The video series so unlucky that if it fell into a barrel full of nipples it would come out sucking it’s thumb. It’s Botchamania 298: The Kenny Omega Man!


Flowers of Antimony (The Explodatorium) by Manami Matsumae (Shovel Knight)

Spider Dance by Toby Fox (Undertale)

Anticipation by Toby Fox (Undertale)

Jungle Falls by David Wise (Diddy Kong Racing)

Thanks To…

Matt Kruger for the fabulous Hacksaw Jim Duggan intro

Dylan AKA Dylan who noticed Striker adding a few years to Omega’s career

Matt Ernst for suggesting something else for the Rainmaker’s entrance breaking and giving me the idea for The Simpsons LIGHTS OUT

Mannixxbella for the Orton talking footage

Nagy Benedek for SDS’ leapfrog

The Freebird for James Scott getting launched by a kid

Bad Boy Joey Janela for the Sabu match

lots of people (well three people) for El Vuelo Mas Incredible De La Lucha Librea

AMReese for Cameron being the number one women’s battle royal

David Bixenspan for the Cornette audio/video. I had to trim a lot out for reasons of time, the full version’s here

wrestlingarcade for Road Rash Mexamerica

Mordecai Vertecimes for MY NECK


The Hogan’s picture this time is from Santa With Muscles. I hope Vince forgives him as he doesn’t have that many film roles.

I enjoyed Wrestle Kingdom 10 but I’m glad half of Bullet Club’s going to WWE. Half the card involved interference! Less is more etc.

There was so many fucking botches in the week-and-a-half since the last video that some Raw stuff has to go in the next video. I mean fuck, three TNA shows in two weeks.

OH MY GOD that TNA Knockout Battle Royal. There were more bits that didn’t translate to watching on Botchamania like awkward pauses too, so if every other wrestling dies and you have only that one match to view, go read a book instead.

  • Altin

    We 300 soon!

    • The Wicker Man (BWF)

      It better be hosted by Jim Cornette…

  • “Like trying to push a raw oyster in a coin slot” – Cornette 2015

  • Ricardo Guanipa

    Titanes del Ring that’s more 1980″s Argentina than the Falkland’s war

  • Alex

    Did anyone else hear “fuckadactyl”?

    • Marco V

      I’m with you on that. God she’s awful.

    • ikerinin #KO #Y2J

      Did anyone ever said ¿Where is Cameron?

  • Alex

    Bethleham, that’s ironic.

  • Radical

    I’m more excited for BM 300 than the royal rumble tbh

    • Zanon23

      No one’s excited for Royal Rumble other than WWE.
      Unless they finally manage to slip Austin Aries, AJ Styles and Finn Balor in the Rumble, if so, I will be somewhat curious.

  • tony

    Yoshi eating that tennis racket damn near made me piss myself

  • Tatsu’s commentary on Wrestle Kingdom 10 could have, at least in December 1999, earned him a commentating spot on WCW Thunder.

  • Carlos Henrique Batista

    That Cornette segment had me in tears laughing!

  • 18 Gimmicks of Ed Leslie

    Boy. What a year 2006 is going to be.

  • ColeYote

    Yoshi Tatsu, best commentator 2015.

    • ColeYote

      2016, dammit.

      • Dave Barton


        • Zanon23


  • Marco V

    I loved the Diddy Kong Racing tune in there. BTW I hope you caught that Mark Henry botch where he didnt catch Tyler Breeze tonight on Raw. Good shit as always maffew, can’t wait for 300!

  • Brandon

    Cornette and Yoshi commentary…lol

  • Gruntt

    Yoshi Tatsu is alive?

  • SomeInternetGuy

    Yoshi Tatsu: Ehhh..

    lmfao!! best response I’ve ever heard on commentary

  • Matt Valentino

    I actually really enjoy the Engrish, its fun lol

  • Steve Cunningham

    Sabu Vs Table = win

  • Arm24

    which is the movie end?

    • The Wicker Man (BWF)

      Mad Marx Brothers: Remains of the Reanimator’s Day

      • Arm24

        thanks 🙂


    Where is Sunday night Heat on the Network?? I cant find it :'(((((((

  • Zanon23

    Fun fact: Titanes en el Ring was a show created in the 60s that was originally focused on adult audience, but slowly started adapting to target a “younger Audience”. Then it died in the late 80s. WWE should possibly study this and learn a bit =V

  • honestbeliever

    Love the music intro. link?

  • honestbeliever

    11:07 What is a southpark cow doing in a wrestling promo in 1983?

  • spicollidriver

    “my neck…” “my back” – amazing.

  • The Harbinger

    This was awesome lol

  • Mikee Remastered

    Ahaha that one lucha libre guy barely bouncing off the ropes then taking his time stepping out of the ropes and a pitiful jump at the end. I guess some wrestlers just value safety first. :O

  • Mikee Remastered

    What is a fuckadactyl when it’s at home?

  • Placid_Snake

    So, during the match Cornette commented, what was with the random picture of a South Park cow?

  • Marsden

    Diddy Kong Racing soundtrack indeed. That and Triple H as Palpatine, loved it.

  • Matt Kruger

    So Happy I got an intro in. 🙂

  • WorldFamousFan

    I’ve just reported both 298 and 299 episodes to YT, because they insult YOSHITATSU. And I have no regrets. I wish your shitty Botchamania series is gone forever. Two words for ya: FUCK YOU!