Brian Pillman and Steve Austin have had something of a falling out, and it all comes to a head in one of the most infamous WWF angles of all time. In this episode of ‘The New Generation Project Podcast’ we take a look at both “Monday Night Raw” and “WCW Monday Nitro” from the 4th of November 1996 – it’s “Raw Vs Nitro 4”!

Featuring; your suggestions for wrestler specific gimmick matches, Paul’s thoughts on The Ashes, Mark Henry taking his trousers off, the podcast debuts of The Stalker, Alex ‘The Pug’ Porteau, The Sultan, Arachnaman, The Gobbeldy Gooker, Reina Jubuki and a young rookie named Rocky Maivia, Sid makes his wittiest comeback ever, the WWF “Full Metal” album, Goldust and Barry Windham have a nice cuddle on the top rope, IRS is back and the best Steve Austin video package ever.

Plus the answers to the questions; Why was this a bad night to start your show earlier? What offensive gimmick have WCW come up with now? What is Paul’s new nickname? Why would you bite someone’s foot? Where is Sting hanging out these days? Why the fuck is Buff Bagwell so annoying? How did Jeff Jarrett luck into such a sweet spot in WCW? What alternatives are there for a fireworks display? Under what context does “Raw” feature Sid vs Marlena? Who could play the fake Eddie Guerrero? And what becomes of the broken hearted?

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