The bass player in the band of wrestling, it’s Botchamania 259: Big Daddy Yum Yum: Puzzle Adventures!


Finale (William Tell Overture)” by Hans Zimmer

Pac-Man’s Park by Paul Webb (Pac-Mania)

Block Town by Paul Webb (Pac-Mania)

PAC-MAN’S PARK / BLOCK TOWN by Yuji Masubuchi (Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS)

Thanks To…

Codster9 for the condiment king ending and the rage tope.

The Young Bucks for the Kozlov tope…onto The Young Bucks. Cheers!

I’ve had the flu the last few days so I ended up watching a shit-load of wrestling because what else are you going to do when you feel like Ric Flair’s liver?

  • Exy

    Is the intro deliberately out of focus?

    • Jumpin’ Jeff Farmer

      Fun fact: The guy that shot that footage was later hired by TNA as the Head Consultant Camera Operator. Dat constant shift of shallow focus bro. Dat never actually obtaining a sharp image unless it’s a camera shot of Rebel’s ass bro.
      [whisper] ~so real~

      • ColeYote

        Still better than the shakycam + cut every 0.5 seconds combo WWE uses.

  • swflyers8

    Need more mainstream wrestling, I don’t get all the garbage stuff..

    • Catherine Bouey

      Then you don’t get Botchamania and therefore shouldn’t be watching it.

    • Brandon420

      Fucking Mark.

    • Joshua Tribble

      PWG has plenty of GOOD stuff. You’re missing out. That “garbage” indy company is where guys like Daniel Bryan and The Wolves were coming from. If you saw more mainstream wrestling, you wouldn’t see as many botches because they’re very professional (sometimes).

      • Hitmonchan

        Daniel Bryan is yesterday’s news and quite frankly a waste of a WMXXX main event used to make up for the now-nonexistent Triple Threat match for the World Title 10 years prior.

        • MAGGLE


          • Hitmonchan

            How the fuck did we go from Chris Benoit beating HHH for the title with HBK as a secondary opponent with JR’s orgasmic voice narrating the entire match and that hug with Eddie- unbeknownst to the fans that they both were going to die soon making their matches much more memorable and legendary- to Daniel Bryan overcoming the odds despite getting fucked by HHH earlier that night and shoe-horned in a title match he was going to win anyway with a sober JBL commentating?

  • German

    That Dreamer & Raven segment seems quite familiar…

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      The ropes bit by itself has been featured in the videos before, but the interview hasn’t.

  • Angel Camacho

    How long ago did that intro take place? LOL

    Oh, yeah. I remember that. I was there. At first, I thought it was gonna be a tag match… At one point, I agreed with the Brooklyn crowd. This was stupid…

    Wait, Orton was eating a hot dog… off of the floor? If that happened after the 5 second rule, he’s in trouble. Especially if that mustard was mixed in with that body oil of his. That’s toxic stuff, there! XD

    Always good to hear Taz’s crazy commentary. XD

    The Batman ending was funny.

    I agree… Punk is Overrated. When I was at RAW (in Brooklyn) and the crowd was chanting for Punk, I screamed out “He’s Never Coming Back! Deal With It!” XD

    • MPT

      Punk is like the Beatles; we never got over their breakup and never will as Punk’s sabbatical—yes, he’s coming back

      • WillemDafoe

        The Beatles are also overrated.

        • AL

          Over rated by todays shit standerds

        • Hitmonchan

          Spider-Man, Spider-Man.

      • Hitmonchan

        Punk’s the John Lennon of the Beatles.

        That would make Bryan the George Harrison and AJ Styles Ringo Starr.

        McCartney’s probably Kazarian.

  • Stephen Smith

    It’s funny to know that it was probably Maffew himself filming that intro. 😀

    Great episode! Mostly a Japan-themed episode, in fact. I actually wish you’d kept the sound on Alex Kozlov’s fantastic botch, since the crowd were pissing themselves laughing. That was a botch for the ages. 🙂

    The last ending was the best. Made me laugh a lot.

  • Cocksucker666

    This Botchamania is sponsored by: NAMCO BANDI

  • CrashTestGreg

    The batman ending was fantastic. And I’m really grateful on the selling lessons. Big Daddy Yum Yum ftw!

  • MPT

    Never fuck with CM Punk

    • TPM

      Fuck CM Punk.

