Like Jeff Hardy on a quad-bike you know it won’t end well but you’re going to watch them anyway, it’s Botchamania 274: Bo Dallas Baseball!

Thanks To…

SMASH Wrestling for the huge bag of cash

Enrique The Superfan for the lovely Bobby Fish intro

Nick Maniwa for Corp. Robinson

G-Man for the 1PW DVDs

Talk’n Shop podcast for the audio of Gallows and Anderson

@nickrockradio for JR/Heyman ending

Codster9 for even more Simpsons endings

Sam Baxter for helping suggesting the Barney ending. Blame him if you didn’t like it but praise me if you did.


Everything Is AWESOME!!! by Tegan and Sara feat. The Lonely Island

Main Theme by Paul Webb, Kingsley Thurber (WWF Royal Rumble, SNES)

Jurassic Dope by AKI, Hiroshi Kobayashi, Michiru Yamane (Contra Hard Corps)

Have I Got News For You by Big George

  • That Barney ending. My hat’s off to Sam and you, Maffew.

    • Holy shit. That was fucking hilarious.

    • i’m going to have some really confused LSD fueled nightmares after that ending

  • JD

    When Barney jumped out the shower with the Super Dragon chant I lost it. Bravo.

  • Kristopher Levine

    This really might have been one of the best Botchamanias I have ever seen,and I have seen just about all of them…. 6:33 – 7:24 are a couple of my new favorite all time Botchamania clips

  • ShowOffY2J

    Super Dragon clap clap clap clap clap

    • Andrew Thomas Wolf

      Shut The Fuck Up!!!! clap clap clapclapclap.
      Thats just going with the Super Dragon bit BTW, Im not telling you to shut the fuck up clap clap clapclapclap 🙂

  • CS 22

    Vince’s face when Backlund says “Eat marijuana”. LMAO!

    • Andrew Thomas Wolf

      Yeah he wanted to face palm so bad but held back

    • Placid_Snake

      At least we know for sure Backlund seriously never used marijuana.

  • Fred Stanton

    When the kid went to open the shower, I thought for sure it would be Val Venis. Helloooo, ladies!

    • Andrew Thomas Wolf

      Barney and Val Venis have a lot in common. They both are into purple, and they both sexy as hell

  • I can’t believe we got two Wild Dog appearances in a row for Botchamania vids…. I seriously love you right now Maffew!

  • Marth5454

    Which movie was in the background during that JR/Heyman segment?

    • Rocky4228

      A Christmas Story

    • Ken Robinson

      A Christmas Story.

  • Rocky4228

    Was that guy in 1PW okay after messing up the Styles Clash?

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      Yes., He now commentates for NXT.

      Wait, that sounds like a weird joke. It’s Sterling James Keenan, aka Corey Graves

  • MPT

    Who’s the black guy at 6:44? I’m confounded about the Abyss segment because I hear one of the commentators saying that you can’t pin your own opponent, and you’re saying that Abyss eliminates his own teammate, and then you show more footage of a bunch of other people after the black hole slam.

  • XenoKarma

    Great as ever Maffew, especially the Barney ending. Hmmm, I hope that dosent come off as kissing up, or maybe I do. Eh, whatever puts me in a better light.

  • Rheumi

    Great! This Botchamania they F*cked um Fandagos entrance song. Next Botchamania they mismatch Goldusts Titantron! 😀

  • botchamania > porn

  • Laugh at Bob Backlund, but I’m sure he understood what a pot edible can do to the plebeians.

  • Aaron Binkley

    I feel there was a missed opportunity to reference Robot Chicken’s “Darkest Sketch” when Booker T made the Owen Hart crack.

  • JP317

    I was expecting Kane’s trousers split to be part of this episode. But other than that it was great and you reminded me that I recorded HIGabmNFY last night so I really should watch it soon.

  • yeppers peppers

    Barney appearing with Super Dragon was absolutely brilliant.

  • tbl

    I’ll do it, I’ll rob the Kwik-E-Mart.

  • MisterForth

    I may go and eat marijuana now.

  • Darren Maggs

    Haha I was there when AJ botched the clash on SJK. The rest of the night was filled with “You killed Keenan” chants. Seriously though everyone thought he was dead!

    • Craig

      Styles didn’t botch the Clash, it was Keenan who botched. You can see it in the video, he tucked his head and that’s what caused the injury. His fault, not AJ’s.

  • Adam Bergman

    That Barney/Super Dragon ending had me rolling.

  • ColeYote

    Huh, don’t think I’ve seen Jigsaw wind up on this show too many times.

  • ColeYote

    What game’s that CZW intro from?

    • HangerOfDJ’s

      time crysis 4

  • I write something

    The ending was hilarious ehehehe

  • ColeYote

    Oh, god, ICP in CZW. That’s a train wreck waiting to happen.

  • Andrew Thomas Wolf

    That first 1PW botch actually ended up looking pretty cool

  • Contra Hard CORPS?! And it’s the music from the secret area too?! That’s a deep pull, ILU Man!

  • J.T. Nutt

    what the hell is that at 14:13. The gooey…whatever…legs?

  • Andrew Thomas Wolf

    That Barney Super Dragon ending has hooked two of my non-wrestling fans on Botchamania. I showed them the ending, they loved it but were like, “whos Super Dragon?”, so I of coarse show them the original chant on Botchamania and they were officially hooked. Keep on doing great work Maffew, I will bring as many eyes as I can to your site and thanks for making what is truly my favorite show. I even like Botchamania more than Game of Thrones at this point 🙂

  • Edgar Velasco

    amazing as always