Fuck it we’ll do it live, it’s Botchamania 296: To Pimp A Double-Underhook Butterfly Suplex!

Thanks To…

Chuck Mambo for the fabulous intro

The London crowd for chanting Botchamania

Lasse_M8 for Ryback on Smackdown

levikeinz for the Samoa Joe ending

Second Questicles for the Xmas ending

Kris MacDonald for the Mexican Americans ending

DAREALGUMMY for just don’t look/just don’t look

canseesea for suggesting the Breakfast Club ending


Carnival Night Zone 2 by Howard Drossin (Sonic 3 & Knuckles)

Warp Whistle by Koji Kondo (Super Mario Bros. 3)

That’s Not My Name by The Ting Tings

I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire by The Ink Spots

Break My Stride by Matthew Wilder

BGM 3 by Yoshihiro Kameoka (WWF WrestleFest)


The Jericho promo is from his WWF debut in 1999.

The trip-out audio is from Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 4.

The CZW Lever’s from Adventure Time.

I may have used that flaming table WEW clip before, all the WEW clips blend together in their shittyness.

TLC was a mess as usual but MNR was pretty damn good and NXT Takeover was even better so I’ve already forgotten about TLC.

  • compas

    Who’s theme was in tuba ending?

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      Samoa Joe’s NXT theme

      • Demi

        that was straight up the funniest part of the whole video

        • Brian

          true. i also liked the simpsons bit. funniest part for me lol

  • Dariush Hope

    What has his poor Kane done to manage to get this much “love” from fans I don’t know…..

    • Demi

      I was actually thinking about Kane the other day… and how he’s the only wrestler still around from the attitude era that doesn’t botch everything lol

      • Dariush Hope


        He comes back with a mask, IWC: oh no Kane’s boring! same old…
        Goes corporate and does a different character, IWC: oh no this isn’t Kane, this is Glenn the accountant!
        Goes comedic for a while, IWC: oh no Kane is supposed to be serious!
        goes serious full on monster masked Kane:, IWC: Oh no this is cheesy! this is 21 st century!

        And now he’s blamed in this video for the bad ratings despite not being on TV for the last 2 months……..

        • A Big Stupid Baby

          I don’t mind Kane; he was never that exciting to me, but he can hold his end of a match and being a big, scary guy comes pretty naturally to him. Fans give him a hard time because he’s been around for decades and creative can’t really figure out what to do with a lot of their newer talent. He’s a symptom of a larger problem.

          • Dariush Hope

            You know, we’re supposed to be smart fans….we have access to a lot of information and we should know better

            Even if one doesn’t really get the concept of Kane (which is fine, we aren’t supposed to all feel the same about everything), no one can deny the effects he has had in these years specially on carrier of new comers and younger guy

            Daniel Bryan for instance, he was squashed by Sheamus in seconds in mania, Dumped by AJ Lee, made fun out of by Rock AND CM Punk, where was his carrier going?

            A strong comedy midcard jobber….I’m not saying he isn’t talented or anything BUT if there was no Kane, there’s a very strong chance everything with the yes movement would have never has happened

            Next to it, people tend to forget Kane is 48 years old! 48!

            And yet we expect him ( a 300 lbs, 6’7, 48 years old giant of a man) wrestle like a 5’11 38 years old 190 lbs Dolph Ziggler

            A strong piece of trivia about Kane, currently he is the 10th most experienced wrestler in the world (with all the rest of the 9 are from Japan)…if you add up the matches both Undertaker and Sting has in their carriers TOGETHER, it’s still LESS than the number of matches Kane has had and all in a shorter time span!

            I’d be honest, we’re giving him a lot of **** he doesn’t deserve…..

        • Catherine Bouey


  • Gruntt

    Seeing that Simpsons ending made me cry tears of joy and laughter.
    Thank you Maffew, nothing was better to start my vacation off other than an episode of Botchamania.

    • RenoGruber

      Futurama, but close.

      • Demi

        I liked the Family Guy/Samoa Joe part

  • King of Dong Style

    Ryback crossed with Don’t Hug Me. I’m somehow okay with this.

  • Gustavo

    Wow what a coincidence that 2 weeks after I watch Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared for the first time ever you use the “Don’t touch mmeeEeeEeE-” with Ryback.
    Merry Christmas Maffew, keep making these until we all agree to never be creative again.

  • Matthew Sullivan

    That Jericho video needs to become a recurring bit given the circumstances of the current WWE product.

    • Totally. Everything he was saying then is now smacked on about how bad WWE has become.

  • Dickbutt

    Man, when Xavier yell at the announcers about calling Kalisto Sin Cara, I guess he understands how that feels when everyone calls him Kofi, and Kofi Xavier.

  • Butch

    I could swear I saw Raven getting tied up in the ropes in an older Botchamania.

    • Codster9

      Botchamania 22

  • MPT

    Where’s the Artie Lange clip from?

    • John Christman

      Dirty Work

  • Finn The Ripper

    I want to believe that the one yelling “Do a flip!” in the PWG Futurama clip was Angry Fan.

  • Catherine Bouey

    If Maffew is using “The Ink Spots” I don’t wanna set the World On Fire I hope I see Roy Brown’s Mighty Mighty Man…….don’t know why I want it I just do.

    • Autrach Sejanoz

      Personally, I’d like to hear part 1 of Roy Brown’s Butcher Pete.

      • Catherine Bouey

        Fallout and Bioshock soundtracks can’t do anything wrong.

  • Catherine Bouey

    That Table spot. If you’re going to put someone through a table common sense should tell you not to do it if the table is practically on top of the ropes.

  • Христо Георгиев

    In case you wanna se the full Jericho segment, here:

    • La Palabra de Diós.

      hell yeah , i was bout to jump on youtube. ahhh nostalgia..

  • MisterForth

    I thought Soma Joes were banned.

  • MisterForth

    Also, awesome endings. All of them.

  • LuisBarrage .


  • MiniMebe

    Just dont look Just dont look

  • George Steele’s tongue

    Anyone else get the urge to play Fallout while watching this video?

  • Paul

    Expecting to see Kane’s pyro botch on last weeks RAW to be on the next video. Absolutely love these.

  • ikerinin #KO #Y2J

    Sheamus and Reigns Simpson segment was simply great. 296 videos and botchamania is always awesome. Congratulations, guys.

  • MM7MCRfan


  • MM7MCRfan

    Who sung rockin around the christmas tree in that Bray Wyatt thing?

  • LennyTheTroll

    1999 Chris Jericho describing the failings of 2015 WWE might just be the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • This edition’s ending legitimately made me mark out. That Somoa Joe tuba stuff an Mexican-America was just too much. I am crying with tears right now.

  • the dude

    Y2J’s message is perfection, I wish he could say those words today..

  • GemShippingMagnateSheltie

    God, that Breakfast Club ending fucking killed me.

  • Kill Owens Kill

    Botchamania never gets old