2014 was a great year.

For Botchamania.

10. Daniel Gracie & Rolles Gracie vs. Takashi Iizuka & Toru Yano (NJPW Invasion Attack)

9. John Cena vs. Randy Orton (Royal Rumble)

8. L.A. Park vs. Máscara Sagrada vs. Pirata Morgan vs. Demon Clown vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Hijo De Dos Caras (IWRG Zona XXI, July 27th)

7. Gunner vs. Ken Anderson (Impact, August 14th)

6. Big E vs. Titus O’Neil (SmackDown, May 30th)

5. Cameron vs. Naomi (Raw, September 15th)

4. Alberto Del Rio vs. Batista (Elimination Chamber)

3. Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar (Wrestlemania XXX)

2. Divas Battle Royal (Main Event, April 15th)

1. Goldust vs. Fandango (Raw, March 17th)

Unlike other years, there wasn’t many flat-out awful botch-fests in 2014.

There were plenty of boring or disappointing matches, but you can keep those. (i.e. Titus O’ Neil vs. Darren Young, Samoa Joe vs. Magnus, Sam Shaw vs. Ken Anderson, Layla vs. Summer Rae for the right to do the Fandango etc.)

If a match is boring, I forget it. If a match is botchy or flat-out awful, then it’s embraced. Then again, I had suggestions for everything from John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar to Enzo Amore vs. Sylvester Lefort so I’m sure this’ll cause some debate. Because wrestling fans.

I’ll be doing a separate video for the bad endings of the year, because it’s weird seeing people call stuff like Bray Wyatt vs. Dean Ambrose one of the worst matches of the year just because of the ending of the match.

Thanks to C-Higgy for reminding me of the IWRG match.

Edit: Judging by the comments, there’s two things to address. One is the difference in opinion on crowd chanting counting as a ‘botched match’ and there’s arguments for if it does or it doesn’t. I know there’s a crowd chant every Raw now but the two matches featured I thought were deserving of ”Holy shit, look at this fucking match with this fucking crowd” status.

The other’s the Undertaker match. Everyone I asked regarding their opinion suggested the match because so many people saw The Dead Man’s streak die on it’s dead arse…and as soon as I include it, people are unhappy because Undertaker got concussed and therefore I’m making fun of an injury and therefore a dick.

So I’ll compromise, because there’s people who think crowd chants suck and rock and Undertaker’s match was funny and not funny, I’ll make a separate video with no crowd chants or Undertaker. That way, it’s on your hands!

Still friends?

  • Simon

    Random UK Trivia factoid. The voice from the Ariston advert mixed into the tune for match #8 was the same person who was Angelo in (mostly forgettable) 90’s kids TV show “Mike and Angelo.”

    • russianbox

      Thank you, just looked the advert up, such a cool advert! also loved Mike and Angelo!

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      I did not know this and I loved Mike and Angelo.

      That had a great theme song too.


      • CarecaPT

        hey maffew what about a daylimotion link? i can’t watch on vimeo

      • russianbox

        YES! too catchy, I was looking though episodes of this recently, they kept changing who ‘mike’ was

      • Jay

        Theres so many Classic British tunes you could use from Finders Keepers, Count Duckula, Demon Headmaster, Bodger and Badger (Botcher and Badger), the list for CITV and BBC after school TV shows. The list goes on FOREVER….


        • Stephen Smith

          “Botcher and Badger” … I think you, sir, have just come up with Maffew’s next Youtube username. 🙂

  • logstrain

    man goldust was pissed off

    • Jack Daone

      Don’t blame him. Fandango was being a jackass throughout the fight, first with the stiff knee that tore open Dust’s temple, then ignoring Dust when he was trying to call the match…

  • James

    When did crowd chants become botches?

    • Jtothez

      That’s what I said 😀

    • dennett316

      The botch is that the match was so very played out that the crowd had zero interest in seeing it again, so resorted to those chants. The chants are a symptom of the real issue…the match not being what the crowd wanted to see.

      • Catherine Bouey

        I don’t like seeing Dolph Ziggler matches so those should be considered botches too?

    • Catherine Bouey

      Since the ECW faithful pioneered the “You Fucked Up” chants,

    • raVen


  • James

    When did crowd chants become botches?

  • Aaron Wood

    Half of those “Honourable mentions” should have been in the main list, especially the Bound For Glory and British ones.

    As James wondered, how is crowd chanting and reactions “botching”.? Especially if it’s just clearly the crowd being dicks.

    Taker was knocked silly in that match. But then again, you went after Sin Cara for the sake of it when he injured himself mid-dive for the sake of putting up another Sin Cara botch. But still. you shouldn’t really place a guy in an injured state up for ridicule.

    And even these were the actual 10 “most botched” matches, you sure had them in a very weird order. The NJPW, IWRG & Big E/Titus matches should be higher than they actually are.

    Don’t get me wrong, fun video. Just very weird notion of how that lineup came together.

    • I think you’re looking entirely too deep into this ‘fun video’.

    • dennett316

      “The NJPW, IWRG & Big E/Titus matches should be higher than they actually are.”

      Implying that there’s some form of objective Botch scale that can be applied universally to all matches. “Hey Maffew, that Big E/Titus match was clearly a 77.6 on the Botchy scale, while that NJPW was only a 46.3! What gives!?!”

      • MaffewOfBotchamania

        Undertaker vs. Brock put me in a rough position, because everyone saw and hated it but I couldn’t leave it out on a list or even more people would ride me for not including it.

        You know you’ve made it when it’s impossible to please all the people who are interested in watching it.

        ”But Meltzer only gave it 3 Botch Stars!”

  • The Cameron spot was on purpose, she flipped Naomi onto her back.

