The odd-numbered Star Trek film of wrestling, it’s Botchamania 261: The Wrath Of Corporate Kane!



Alien Power by Yuzo Koshiro (Streets of Rage 2)

Scene 2 by Yuichi Sakakura, Tomoya Tomita, Kozo Nakamura (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project)

Residents by Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy VIII)

Hooky Street by John Sullivan

Thanks To…

3.0 for the fabulous intro and reminding me their names aren’t actually ”scary” and ”sexy.”

Matthew McArdle for the Mark Henry vid.

CJFerg81 for the Doctor Who CZW lever. Sorry it’s New Who, but no-one’s perfect.

Codster9, Shane Silver, George From Macomb, Victor Petteri Granat for the Streets Of Rage video clips.

Manny (@thesixthchild on Twitter) for The DEP (wahooooohoooo) ending. Very sorry I forgot your name/details mate.

Raw in Liverpool was still better than the next week’s Raw in front of one of the quietest crowds I’ve ever seen. Or heard. Whichever. There was a lot more spot-calling on the show but it didn’t seem fair including all of them as they were handicapped. It should be noted that I stopped including absolutely every spot-call heard/seen on TV as the segments are as loved as they are loathed by someone people, so I only included the meatiest chunks. The BM that featured Orton vs. Cena and Ryback vs. Big Show was nearly all spot-calls.

In fairness to CZW, they’ve been on a good run of no-botches. It took two shows to get footage for something decent-y. Their backstage problems are bordering on self-parody though. Did you know Niles Young is the champ now?

Oh and RFVideo told me not to use his footage anymore or he’d get angry. Then he said it would be OK. So when he freaks out, we’ll treat him with kid gloves (no comment) until he calms down and then ask him again when he’s smiling.

  • JD

    love hooky street mate, can you include more british show themes, the world needs to know the theme from captain butler.

  • The clips with the Gracies was freaking glorious, especially Yano mocking Daniel.

    • raVen

      the worst family to ever find fame not using a sex tape.

  • GM Spectre

    If I’m correct, I think we’ve had the debut of Woodstock 99, Doctor Who, The Young Ones and W*ings on Botchamania

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      I just spat my coffee out thinking about Paul McCartney’s W*NGs, a Japanese hardcore fed.

      Young Ones theme has been in before, and Dr. Who must have been in before.

  • Stephen Smith

    Great episode! The Only Fools And Horses theme made the 1PW botches even funnier, for some reason. It fit perfectly. Liked the FFVIII music, the Doctor Who clips and the horrible, horrible Gracie matches being included too. 🙂

  • ClaudioEtto

    “Kill those aliens by colors!”

  • Ultron

    Love the FFVIII music and the Streets of Rage 2 music. I laughed pretty hard at the “You can still beat Droz.” Great episode!

  • Luciano

    06:24 ouch

  • tony

    Streets of Rage 2 YES!!!

  • ColeYote

    Oh, man, I love asshole crowds. Needs to be more of them.

    • Catherine Bouey

      Yeah we need more assholish crowds chanting USA in match without a single American participating in it.

  • ColeYote

    Oh dear god, the interlacing in that OPW footage could kill.

  • J. Ronald Jenkins

    Perhaps Maffew got the idea for “Fuck her right in the pussy” from an installment of MisInfotainment – or not.

    Anyway, good stuff Maffew.


  • MPT

    Woodstock 99—great times

  • MPT

    Don’t get the spot with Droz

    • ColeYote

      Quackenbush retired after a leg injury April last year. He is using a cane in that clip. Droz was the victim of a botched powerbomb from Dammit, D’Lo in ’99 and is a quadriplegic (though he’s regained some upper body movement).

  • MPT

    Where’s the soundclip in the Kane slip-up segment from

  • MPT

    Who were the Dis-Gracies and where’s the clip at 10:50 from?

    • ColeYote

      Rolles (Jr.) and Daniel. They’re MMA fighters. Neither of them are very good. Rolles is 8-3, but the best guy he’s beat is someone I’ve never heard of, and another one of his wins was against MMA’s best jobber, Bob Sapp (currently riding a 12-match losing streak). Daniel is actually only a cousin of the main Gracie family, his last name’s really Simoes. He’s 5-4-1 and hasn’t fought since 2011, with the wins against a UFC reject, a guy with a career losing record, Shinsuke Nakamura (great wrestler, mediocre MMA fighter), and another professional wrestler I can’t find details on the MMA career of.

      Not sure about the bird thing.

      • The other pro wrestler who Daniel fought is Wataru Sakata. He only had minor success in HUSTLE.

  • MPT

    Where’s that clip from in the first ending

  • Jimshine

    The Ryback bit at the end cracked me up, keep on going Maffew, I pity the yanks because they won’t get half the references… don’t change a thing!

  • Senor Pene

    will next BM include Yoshi Tatsu’s neck fuck?

  • James Sheppard

    I fucking flipped for the Doctor Who CZW clip 🙂