that awesome JUST to advertise pre-order DLC, especially when pre-order bonuses are decreasing in popularity as it is. This was probably just the company’s way of easing us into seeing Sting on our screens. It was very effective, if that was their intention.

      If it wasn’t, and it really WAS just advertising DLC with no means of bringing him onto TV, then it was a real bait n’ switch.

      • Christ J

        Oh, I know. It was just really funny the way you could hear the gradual rise and abrupt drop in anticipation during that segment.
        I don’t see that they’d go through all this and NOT have him wrestle at some point, and I can’t wait. I’ve heard some spectacular pops over the last decade or two but this could be the loudest noise ever heard at any sporting event if they play it right. Here’s hoping…

  • Chuster M. Merino

    We need more Surfer Stinger instead of 50 yo barely moving Sting…

  • ColeYote

    Sssssssshit, always hate to see guys botch back body drops. Khali killed a guy like that!

  • cheapshock chap

    damn that flip at the beginning was so brutal that he fucked up completely.

  • Wolfenchode

    Cena vs Rusev after NOTC, the botch is real.

  • you should do “Real Men Of Jeeeessuuuuusss!”