So in September I spent most of the month in America. I always intended on typing up about it, but I realised after looking at a few pages of notes, it would just be piles and piles of ”THE FOOD OVER HERE IS SO WEIRD” which isn’t a good read.

MAGfest 8.5 was a mini-festival designed harken back to the days of when MAGFest was a small event and not the huge-mega-big-deal it is today. Indirectly helping this out was both back-up guys forgetting their copy of No Mercy and us resorting to Wrestlemania 2000 instead. It’s not a bad game, but no sane individual is going to pick it over No Mercy. Especially because the game features a horrible ”if you press a certain selection of buttons together, the CPU plays for you” ability, which caused everybody involved to Smartphone how the fuck to get out of it.

Chikara’s King of Trios 2014 was a blast. ”No shit”, right?

Me and my driving companion Roger managed to miss Team UK’s matches on Day One because we missed the turning on the turnpike, but that bit of irony just made us laugh and enjoy the three days even more. (for the Brits, missing your turn on a turn-pike is like accidentally driving past a County). Day 1 was made more enjoyable by The Batiri shouting ”Shit, it’s fucking Maffew!” at an all-ages show.

Day 2 had a fan conclave before the event, where around two hundred fans could have a shed-load of fun for a few hours with the Chikara guys. More companies should do things like this, Chikara’s connection with the fans is still strong despite the year-long lay-off because of things like this. I was asked to do a No Mercy Tournament (all I do is make stupid videos and play N64 games. If I can make ”eating red Doritos” a contest, I’m sorted for life) and as seen here it had a fair amount of Chikara guest-stars, smart-arse jokes and everyone’s favourite: technical difficulties! Was a blast though.

And then I got ill because the people I hang out with only eat at truck-stops or Family Dollar.

  • Satanic_Redneck

    Glad you had a blast. These vids are fun.

  • Stephen Smith

    This was great. 🙂 I’ve only watched the first one so far but Little Mac was cute and I almost died laughing from all the jokes about the rear chinlock. Many laughs went to Maffew saying “that back has a family!” after a back rake.

  • tony

    whaddya MEAN, the food here is weird?!?! GIVE EXAMPLES