(For some reason this was never posted on the site. Christ knows what that was about)

Three years in the making…

I always said I’d make this video, but only after the guy left. Well, the original Sin Cara (Mistico) officially departed WWE this year on March 26th. Looks like they’re keeping the gimmick so the time is right for the long-awaited SinCaraMania.

Amazing that the character was intended as a Mysterio replacement but despite a brief Bobby-Lashley-esque push, ended up in pre-recorded SmackDown land because he couldn’t be trusted to wrestle WWE-style. They must have forgotten Rey spent multiple years in WCW, getting used to working guys like Nash and Norton before WWE grabbed him. Rey also had MOTYC and feuds because he was against Angle, Edge, Jericho, Punk etc. Sin Cara feuded with Hunico for a bit, sort-of feuded with The Rhodes Scholars and got beat up by Del Rio every few weeks. Not quite the same, is it?

It didn’t help that everything that could go wrong did go wrong in his first year. Injuries, wellness policy violation, fucking up his entrance, bungling his debut and not being allowed on any live show is pretty much a full line on the Botch Bingo Card.

He’s still around in spirit (like Starscream after being blasted by Unicron) so let’s not rule out the possibility of a second video in 2017.


My Sacrifice by Creed

Sin Cara Theme by SHINING WIZADO

Pizza Theme by Spider-Man 2

Boss 1 by Fumito Tamayama (Tamachan) (Decap Attack)

Leave The Memories Alone by Fuel

Thanks To…

The miscellaneous creators of the Spider-Man as Sin Cara images. The names are lost to history, so if you made one and want a credit, message me.

  • Ah, so this is the one you uploaded before?

  • Codster9

    Gone but not forgotten.

  • Stevie_Wonder510

    LOL, even his shirt botched.

  • * kisses fingertips *

  • Catherine Bouey

    I’m assuming this was uploaded due to Youtube being stupid again.

    • Joshua Tribble

      Yeah they took it off YouTube or something

  • ColeYote

    I’d make a “biggest bust since” joke, but… I can’t in good conscience call Sin Cara a bigger bust that Kharma. Hard to out-do someone they clearly wanted to be the new Chyna but never even wound up having a match.

  • Krueg518

    sin cara sin cara

  • Bones

    That Sin Cara song was hilarious.

  • Stephen

    Del Rio only looked really good when he was stiffing the shit out of original Sin Cara. I know it wouldn’t have been good for the guy’s health, but they should have booked them together for like a year because Del Rio would’ve come out of it looking like Anderson Silva circa 2011.

    Also – did they ever explain what the fuck was up with the lights? I think half of the fans turned against him for that shitty idea alone.

    • Joshua Tribble

      Alberto has a legit MMA background and has won several of his fights by KO.

  • MisterForth

    The “We’re gonna talk about the PENIS” ending from a Botchamania would’ve been a great ending to this.

  • Filburt Shellbach

    I hate to be this guy (that’s a lie) but Galvatron killed Starscream

  • Fuck the PG era, the Attitude Era, and everything era before it, it’s all about the Sin cERA

  • “Beat el piss out of him” destroyed me.

  • August K Ahuna Jr.

    How to make me hate Mistico/Sin Cara… play Creed over his wrestling

  • Rocky4228

    I’m positive to did upload this previously.

  • Hahah

  • mike

    Greatest ending ever.