      • Booker T


  • A big fan

    Just watched Hell in a Cell and got annoyed by the commentators as usual. A couple suggestions because it bugged me during the show. Next Botchamania please include:
    1. Orton turning an AA into an RKO and the commentators saying how they’ve never seen anything like that…then cut to the video package before the match where they have a clip of Orton turning an AA into an RKO.
    2. Dean Ambrose climbing to the top of the cage during his entrance and the commentators saying they’ve never seen a Hell in a Cell match start like this…then cut to Mankind’s entrance from the most famous Hell in a Cell match ever.

  • Paul S

    Those chops need to be in the next intro.

  • so many botches in hell in a cell this year

    • Joshua Tribble

      That cell was on RAW. There wasn’t many on Sunday.

  • Mr. McMahon

    Randy Orton eating that hot dog had me cracking up. I totally missed that when it aired. Moments like that are why I love Orton. He’s just so at home in front of a crowd. And the way he’s been RKO’ing people all over the internet has been pretty awesome, as well.

    I read a rumor on some website that WWE may nix the Elimination Chamber. I’d rather they ditched Hell in a Cell, as at least EC has a good gimmick, and makes use of its space. What the hell is the point of a cage you have to exit the ring to use in your match? HIAC are just glorified hardcore matches. Take away the cage for the majority of HIAC matches, and it would be the same match.

    • Stephen Smith

      According to Meltzer, Elimination Chamber is being moved to June and the February PPV will be called “Fast Lane” (ugh).

    • Seth R

      It’s not a hotdog, according to Orton’s twitter (and you can tell if you look closely) one of Cena’s armband fell off and he was using it to wipe mustard off of his face. The armband is clearly visible during the end segment as Ambrose pushes the cart into Kane and Orton.

  • Shahbaz Nayyar

    That was hands down the best intro you’ve ever had on botchamania.

  • ColeYote


    (Seriously, though, I love him)

  • ColeYote

    7:40 Oh my god, I can’t believe they all sold that.

  • super duper

    Big Daddy Yum Yum has the dumbest ring name I have ever heard.

    • ColeYote

      Eh, I dunno, I can’t even write Crazzy (groan) Steve’s name without the middle bit.

  • GOLD

  • I’m surprised Kojima kept going with his Machinegun Chop without laughing his ass off.

  • TomaZero

    that selling O.o although set to music its absolutely hilarious.

    • AL

      here is another video of Yum Yums um……….spectacular selling of that spot set to different music, Maffews version is of course stellar in comparison

  • Ultron

    Love the old smackdown intro. Reminds me of smackdown on the PS1.

  • AL

    Even Cole couldnt stand that one match between the Gator and the Bull he freakin facepalmed through the whole match

  • Sean

    Big Daddy Yum Yum is the best thing ever

  • Thomas Osaka Hoare

    Did you see that bit on the raw where Ambrose and Cena tagged as a handicap (or something, it was the one where he used the Batman and Superman simile) and he missed throwing popcorn into his mouth? I don’t know why but I laughed harder than any Adam Rose segment at that one.

  • Mike McCarthy


  • El Jefe

    “Cancer, we Susan G. Komen for you nigga!” Work that into the show somehow.. Edit a little piece together for that na’mean, do it for da boobies.

    Love the show.

  • Nags

    In the ending to the video game clocktower for SNES (or PS1). In the good ending the evil broad falls to her death. It then looks like the main character flips her the double bird. There’s gotta be something stone cold related with a person being thrown off a ledge while ross commentates. SUperimpose an image of stone cold over the game character and BAM ending material…maybe

  • ColeYote

    You ever considered doing a video of just the best/worst/best commentary moments? Commentaryamania?

  • MisterForth

    A Batman ending and a Die Hard ending instantly win.

  • Hitmonchan

    This is my first time watching Botchamania after my long-ass absence from this site since ’13 (yeah, I know I’m not relevant here).

    I stopped watching WWE (but not wrestling in general unless TNA doesn’t count) before WMXXX because it was too predictable and I was mad that it wasn’t held in my hometown like 1, 10 and 20 were. Watching the crowd jeer the fuck out of that Torito/Gator match made me realize that with Vince monopolizing the mainstream pro-wrestling marketing regardless of being called “sports entertainment” the sport itself will die come 2020 (ironically when the Tokyo Olympics reinstated wrestling as one of its games.)

  • Hitmonchan

    Also, is it me or does Tommy Dreamer look like he could be anyone and everyone’s dad?

  • The crowd wasn’t booing the first match, they were doing Titus’s mating call.

  • J. Ronald Jenkins