Shawn Michaels faces perhaps his most unique challenge yet as WWF Champion when he faces the deranged Mankind in this episode of ‘The New Generation Project Podcast’ as we take a look at “In Your House: Mind Games”.

Featuring; more Savio Vega than you could ever need, another terrible bout between The Undertaker and Goldust, Sid vs an elephant, a new tagline now that the old one is no longer suitable, a ton of Coliseum Home Video exclusives, The World’s Tamest Man, Paul’s thoughts on England’s Ashes performances, angry Jim Ross, Justin ‘Hawk’ Bradshaw finally makes PPV and Brian Pillman, Steve Austin and Owen Hart kill it on the microphone.

Plus the answers to the questions; How was The Scrivens Family holiday? Who gets dealt with easily in the main event? Why is Paul wet? Which amazing 90s kids TV show comes up this episode? Can you teach binary to a dog? Who are the 3 guys in the front row? And who are those 2 blokes who sort of look a bit like Razor Ramon and Diesel?

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