Life sucks. ”But you already knew that.”


In the Crane Game by Konami Kukeiha Club (Parodius Da! -Shinwa kara Owarai e-)

Del Rio is the poster child for the PG era of WWE booking where only Cena, Orton and very occasionally Bryan and Punk are headliners and everyone is just making up the numbers, even former world champions.

Del Rio made his debut after a series of cool vignettes and made an immediate impression by beating up Rey Mysterio. He was a new, amusing and cool guy at the time and a breath of fresh air…until it became apparent he only had three lines of dialogue and WWE didn’t have any creative ideas for him.

He’s a rich guy and the only thing they do with him to show he’s rich is have him drive a new car every show. He wasn’t bribing any officials or paying people to lose to him or doing anything to do with wrestling with money. So in short, he was a rich guy but it didn’t mean anything. So why bother? The whole gimmick felt like Vince McMahon went ”you know what’ll be funny? A RICH MEXICAN!” in a booking meeting and nobody had the balls to object to it. I fully expect to have RICH INDIAN Khali on The Main Event now ADR’s gone, just so Vince can laugh to himself. ”HE’S AN INDIAN…WHO’S RICH! HAHAHAHAAH!” and then he’ll go and watch The Shaggy D.A. for the fifteenth time.

So ADR lost a lot of steam by the time he won MITB and confused everyone by sticking his oar in and cashing in the shot against CM Punk in the middle of the Summer of Punk angle. He immediately lost the title to Cena at the next PPV and won it again in a triple threat match at HIAC before losing it to Punk at Survivor Series 2011. Everyone was excited for Punk and the Cena/WWE feud…and now WWE decided was the moment to pull the trigger and have ADR win a title or two. People were paid money to write this shit.

ADR became a part of the scenery and feuded with Sheamus for about five years. The worst part about his whole stint was ADR’s in-ring talent, he put so much damn effort in the ring every time and it was all for nothing because the creative people had nothing creative for him so all most people saw was a talented nobody.

In fairness to him, the double turn in 2013 was one of the highlights of the year. There was something beautiful about him kicking the fuck out of Ziggler to turn heel after a disastrous babyface run (and another Title reign!) to turn heel properly. This great angle/match was followed up by…ADR doing nothing and sort of feuding with Christian, RVD and others before losing to Cena.

When ADR had something to work with, he was great. When WWE had nothing, he’d still do his best he could. So I blame WWE for his failings. Where was the feud with Ricardo? Where were the fun rich guy sketches? Remember the team with Brodus? No, lets’ have him wrestle Kofi and Ziggler and Cara every week for all eternity instead, yeah OK.

  • Buttpuncher

    For me Del Rio was always synonymous with working much too stiff.

    • Jimmy Jett

      Agreed, pretty much. It’s funny because as old as his feud with Sheamus got, their matches were always a bit fun to me, solely because their size was about equal and both would work a bit stiff, especially compared to the majority of hosses WWE’s kept around.

      And, of course, watching him in the ring with Big Show in their matches was hilarious. He seemed legit nervous working him. I’m not sure if it was just good acting or not being used to working guys bigger than he was or fear of working too stiff and getting a receipt. Whichever it was, the awkwardness at least kept me entertained.

  • save_us_DaJ

    ”you know what’ll be funny? A RICH MEXICAN!”


  • Alistahr Wells

    Del Rio was a huge missed opportunity, feel bad for the guy

    • Guest

      WWE has a number of “missed opportunity” when it comes to talent.

      • Christ J

        But this is certainly one of the biggest fuck-ups. Between the ropes he was unmatched over the last few years.

        • Guest


  • Fernando Silva

    So now the Latino face of the company is…El Torito or Sin cara Gen 2?

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      That’s…actually a good question.

      And even worse: Two good answers!

      • Fernando Silva

        Maybe they’re able to get El Generico back from helping orphans in Mexico

    • Wolf

      Without a doubt Sin Cara. He sells a metric fuck-ton of merchandise and, because of the huge amount of talented mexican wrestlers, is practically immortal.

      • Christ J

        Sin Mortalidad?

  • Meirsch.

    Holy shit. Botchamania + Bedazzled = Something special.

  • El Vato

    he had a lot of potential. Thanks WWE

  • Marjames

    Del Rio assaults someone and gets his arse fired, and all you can do is criticise the company that gave him four world championships and had him win the Royal Rumble and MITB in the same year. The evidence would suggest that his attitude has played a large part in his failing, but why let something as minor as ABH get in the way of a rant?

    • Calm down Vince or else you’ll start having a coughing fit.

    • Shake

      No one cares about the guy playing Del Rio, what is being stated is that Del Rio the character had a lot of potential and the man playing him had commendable in-ring ability. No one cares about Alberto Rodriquez, we’re talking about Del Rio and the missed opportunity in the character.

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      One incident is hardly representative of his whole WWE tenure, unless there’s some other incidents I’m forgetting.

      Did he deserve to be sacked for attacking a social media rep? Absolutely. My ”rant” was about how he was missed opportunity for much entertainment rather than the handful of highlights he ended up with. I can only judge his work on TV as I don’t know anything (aside from his firing) about him outside, and frankly I don’t care about Del Rio outside of the ring, that’s his business.

  • MPT

    ADR feuded with Sheamus for around a year, Maffew. Learn your history. What’s Shaggy the DA?

  • wordlife96

    A Rich Mexican? That’s a racist gimmick !!!

    • Guest

      “Micheal Cole Whaaaaaa”

  • MisterForth

    He’ll be doing bookings in AAA soon. I imagine the original Sin Cara will want to see his “friend”.

  • Christ J

    Kudos for the text more than the video. Del Rio is put down far too often in spite of him being one of the few performers that have been consistently excellent over the last few years. He deserved better writing.

  • Bobbo

    “tweelt-a-whirl” 😀

  • ColeYote

    “He’s a rich guy and the only thing they do with him to show he’s rich is have him drive a new car every show. He wasn’t bribing any officials or paying people to lose to him or doing anything to do with wrestling with money. So in short, he was a rich guy but it didn’t mean anything.”

    Or, even shorter, he’s Mexican Ted DiBiase Jr.

    And I continue to feel like the only one who never liked the guy.

    • ChrisDV

      No, I never got why anyone liked him either.

      • Guest

        I never got why people liked Dolph Ziggler or Zack Ryder but that’s neither here or there.

  • Come one Del Rio, breaking kayfabe is just so unprofessional. Acting like someone likes Drew McIntyre? Totally unbelievable.

  • Head

    “Yo soy su padre putos”