The Undertaker and Mankind take their feud to an entire new level in this episode of ‘The New Generation Project Podcast’ as the two try to bury each other under 6 foot of soil at “In Your House: Buried Alive”. They also steal the main event slot from Shawn Michaels, wonder how he feels about that.

Featuring; ‘new’ Paul Scrivens and ‘new’ Adam Wykes, our thoughts on “Ultima Lucha”, your suggestions for new show intros, Steve Austin gets his proper theme, Sid does a Sunset Flip, JR cuts his own ‘Pipe Bomb’, a discussion about the bizarre “WWF Livewire”, Mr. Perfect shows up, 2 heel vs heel matches in a row and Owen Hart has a new haircut.

Plus the answers to the questions; Who has the better bowling figures – Stuart Broad or Paul Scrivens? Who’s that guy in the Executioner hood? What is the most impressive catch Paul has ever taken? Why bother making custard from scratch? Who is the master of the Power Bomb? What is a ‘3 Stages of Heaven’ Match? What exactly does Jerry Lawler mean by ‘the rest’? And where does he keep his women?

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