Tyler Breeze vs. Adam Rose

NXT commentary as Tyler makes his entrance:

”Have you ever seen a guy wear a cape like Tyler?”

”Yeah, Mighty Mouse”

*everyone laughs*

Yeah, they read the rumours too.

Adam Rose comes down to the ring looking miserable, like how Buff Bagwell used to look when he knew he was losing. I missed last week but I can tell just by Rose’s body language something’s up with him. The commentators didn’t hammer it home either. ”LOOK HOW MISERABLE HE LOOKS, HE LOOKS LIKE HE FORGOT TO DOWNLOAD THE WWE APP AND MISSED ALL OF BARRETT’S OFFENCE ON RAW” isn’t said.

These two going at it resembles the angry husband who’s just found his partner’s hot, young thing on the side in his bed. Competitive match that ends with Rose hitting the Cactus Elbow off the apron (with the crowd chanting ”Foley, Foley”) but Breeze immediately shrugging it off and finishing with The Beauty Shot. Hey, he didn’t need to kick out of a finisher or two! I love NXT.

Regal announces Owens vs. Bálor at the big Tokyo show on 4th July. No complaints.

”Here’s your Z-Paks now get up and piss off.”

Eva Marie comes out for a live promo. Marie on NXT has been great as everyone has this ”yeah, I know and you know I know” look on their face as they know what she’s getting into. Crowd annihilates her and nearly drowns out her attempt at sucking up with ”You Can’t Wrestle” chants.  I eagerly await Marie snapping Network-style and turning into the Divas equivalent of The New Day.

Here’s footage in case you missed it.

Carmella vs. Alexa Bliss

Part of the Blake & Murphy vs. Amore & Big Cass saga. I wouldn’t have expected Blake & Murphy to still be tag champs 140 days after winning the titles. Good for them and their wub-wub. Despite Bliss missing a moonsault that was closer to hitting Corey Graves than Carmella, match was good and featured CRAVATES. Bliss wins via cheeky roll-up and rope-grabbing. Because people who willingly listen to wub-wub aren’t good people.

The Vaudevillains vs. Jason Jordan & Marcus Louis

I like The Vaudevillains but I dislike having to check I’m spelling their name right every time. I forgot about Marcus Louis but it’s good to see his head got shaved and never grew back, Kurt Angle style. I don’t recall Jason Jordan but that’s never a negative on this show. Crowd is into everything The Vaudevillains do and chant their collective arses off in support of them, so they’re good guys by default, like Cesaro & Kidd. The old school guys get their shit in and Louis tags himself in, annoying Jordan. Louis then falls to The Whirling Dervish to end the match and make Jordan sigh. Jordan bringing forgotten NXT guys back as regular tag team partners would be nice, he could dust off Oliver Grey or Sylvester Lefort. And lose.

Marcus Louis is like ”Oh, what a day… what a lovely day!”

Promo video for Sasha Banks plays. See, when they’re not on the shows the big stars get packages reminding you they exist and in the case of Banks, remind you they’re awesome.

Bálor talks about Rhyno. I don’t understand, he’s not shouting about Blarney Stones or Father Ted or going ”FELLAAAAAAAA”, is he really Irish?

Finn Bálor vs. Rhyno

Rhyno’s name is so well known that he main events NXT on his reputation alone. Rhyno dominates to begin and wears down Bálor with his body scissors. I love that he’s still using the same move that was part of his arsenal in 2001. Or maybe it’s on me for remembering Rhyno uses a body scissors. Rhyno mocks Bálor, which isn’t a good idea. Rhyno gets pissy at his inability to put away Bálor, misses the Gore and Bálor rolls him up for the pin. He couldn’t out-wrestle him, but he could out-think him. I’m happy with that, despite the weird WWE logic of guys like Bálor and Neville being ”small guys” with nothing but abs and muscle.

But as Bálor walks to the back, Rhyno gores him on the stage BECAUSE HE’S RHYNO.

When he says he wants to chill and watch wrestling but he puts on Smackdown.


Fun as always. I don’t think I’ve not enjoyed a show since the change from reality show to ”the new version of ECW on Sci-Fi”.

  • Catherine Bouey

    He couldn’t out-wrestle him, but he could out-think him.

    I’m assuming he couldn’t out-shoot or out-fight them like Nathan Jones :V.

    And I don’t know what’s worse Adam Rose looking demoralized (after being buried by a whose who of wrestlers including another jobber in a bunny suit)


    WWE still holding on to Eva Marie whose more Jackie Gayda than Christy Hemme at this point.

    • So who is worse, Botch-marie or Rosa Mendes?

      • Catherine Bouey

        Neither since they’re barely seen/used on Raw or Smackdown……don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing though.

        • I would say it’s a good thing that they’re not used although it is bad that they’re still being paid. Let’s just hope someone has the balls to release them and Cameron. That bitch can’t wrestle for shit.

          • Catherine Bouey

            If Rosa Mendes has been employed this long I’d expect them to be around for just as long provided they don’t decide to up and quit.

          • She must really give Michael P.S. Hayes good head or something. She can’t wrestle for shit yet is still in the main roster.

    • GiftoftheMagi

      Unfortunately, we are going to continue to see Eve Marie around for most of the same reasons we have the Bella Twins constantly in the Divas title picture: because Vince likes how they look. Period. They keep hiring fitness models that look good, but don’t bother to train them up properly or promote the ones that can cut promos or actually work. Maybe it’s time to END the Divas division and go back to calling it the WOMEN’S division again.

  • Gruntt

    Adam Rose looked awful, and picking up another loss didn’t help. I swear, HHH needs to take charge of WWE as a whole in the next 5 years.

  • meowmel

    Oh, what a day… what a lovely day!

  • Andrew Thomas Wolf

    that mad max reference though…