Same as it’s always been, it’s Botchamania 300: Paul London Has Fallen!


Roseanne Theme by Dan Foliart & Howard Pearl

Metal Crusher by Toby Fox (Undertale)

Stage 2 by Jeroen Tel (RoboCop 3, C64)

Lunar Land by Matt Furniss, Shaun Hollingworth (Wiz n’ Liz)

Honeyhop Galaxy by Mahito Yokota (Super Mario Galaxy 2)

Thanks To…

Vince Russo for the fabulous intro

Cyberman65 for the Sonic Adventure 2 footage.

tommylols for the Bruno Mars idea. He didn’t sent it, I saw it on a tweet and thought ”hey that’s good”

LM_Walrus for noticing the AJ Styles thing

Shane Silver for the ladder women’s match

JimmySmith69 for the Mars Attacks ending

Dave Hughes for the Monty Python ending


The AJ Styles GAY COMMUNITY?! ending is from a radio interview he did many years ago, you can find it easily on YouTube. I’m not making any judgement on AJ’s opinions and I don’t care what his views are (I would only care if he was rampaging through gay districts distributing Shining Wizards) but I need to type something like this because his fans are crazy and are definitely going to send me shite for it.

The negative of Botchamania getting to 300 is that every SuperMassiveBotchHole has been featured and mocked already (and stuff like Shockmaster will never stop being joked on) so when it came to 300 and having something special…I got nothing. Well nothing special, I’m still happy with this vid and the endings. I didn’t even try with the ”am I ending the series?” tease that I do ever 50 videos because who am I kidding at this point?

If you’re reading this as a fan who has watched the series for years or you’re someone who’s just discovered the series because his mate has re-tweeted it, sincerely thanks. You’d think I’d be above a ”without you, there’d be no vids” sentiment but you’d be wrong. I never thought there would be this many people sharing a similar interest in stupid fucking jokes, wrestlers falling over and chiptunes. So thanks for the never-ending votes of confidence, you enablers.

See you at Botchamania 350. Or not, please stop watching if these turn to shit. Go listen to OSW or Wrestling with Wregret or something instead.

  • André Snyde Lopes

    Should have saved this one for April 1st and made the whole video the Roseanne thing.

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      Mate, I was so fucking tempted. It would have been amazing and terrible at the same time.

      • Gruntt

        It’s okay to be cunty sometimes Maffew.

  • Gruntt

    Anyone else catch Miz’s tooth bounce off his arm during the “back and to the left” segment?

    • Catherine Bouey

      Why do you think that bit was used in the video….besides seeing Miz get fucked up.

  • “We argued like Tom and Roseanne Arnold before, during and after the divorce.” – Vince Russo, Forgiven page 208, about Jim Cornette.

    Oh, Vinnie Ru, you and subtlety go together like Ludacris and NASCAR.

  • Solidus Snake

    That’s funny about the checkered flag! We should’ve see it as a forewarning that NOTHING WOULD CHANGE at Fastlane.

  • Scott John Harrison

    “This was the last video” would of worked better if you didn’t release two episodes at once.

    • Catherine Bouey

      It was joke.

      • Scott John Harrison

        It would of been a better joke is what I said.

  • LennyTheTroll

    The best thing about Vince dropping the F-bomb was the crowd chanting “That’s Not PG!”

  • MPT

    Guessing that the last ending is from Doctor Strangelove?

    • Christ J

      Nope. Frozen.

  • Ulfric

    The “Brie Mode” ending part completely killed me. Haven’t laughed so hard in a very long time, thanks.

    • LordDisco

      Same here! It was the main reason I commented on this video. One of the funniest clips in Botchamania ever. haha

    • That shit killed me as well along with the Monty Python/Charles Robinson clip.

  • LordDisco

    That Mars Attacks/Brie Mode video cracked me the hell up. hahaha. That was fantastic!!

  • The Monty Python/Charles Robinson & Brie-Mode/Mars Attack endings were fucking hilarious but…. that Dr. Strangelove one fucking slayed me.

  • PearlScruggs AKA Sheltie

    Well played, Russo.

  • Fullname J Warrington

    Was Lei’D the one who went and fought in an MMA match against Gabrielle Steroidcia?

    Now THAT was botchamania material

  • Jay Savage

    You had to use the Incredible Hulk song with DBry’s retirement clip, didn’t you? 🙁

  • Jay Savage

    You had to use the Incredible Hulk song with DBry’s retirement clip, didn’t you? 🙁

  • Placid_Snake

    Okay, gotta hand it to Vince Russo, it’s a class act of him to introduce Botchamania.