New year, new vid, new me, same old music, it’s Botchamania 274: To Pimp Drop A Butterfly


What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye

Green Grove Zone 2 by AKI, Hiroshi Kobayashi, Michiru Yamane (Sonic 3D: Flickies’ Island)

Fat Lip by Sum 41

AC Violence by AKI, Hiroshi Kobayashi, Michiru Yamane (Contra Hard Corps)

Thanks To…

Bryan Alvarez and Vinny Verhei for the fabulous (and long) intro

Sam Smith for filming and sending said intro

Kevin Ford for the AIW fuckflip

MikevsPhilly for the AAW clips

Suplexes and Blunts for Chris Masters in AAA (nice username)

The Firebird for the UCW Sunset fuckflip

Craigslistescort for the WWF Sunset fuckflip

The owner of AIW for evil council table #1

EddieC85 for the evil council table #2

WrestlingMemes for listening to JBL talk about the low population

Alpha 1 Wrestling for sending Santa fucking up.

levikeinz for the Inside Out ending. Still not seen the film so I assume it’s been edited

tjlynch and good people of Squared Circle for the slapslap ending

dave john on the BM FB suggested the Grammy ending and I made it so he gets a credit.


The ”Where’s the kaboom?” audio is from the Looney Tunes classic Hare-Way to the Stars. I never get tired of it.

The COUNCIL OF EVIL TABLES from Robot Chicken has been suggested a few times but I genuinely can’t remember if I’ve used it before. I am officially old.

FUCK IT WE’LL DO IT LIVE is from a famous out-take of Bill O’Reilly. Just in case you’d never heard of it.

  • Христо Георгиев

    For those who wants to see this awesome match: RVD/Sabu vs. Hayabusa/Jinsei Shinzaki – 8/2/1998

  • OK, the one with the slaps killed me. That was fucking hilarious.

  • Toonami

    I was bored as hell and then realized that I didn’t watch any Botchamania in all of 2015. Binge night!

  • Brian

    Was wondering what indie events were used. Also interesting to see JCW again, was unaware sabu worked there now.

  • Gruntt

    Sabu at JCW… However, this man is no longer botching spots.

    He’s botching stipulations.

  • Poptag

    Botchamania 274? .-.

    • Catherine Bouey

      More of shot to the stomach than a kick to the clown car.

      • I’m actually referring to the fact that one can see Becky’s vagina as Brie’s foot came down and pulled her waistband with it…
        Clown car? LOL

        • Catherine Bouey

          Meat packing district would’ve came off a bit too offensive.

        • Jay Savage

          If you think that’s where the vagina is, you really haven’t seen one in person.

        • The Shockmaster

    • Gruntt

      Right in the tater tots…

  • Kamica1

    Maffew, if you need more levers for botchamania, here’s one for you:

    OVA 8 – 9 Special has a lever at 1:00
    OVA 10 – 11 Special has a trap door push button at 1:35

  • GemShippingMagnateSheltie

    Yes! More Jojo references!


  • Horgh

    Maybe people should be contributing titles for these since you referenced How to Pimp a Buterfly twice in a row. Bill Kazmaier and Ted Arcidi’s Bogus Journey (man that would be an awesome movie)?Hulk Hogan’s Heroes’? Flooding With Love for the Heartbreak Kid? Into Crypts of Summer Rae? Yappapi Strapping Young Lads? Fast as a John
    Tenta Shark? Gypsies, Ring Rats & Thieves? Lesbian Pollen Tsunami?

  • Booty Tea

    This show is choked full of botches, lawls!

  • CS 22

    Man, Vince’s voice is in rough shape nowdays. It hardly comes out. Also, he always seems to say “WE” instead of “WWE”. Too many Ws for him, I guess…

  • MisterForth

    JBL approves of the O’Reilly reference.

  • Lobo

    Holy shit Tablesmasher had me cracking up!

  • spicollidriver

    the Steph slap outro was amazing.

  • fdsafsaf

    I don’t even watch Dr. Who but I can recognize Tom Baker (arguably the most famous Doctor Who). Corey Graves, who I normally think is pretty good, came off looking really out of touch making the “I have a social life” come back. Dr. Who is an incredibly popular TV show with men and women. Making a Corey Graves reference would actually be more obscure and make you more of a nerd than Tom Baker.

  • Placid_Snake

    “it’s Botchamania 274”

    As a matter of fact, it isn’t.

    • Marsden


  • Weirdo

    If your last name starts with “AL” don`t give your children a first name that ends with “AN”! bryANALvarez, lol