The biggest online collection of online wrestling fuck ups since Alex Riley had his Twitter taken from him, Botchamania 308: The Man Who Shot On Liberty Valance!


Chance Time by Hironao Yamamoto, Shohei Bando, Kazuhiko Sawaguchi (Mario Party 2)

Results: Double Bogey by Motoi Sakuraba (Mario Golf)

Breakpoint by Garth Knight

Jolly Roger’s Lagoon by Grant Kirkhope (Banjo-Tooie)

Thanks To…

Darrell Allen for the fabulous intro @dazzlerwrestler

@Balboasbomber for Cole mixing Raw and Smackdown

The guy who suggested cutting to Reign’s face instead of showing Enzo

Stevie Looney for the camerman guy

Dedysilveria for the puro clips

wrestlingwithwords for the Leva Bates clips

Craigslist Escort for the WCW crap

I enjoyed Payback and am loving MNR at the minute. Styles vs. Reigns is developing every week, the IC Title chase is great and the tag division has been reset after a few months of THE NEW DAY ARE AWESOME AND EVERY OTHER TEAM SUCKS. Viva El Main Roster.

  • Excellent usage of Metal Gear.

  • Scott John Harrison

    7:20 “I am a great magician. Your Clothes are Black.”

  • MPT

    I don’t get the “shaky cam intensifies” thing. I’m guessing the first and second endings were Alice in Wonderland and Metal Gear Solid? Where’s the third ending audio from? What’s the name of the Blur song?

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      That’s Kevin Dunn, producer of WWE. He likes shaky cams.
      Yes and yes.
      Army of Darkness.
      Park Life. Sorry, I forget non-Brits watched this.

    • MPT

      I was referring to the audio that plays with Roman Reigns shaking his head. Where is it from?

      • DDTKID

        would also like the answer

      • Livingzombie79

        It’s called Guided Relaxation, and it’s by Borgore

  • Ulfric

    That final Twitter war. Amazing 😀

  • Oh man, that Thick of It segment was great.

  • Xander Walker

    The weird thing about that Michinoku Driver one is Cole is usually the guy to call it right and everyone else gets it wrong

  • Ted

    Great stuff Maffew, couldnt stop laughing at the Park Life ending.

  • Marsden

    Well done Maffew.

  • Codster9

    Chance Time!

  • Gruntt

    Honestly, +1 to Ryback at 1:30. Kalisto would have probably fucked his back up if Ryback let him land.

  • Steve!

    Part of me wants the “cut to Roman’s face” thing to be part of every botchamania now, but the other part of me knows that that will get old quick. Still, I smell a running gag in that.

  • Marty Jannetys Enabler

    Esctatic the non traditional blue thunder bomb was celebrated.

  • Dean Owens

    Brilliant use of Army of Darkness!

    Man, that ‘Back… and to the left’ clip from JFK has a million uses. Not a complaint, it always makes me laugh.

    Bubba Ray’s such a cool mofo.

  • ballz

    not one of your best but still amusing. thanks for the video.

  • Catherine Bouey

    Cutting out the Enzo concussion was weird especially be Botchamania standards but understandable it was pretty rough looking considering how badly his head whiplashed off the ropes into the mat like it did.

    It would’ve been nice though had you juxtaposed that against Reigns nearly doing the same to AJ THE NIGHT AFTER ENZO AMORE CONCUSSION HAPPENED someone really dropped the ball on that one.

  • MisterForth

    Bruce Campbell is the Wellness guy.