More delicious than a bag of Tater Tots (whatever the fuck they are) it’s Botchamania 295: The New Day Of The Dead.

Thanks To…

Player Uno and Dos for the fabulous intro

FlorencioFlores91 for NXT Takeover footage

dat reach for the AAW table

steve looney for the tables

Eric Arvisais for the C4

Juan Cruz and RealMrk for ADR WWC Fan Fight

PROGRESS Wrestling for the Big Daddy Walter & Rampage Brown ring destruction

GetDown for the talking spots


Undertale Nyeh Heh Heh! Triple Mix by iwannabethecollector

Take Off Song by Ramiro Vaca (Rock’n Roll, C64)


The audio from the Joey Ryan ending is from the film Filth.

  • SomeInternetGuy

    Great ending

  • Dave Barton

    “The One” Billy Gunn > Mr. Ass

  • Mike Johnson

    Classic, CLASSIC ending. 2015 WWE in a nutshell.

  • Gruntt
  • Христо Георгиев


  • DW

    I adore Chikara, but Jon Barber is truly the worst referee I’ve ever seen. He’s far worse than any other referee, consistently bad in so many different ways. I have no idea why they still have him referee matches, especially because they have more refs now than they used to.

    • Marsden

      When both wrestlers were down, did he try to count a pin instead of a double count-out?

  • Ben

    The ending killed me 🙂

  • MPT

    Where are the audio clips at 4:30 and 5:48 from?

    • Mark Silvester

      4:30 is from Fawlty Towers and 5:48 is from Monty Python. They’re both British Comedies.

      • Marsden

        Which both feature John Cleese.

  • JBL Tha Pimp

    just saw tlc rusev vs ryback, after rusev superkicks ryback and he celebrates w/ lana, someone from the crowd (I think wearing a Sheamus shirt) calls lana a skank (that’s what I think he said).
    Nothing to do with the episode, just wanted to share it

  • YoungsterJoey

    Did he say “women’s wrestling fans are strange?”… WTF? Fuck him.

    • Kyle

      That’s a theme of those stories of botches. Maffew always finds a quote that sounds really weird out of context. He did one with Curt Hawkins a few episodes ago where he told a story of a botch with him, Ryder and Batista, then immediately after he finished said “The last game I played was Aladdin on the N64.”

  • Stephen

    Took me a while to figure out why Showster ,an awesome segment, was suddenly in the opening.

  • Chris Dmytrow

    LOL, nice Undertale song. That game really has taken the internet over.

    • Catherine Bouey

      Yeah that explains why most of Gamefaqs user base hates it :S

  • raVen

    the fuck was the first ending? all I could hear was static

  • I like how WWE pretends it never had its own-brand United States Championship (i.e., the one Bobo Brazil won a bunch of times, instead of just once). I can’t blame WWE for accepting the Mid-Atlantic/JCP/WCW lineage, but it’s not like that championship was “illustrious” at the time, two years removed from Booker T fobbing it off on Kanyon.

  • Martin S

    That referee clip is so aggravating. Who the hell let that guy be a ref?


  • trololololololol

    that “I write cena’s rhymes” sign made me laugh more than it should of

  • Fullname J Warrington

    1:35 “ooh, a BROCK BOTCH?!”

    1:38 “oh, right, nevermind then.”