Does what it says in the title.

I need to get these done quicker but that’s life.

  • HyperMolecular

    Facken Bullshit!

  • WahGwan

    spot on as ever maffew! =D

  • Edgar Velasco

    sweet, keep these coming

  • Mr.Money In The Bank

    Nice One

  • JArppakarppa

    Still weird to hear your voice

  • I enjoyed this and agree with just about everything said. It was a pretty weak PPV. I’m really glad I have the Network and didn’t buy this at full price. More filler and trash meat than a hot dog.

  • Don

    “AJ and Paige are the two best female wrestlers in North America”. Absolutely not! That’s like calling Cena and Orton two of the best in all of North America for the men.

    • Josh Nazario

      It sounded like he said “two of the best”, not the “two best”.

    • evilfangs .

      Who are the best female wrestlers in North America then?

      • Vince’s Midget

        I would say Sara Del Rey, Miya Yim, MisChif and Candice LeRae to name a few (pretty much the whole Shimmer roster as well which makes the WWE female “wrestlers” look like a joke).

        • JJJJCCCC

          Eww what a douche

        • Guest

          Which is weird since WWE has a bit of a notorious habit of making they’re female roster look like jokes to start with.

  • Matthew Norris

    I’m a stupid fucking idiot and I fell better for admitting it!

    • Guest

      You spelled “feel” wrong dude.

  • What a fucking waste of a PPV. Cena wins again… HOORAY!!!!! JOHN CENA WINS AGAIN!!!! HE IS THE GREATEST OF ALL-TIME!!!!! FACK!!!! I hate John Cena.

    • Craig

      Wow, how original!

  • Peter Siddorn

    I have known for years I’m an idiot for ever believing Vince will change so I just carry on enjoying NXT which he seems to forget exist for the most part


  • Magna

    Ah, nothing like a nice tasteless MH17 promo with doritos and booze.

  • Codster9

    “Heath Slater, the evolved form of Zack Ryder”

  • Did not think MH17 would be name-dropped here. Still, spot on video, “bang-up job, one hell of a video creator” – to paraphrase Bret, there…

  • Vcom7418

    There actually was a reason behind Slater eliminating Cesaro.
    On twitter Barrett joked that Heath will eliminate Cesaro and it happened.

  • Tobaaarr

    That is FUCKING GENIOUS, I never actually realised that Kane could’ve just laid flat in his back so Orton could pin him. Spot on, Maffew. Well… I guess there’s still a part of me that’s shouting “IT’S STILL REAL TO ME, DAMMIT!”

    • Guest


  • ColeYote

    Oh, John Cena. Why can’t you just go away?
    Anyway, I’m feeling slightly glad I haven’t watched any WWE shows since a little before TLC.

  • Ferry

    Don’t forget that Alberto Del Rio has not been eliminated. He went under the bottom rope before getting thrown off the apron. So the match is not finished!

  • DerFieseFriese

    It’s down -.-

  • RyuSensei

    The video is down. Any chance of a repost on a non-Youtube service?

  • Daniel Kelly

    Aw, the video got taken down. Is it anywhere else?

  • Doug

    Video does not exist.

  • Christ J

    For anyone who got here a little late, here y’are:

    – although this really should be linked to by Maffew…

  • vpwowner

    video doesn’t excist…

  • Samu

    ”Sorry, this video does not exist” WHY?

  • Samu

    ”Sorry, this video does not exist” WHY?