Just realised I missed the September Q ‘n’ A, hopefully this makes up for it.

Steiner got ”it” in 2011. He was let go because of tweeting anti-Bischoff/Hogan/Flair rants. They should have given him a Jim Cornette-style five minutes on Impact instead, so he could rant to his heart’s content.


  • This is way more entertaining than what WWE has been offering. Hell, Scott Steiner would be more over than the entire WWE roster and he’ll bring in the ratings because he’s so goddamn funny.

    • Catherine Bouey

      Unintentionally funny that is.

      • Cicholas_Nage

        I personally think Steiner knows what he’s doing. He’s a genius under that daft exterior.

  • allahu akbar

    why he always pumped up?

    • Brownie_the_3rd

      Well you see normally if you go one-on-one with another person you have a
      fifty-fifty chance of being the most pumped. But Steiner is a genetic freak, and he’s not
      normal. You’ve got a 25%, at best, of being more pumped. And then if you were to add in Kurt Angle
      to the mix, your chances of being more pumped drastically go down. See, in this
      three-way you have a 33 and 1/3 chance of being more pumped, but Steiner’s
      got a 66 and 2/3 chance of being more pumped, cause Kurt Angle knows he can’t out pump Steiner, and he’s not even gonna try. So you take your 33 and 1/3
      chance, minus Steiner’s 25% chance, and you’ve got an 8 and 1/3 chance of being more pumped. But then you take Steiner’s 75% chance of being more pumped, if it
      was one-on-one, and then add 66 and 2/3 percent, Steiner has a 141 and
      2/3 percent chance of being more pumped than you. You see allahu, the numbers don’t lie, and they spell disaster for you

      • Nukleon

        … at sacrifice!

      • TISHE


  • Andrew

    Is this all scripted and planned out, or is Bully just fucking hilarious and good at screwing with Steiner

    • UncleJoey

      Didn’t u know, pro wrestling is totes real.

  • Catherine Bouey

    It felt weird to watch this and not see one match from Steiner during this time.

    But I’m guessing he and his opponent must’ve kept the botching to a bare minimum.

  • Paul S

    I’m not sure what a reser is, but I’m sure Steiner is one of the best.

  • David Fullam

    “I don’t have no donuts!”

  • Sarcy

    Amusing how this showed the ever-changing and ridiculous setup of Immortal
    Steiner may be limited in what he can physically do nowadays but his use of the English language never diminishes 🙂

  • BamBam

    Ray and Steiner were PURE GOLD !

  • polishmissile

    God that Turning Point promo with Bully & Steiner is amazing, “Don’t bring her any food she’s fat”

  • Moredread25

    Steiner must have hated putting Hogan over in that last promo. Steiner was due for a mega push right before Hogan got signed by WCW, and he was forced to play second string to him for most of the NWO run, and by the time he got his only World Championship run the company was in the shitter and folded. Its kind of fun watching all of Steiner’s promo’s in order, but I’m a little sad that you didn’t put in any of his botches from his in ring work.

  • CG

    I honestly believe Scott Steiner is a genius.

  • Jarred Andreski

    never realized how much Steiner sounds like Bender from Futurama until this

  • Jape

    Forget the dumbbells ITS TOO LATE!

  • Distemp

    TNA has a lot more attractive wrestlers than I had realized.

  • ColeYote

    I miss Beer Money…

  • Ciz

    i felt one of his spits hit my face

  • Joony

    What have you done to the Botchamania archive? 90% of the video aren’t watchable now .

  • InternetBadass

    stealing more content huh? fag

  • Nukleon

    I’ve been trying to spread the gospel of the Steiner but nobody seems to understand.

  • Luca

    Holy shit, those segments with Steiner and Bully Ray were the best…



  • Name

    Steiner was released from TNA BEFORE he went on twitter. Maffew is a fucking moron.

  • Just a messenger.

    I was at that show in Cincinnati, Lockdown 2011. Scottie boy was off the hinges.

  • M A Johnston

    Steiner made an “I slept with Vanessa last night” sound enthralling.

  • Thomas Osaka Hoare

    I really want to believe that Steiner is just like this off camera and they work a show around this and film is actual reactions.

    • ColeYote

      Well, according to Petey, he drives like a goddamn lunatic, so you might not be far off.

      • Thomas Osaka Hoare

        And even then it’s because he’s going to work out! The pieces are all falling into place…

  • Lpwn Wolf

    Once Scott turned into the Big Bad Booty Daddy, he just cranked it to 12 and went LOL.

  • Kanav

    15:16 haha man Scott is awesome. TNA was hella entertaining back then.

  • buttdongs

    we need this video back so hard

  • Found a reupload if you want to fix the link: https://vimeo.com/118976738