The Road To Wrestlemania rolls on with the WWF’s first ever February PPV! In this episode of ‘The New Generation Project Podcast’ we look at ‘In Your House 6’ including Bret Hart vs Diesel in a Cage Match and Shawn Michaels vs Owen Hart.

Featuring the entire event, your suggestions for Hunter Hearst Helmsleys working class opponents, we say farewell to Tatanka, Shawn Michaels dancing on a roof, Paul grades Razor Ramons nappy application technique, Yokozuna cuts his first proper promo and Jerry Lawler has a form night on commentary.

Plus the answers to the questions; what has Vader been up to since the Royal Rumble? What did Jake Roberts buy from Primark? How much is a year’s supply of beer? Who ran over the ‘In Your House’ logo? Who has given Paul another Jimmy Del Ray moment? Who will make it to the Wrestlemania main event? What is The Undertaker doing to Diesel under the ring? And who other than Paul wins a round of wrestlemaths?

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  • Gruntt

    Quote of the year: “His first order of business, telling us Michael Jackson is a PETA”

  • Ryan Leach

    When is next botchamania