Ah, 3PW. Everyone’s third favourite post-ECW Viking Hall occupants.


United Kingdom by Don Veca (Road Rash 3: Tour de Force)

Battle Theme by David Wise (Diddy Kong Racing)

Race Theme 02 by P.Phelan/A.Bennet/P.Bennet (Top Gear 2, SNES)

You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly! by Words by Sammy Cahn. Music by Sammy Fain. Vocals by Bobby Driscoll, Kathryn Beaumont, Paul Collins, Tommy Luske, The Jud Conlon Chorus, and The Mellomen.

Kid (Ending 1) by Shinsekai Gakkyoku Zatsugidan (The King of Fighters ’95)

Headdy the Hero by Kazuo Hanzawa, Jun Irie, Hideki Matsutake (Dynamite Headdy)

Stage Theme 11 by Hirohiko Takayama, Tsukamoto (Lemmings, Mega Drive)

Stayin Alive In The Wall by Wax Audio

3PW’s biggest issue was finding an identity. It ended up being ”stuff you wouldn’t see in nearby XPW, CZW, ROH or JAPW” which meant Legends who couldn’t do anything but blade, your least favourite ECW guys (Pitbull #1, Jason Knight, Chad Austin etc.) and tits (Jasmine St. Claire). Which doesn’t sound that bad on paper, but with endless Todd Gordon segments, no direction and horrible commentary, the highlights were sparse.

In fairness, Matt Striker, Joey Matthews and Rob Eckos all excelled in the company and looked like stars from the get-go.

3PW became known later on for the problems caused by Jasmine St. Claire and others. Here’s a brief list of 3PW Follies:

Year End Mayhem…

-Bam Bam Bigelow apologised to fans after his match with Abdullah The Butcher.

-Syxx-Pac apologised for not being 100% for the second show in a row. Syxx said he wouldn’t return until he was 100%

-Dusty Rhodes, Too Cold Scorpio and Ron Killings all no-showed.

A New Era…

-Sandman (subbed for 3PW Champion Sabu, who missed his flight for not the first time) and then lost it to Terry Funk. Justin Credible would later win the belt and have it vacated for the same reason.

Five Star Four Way…

-There was a long wait, because Chris Daniels had not arrived to the show. Christopher Daniels was stuck at Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta as the show started and his plane sat on the runway ready to leave but was being held up for heavy outgoing traffic.

-During intermission, 3PW learned that Chris Daniels had landed at Philadelphia International Airport. Daniels was driven directly to the show and used the back entrance of the ECW Arena.  Daniels rushed to change into his wrestling gear and went straight to the ring for his match.

The Show Must Go On…

-Joey Matthews called in and QUIT the company earlier in the week for not being reimbursed for his travel expenses last month.

-3PW owner Jasmin St. Claire no-showed her own show and was nowhere to be found.

-3PW booker Tod Gordon left the ECW Arena before the show after learning the workers would not be getting paid..

-Brian “Blue Meanie” Heffron and Chuck Williams rebooked the show organized the talent backstage.

-With the exception of Low-Ki, Mike Kruel, Gary Wolf and Jack Victory, the rest of the roster agreed to work.

  • Gouki Mishima

    3PW was so damn terrible…

    • Guest

      Not damn terrible “God damn” terrible.

  • Rollo

    Superb music. Tracklist please?

  • MPT

    Prease put Quico’s laugh for every table segment

  • ColeYote

    Mr. Coast-to-Coast is forcing me to once again wonder why you’d try a spot that you screw up so often. It’s Sabu’s chair-to-ropes thing all over again.

  • MisterForth

    New Jack knows the score.

  • OlCap

    Is it possible to get the names of the tunes used in the video?

    • OlCap

      Thanks Maffew!

  • DM

    “third favourite post-ECW Viking Hall occupants”.

    Who are the others?

    • ColeYote

      The good wiki says it has hosted 42 Chikara shows and 32 Ring of Honor shows, so probably those two.

      • DM

        I thought CZW was good there…most of the time!

    • Guest

      At the time it would have been CZW and XPW

  • PB

    The worst match I ever saw was Kevin Sullivan vs. Pitbull 1 at the Electric Factory on a 3PW card.