Hotter than Hell, colder then gin it’s Botchamania 275: O Captain! My Captain Lou Albano!


Title Theme by Nathan McCree (Asterix and the Great Rescue)

Main Theme by Jon Hey (NBA Jam, SNES)

Snake Eyes by Matt Furniss, Shaun Hollingworth (Wiz n’ Liz)

William Tell Overture (Abridged) by Wendy Carlos

A whole load of 80s and 90s cartoon intros.

See how many you can name and win fuck-all!

Thanks To…

Attack Pro Wrestling’s Eddie Dennis for the fabulous intro

Hoodslam, Mark Johnston, Juice Appleton, Nick Maniwa, Kevin Ford, Indie Wrestling Archive, George From Macomb, Dickie Divers (yeah, the actual one) and Michael Jordan (no, not that one. Well maybe) for the misc. clips section

Chris Ferguson for pointing out the Xavier/Kofi mix-up.

ChristaThorWhor for the He-man.

Nick Maniwa for Jimmy Jacobs and the table.

Elijah Grimes for the Regal ending.

Tri.Moon for doing the blood on the golDEANeye 007 ending.

I love that there’s references to Clockwork Orange, Cape Fear, NBA Jam (the old one), plus Mega Drive music and a ton of vintage cartoon intros…and kids watch these. These should come with disclaimers to say ”Recommended 25 years and above, not because of content but all this shit will be lost on you.”

It’s a good thing ‘people falling over to music’ is timeless.

  • Codster9

    Now Bray can use floating mines!

  • Edgar Velasco

    that table channeling 80’s cartoons…. just awesomeballs

    • squiremarr_

      Brought a tear in my eye as well.

  • ColeYote

    Oh my god, how many table spots are you gonna go for before giving up?!

  • Andrew Thomas Wolf

    The table of Saturday Morning 80s cartoons definitely had me tripping balls mahoney

    • Catherine Bouey

      5 of those aren’t 80’s cartoons :V

      • Andrew Thomas Wolf

        ok Catherine, I hope life gets better for you 🙁

        • Catherine Bouey

          Hey it’s just some harmless chop busting.

  • Whoever did the 80s cartoon montage is brilliant. I need a list of these because it takes me back but I don’t remember some of the cartoons they’re from except for DuckTales, TMNT, and Pinky and the Brain. No Jem and the Holograms?

    • AngelFM

      GI Joe
      Adam’s Family
      Biker Mice From Mars
      Pinky and the Brain
      Tale Spin
      Stop the Pigeon

      • Thank you. Those themes take me back.

        • manic

          it really did need jem right after or before the transformers theme. that particular transformers theme is my favorite but i hate that season. the spot went on so fucking long they went into 90s themes.

  • Karma “The Neko dorobō”

    Nice work Maffew. Now, I’m off on a 80s cartoon binge.

  • Somedude

    Hey, an Against Me! shirt from a time before they sucked.

  • With the boxes popping up like that it makes think of Snake having Cole Lawler JBL and Booker on his codec.

    • MisterForth

      “Push the action button to botch commentary”.

  • Catherine Bouey

    So, break the table
    break the table
    break the table
    break the table
    break the table
    break the table
    break the table


    Crash it
    Bash it
    Smash it
    Dash it

    Break that table now!

  • Matt Pagliaroli

    Hahahaha that Cape Fear motif on the immortal table. Genius. That’s sad they didn’t edit that scene out. I honestly think WWE has slowly subconsciously been letting mistakes happen because they know everyone knows it’s scripted. So they’re thinking “Fuck it. It’ll make it seem more real.” Anyway…hell of a Botchamania. Been a fan since 2009 man. Keep it up !

  • Paul S

    Christ, ought to seriously see a urologist after that pole-crotching.

    • Catherine Bouey

      There was a guy doing a pole vault attempt that got it much worse.

  • Dr. Jonas Doritos de Fritolay

    Roman’s face when Mercury “slides” down the table… send for the Mandow!

  • Rocky4228

    Who was the poor bastard who messed up the shooting star, and is he still with us?

  • Zer0FiveSeven

    I’ve never gotten annoyed by one of your videos, but watching those two assholes try to break that table had me infuriated this time around. I wish I was there so I could just point to the table legs and explain to them that it’s a good thing they aren’t teaching physics.

  • Placid_Snake

    So… why exactly did they keep trying to break the ALREADY BROKEN table?

  • The Mager


    Also for BotchaMania 276 Min 1:02 ca.


  • Charles Breece

    Gonna love seeing the next Botchamania covering Payback, and all the botches and “I am the table” clips lmao

    • Charles Breece

      Also someone pleeeeeeeease screen cap Big E spitting out milk and put Brazzers on the photo.

  • Guest
  • pootietang

    That Goldeneye remote mine ending was one of the best ever!

  • Chris Ferguson

    You can credit me for the Michael Cole “Paperback” botch but I don’t remember pointing-out the Xavier-Kingston mix-up. Oh well, I’ll take it anyway.

  • CMManson

    did that hit?
    better fall down then.

  • James Wright

    James Hetfield: “I AM THE TABLE!”

  • Elenemigo del Aburrimiento

    i have to buy these tables suports even a nuclear war!!! OK no

  • Roman Cruz

    LOL Sting sandbagging that tilt-a-whirl.

  • Gruntt

    That table spot had me cringing

  • MisterForth

    The Regal and Goldeneye endings were brilliant.

  • RAGEnt_K

    *Misses the 255lbs of solid milk chocolate that is Big Daddy Yum Yum* LMFAO

  • Weirdo

    No matther how fucked up a move is, you should not include vertical videos. It`s a botch but it is a very common one. Stupid people always do that.