    • dennett316

      After she asked the ref twice to count it, and he had to tell her to flip Naomi over. She wasn’t supposed to be dumb, as far as I recall, so what would be the purpose of the spot being on purpose?

      • She’s a bratty stupid heel diva, she visible shoved Naomi onto her back and knew what she was doing when she said count it ref, it was clearly a heelish spot even if it was in poor taste but alas you sheep wrestling smarks will to anything to bring any diva who isnt AJ or Paige down so miss me with your antics.

        • MaffewOfBotchamania

          ”it was clearly a heelish spot even if it was in poor taste but alas you sheep wrestling smarks will to anything to bring any diva who isnt AJ or Paige down so miss me with your antics.”

          The Diva-Defenders on this site are amazing.

          • Don’t need to tell me that twice son.

        • ginocoolowski

          Go what some NXT women’s matches, you’ll see they know how to do more than dress like whores and forget the rules of wrestling.

          • I watch NXT don’t patronise me just because I’m not a real wrassler smark.

          • ginocoolowski

            If you can admit that you like things that are clearly bad by your own definition then I guess I have nothing else to say, touche?

          • Clearly bad is subjective. I’d rather watch Cameron vs Paige than watch a 16 minute NXT match with indy guys feuding over nothing. People like different things, I think that should be allowed.

        • Mr_DJ

          It was dumb. If it was actually planned, it’s more fucking retarded than Eva Marie.

  • ColeYote

    Man, Bob Sapp’s wrestling is almost as bad as his MMA.

    • Funny thing is his match was the ‘best’ of the pro wrestling part of the show.

  • What about the shitty music?

  • Sarcy

    Amusing video, the use of One Foot in the Grave alongside the Taker-Lesnar match was inspired
    Had to laugh at the number of Diva related entries, idc what anyone says Diva matches are loo/refreshment breaks they’re so bad

  • Frank

    What happened to the video?

  • Joe

    Video doesn’t work anymore.

  • Davey

    Why was the cm punk podcast in dishonorable mentions??

    • Jobbergirl1985

      Kind of went over my head as well, unless it was a botch of WWE to mess with him?

      • MychaelDarklighter

        Mess with the bull, you get the adolescent pissing and moaning!

  • Xero
    • Christ J


  • Mark

    in the Gunner vs Anderson match, Tenay says Gail Kim has two challengers for the x division championship.

  • RDMT

    For several of these the botch is in the booking.

  • Catherine Bouey

    Oh no not the godawful ladder match with the fat luchadores and the ladders that won’t work.

    I’d rather be strapped to a chair by Maffew and forced to watch Sandman & Sabu at NTR 97

  • Bones

    TNA ref bump isn’t in here??

    • Codster9

      One ghost bump didn’t make the match itself botched.

    • Senor Pene

      michael cole ghost bump was more intense in “worst bumps of the year” category. So he appears, fuck the tna ref.

  • Jobbergirl1985

    What was the dishonorable mentions music?

    • SteinersBlueBalls

      Sounds like if Disclosure remixed ‘Feeling Good’

      • Jobbergirl1985

        Maybe we’ll never know! It’s driving me mental…

    • Paul Ashe

      It’s “How I Feel” by Flo Rida. I feel such relief now.

  • That match between Bayley and the red-headed cum-dumpster was painful to watch. Why is she in the main roster and couldn’t do shit while she is even worse when she is on NXT? I really hope they fire her and… oh wait, let Bayley stay in NXT because if she gets called up in the main roster. She’ll get buried like the others who went from NXT and then be in the WWE as jokes.

    • Codster9

      Thank Total Divas.

      • And for that, someone should usurp Vince, his idiot daughter, and doofus son-in-law for ruining the WWE. Fuck sports entertainment.

  • James

    Bloody great as always xD

  • Pavel Vladu

    In my opinion…Lesnar vs Taker WM 30 is the worst match ever,because i had little expectations and the feud was executed very worst.

  • Jobbergirl1985

    Anyone work out the music yet? Help a girl out!

  • Rocky4228

    I’m happy to have been a part of the crowd at Elimination Chamber that started Bootista.

  • Stephen

    The Magnus / Anderson chant one I was fine with only because SOMEONE finally acknowledged that Sam Shaw is cosplaying as Dexter.

    The other one was just the crowd being pissy and putting themselves over, which I’m too old to find amusing anymore.

  • JD

    Vid’s down!

  • Isak

    hmm they don’t seem to work. Reup please 🙂

  • Jobbergirl1985

    Starts a chant….”What’s the music…clap-clap-clap….what’s the music”…someone must know!

  • MisterForth

    I think #3 deserved it’s spot. When you have a legend that is in bad shape vs. a badass that has his best matches when he’s ragdolling his opponent, then give it a finish that kills the audience dead to where only one man can bring them back, then make said badass need help in his second match after this one-star disaster, you have created absolute crap.

  • ginocoolowski


    Count what?

  • Rollo

    Still friends!

  • MPT

    “Because wrestling fans”

    Because OF wrestling fans, Maffew; I corrected your botch.
    How is Art of Wrestling a botch?

  • Dillbuck

    I can’t see the video or any of the comments. Dafuq?

  • Topper Bottoms

    Thanks, Maffew. Appreciate the work!

  • pik_3000


    Seth Rollins did G@y s0ftcore p0rn look up Tyler Black cyberfights for proof....

  • Hondo

    I watched Goldust vs Fandango live in San Antonio, it was definitely cringe worthy.

  • Pantalón Azul

    What is the Dishonorable Mentions music? It kind of sounds like a remixed sample of Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good”, but inquiring minds want to know!

  • Mantaur

    Does anybody know what the music ofr the IWRG match is ? The song that goes “and ooon” ?